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..Lucey Records (forename A-Au)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucey surname
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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
AbbegailLucey23 September 1867Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucey & Margaret Buckley
AbbeyLucey22 June 1848Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Mary Sullivan
AbbeyLucey14 January 1851Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Mary Cronin
AbbeyLucey3 August 1879Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Mary Kelleher
AbbeyLuceyPrivate      Cornelius D. Lucey & Julia Healy
AbbeyLuceyPrivate     Pat O'Conell 
AbbyLucey1830Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Kate Connell
AbbyLucey30 March 1885Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Ellen Swiney
AbigailLucey23 December 1834Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh (Iveleary) Parish RC, Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Abbey Swiney
Abigail (Abbey)Lucey24 May 1857Kearyreehean, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland3 March 1878Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Jeremiah LuceyCornelius Lucey & Mary Vaughn
AbinaLucey26 February 1859Kilmore, Ballingeary, Inchigeela, Co. Cork, Ireland  1932 Cornelius O'ConnellJohn Lucey & Julia Lynch
AbinaLucey4 June 1897Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Nora Cotter
AbinaLucey11 January 1897Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Mary Ann Leary
AbinaLucey22 February 1884Barnapost, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland  9 July 1888Barnafore, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland Patrick Lucey & Johanna Creedon
AbinaLuceyabout 1893   UNKNOWN Donald DugganJeremiah Lucey & Abigail (Abbey) Lucey
AbinaLuceyabout 1900   UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey
AbinaLuceyPrivate     Unk ManningJohn Lucey & Margaret Kelleher
AbinaLuceyPrivate     Jermiah O'RiordanMichael Lucey & Nora Walch
AbinaLuceyPrivate      Daniel Lucey & Elizabeth Lynch
AbinaLuceyPrivate     Declan SheehanJohn Lucey & Mary Cronin
Ada MaryLucey28 October 1904   UNKNOWN  Richard John Lucey & Ada May Atkins
AdeleLuceyPrivate      Sean Lucey & Claire Keoghane
Adrian DesmondLuceyPrivate      John Desmond Lucey & Kathleen Wrigglesworth
Agatha HopeLucey18 December 1896Emmanuel Vicarage, Camberwell, Surrey10 May 1930Parish Church, Fittleworth, Sussex1970 James Ian Sidney ThorpeAlgernon Charles Lucey Rev. & Beatrice Marion Blandy
AgnesLuceyabout 1865USA  UNKNOWN  Male Lucey
AgnesLuceyPrivate      Jeremiah Lucey & Ellen Mulkeen
AgnesLuceyabout 1898USA  UNKNOWN  James F. Lucey & Deliah Sullivan
Agnes AureliaLucey13 July 1894Gonic, NH23 June 1914St. Mary's Rectory13 June 1951Gonic, NHRalph E. CorsonJames Edward Lucey & Johanna T. Donahue
Agnes FlorenceLucey2 March 1889Cortland, New York, USA8 February 1910St. Marys RC Church, Cortland, NY1 March 1922Cortland, New York, USAHarry Daniel ReaganMichael Lucey & Julia Noonan
Agnes MaryLucey9 February 1896Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA  5 September 1898  Patrick J. Lucey & Mary Lucey
Aidan Denis CourtneyLuceyPrivateCork City, Co. Cork, Ireland     Denis Lucey Dr. & Margaret M. Courtney
Aileen B.LuceyPrivate     Mason WilliamsPatrick Lucey & Mary Crowley
AlbenaLuceyPrivate      Daniel Lucey
Albert A.Lucey1877St. George in the East, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  James J. Lucey & Sarah
AldineLuceyPrivate      Jerry Lucey
Alexander A.Lucey25 February 1912Malden MA, USA  17 June 1983Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA, USADorothy Green-RosieAlexander Ambrose Lucey & Mary Louise Walters
Alexander A.LuceyPrivate     Patricia LucidAlexander A. Lucey & Dorothy Green-Rosie
Alexander AloysiusLucey1889USA  1959USA John Henry Lucey & Mary Margaret Clancy
Alexander AmbroseLucey28 October 1884Worcester, MA, USA  26 March 1971New England Memorial-Stoneham, MA, USAMary Louise WaltersPatrick Lucey & Joanna A. Horgan
AlexandraLuceyPrivate      Alexander A. Lucey & Patricia Lucid
Alfred HudsonLucey1906Australia  1988 Iris Gertude MansfieldThomas Henry Lucey & Mary Chadwick
Algernon CharlesLucey1863Biddenden, Kent1891Reading22 November 1937SurreyBeatrice Marion BlandyEbenezer Curling Lucey Rev. & Sarah Ann Andrews
AliceLucey22 JAN 1740/41St. Dunstan, Stepney, London  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Alice
AliceLucey1761Bermondsey, London  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucey & Elizabeth
AliceLucey8 April 1895   April 1959 James DolanDenis Jeremiah Lucey & Anna M. Lucey
Alice ElizabethLucey5 January 1897Near Boston, Massachusetts, USA  UNKNOWN ReedJames F. Lucey & Deliah Sullivan
Alice L.Lucey1879St. George in the East, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  James J. Lucey & Sarah
Alice LisleLucey1884Edmonton, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  William Cubitt Lucey Dr. & Eleanor Anne Harding
Ambrose NoelLucey1888Edmonton1915HambledonUNKNOWN Prudence ChandlerWilliam Cubitt Lucey Dr. & Eleanor Anne Harding
AmeliaLucey1801Bermondsey, London  2 June 1874Gravesend, Kent Thomas Lucey & Elizabeth Curling
AndrewLucey1 December 1743St. Dunstan, Stepney, London  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Alice
Andrew EdwardLuceyPrivate      Edward Lucey & Eileen O'Hanlon
Andrew ThomasLucey5 December 1896   January 1971 Litha Viola Hornig 
Andria KathleenLuceyPrivate      John Desmond Lucey & Kathleen Wrigglesworth
Angela JaneLuceyPrivate      David Maynard Lucey & Barbara Alice
AnnLuceyabout 1867   UNKNOWN  James Lucey & Juliet
AnnLuceyPrivate      Edward Lucey & Bridget Harnett
AnnLuceyPrivate     Dominick BarryPatrick Lucey & Helena Twohig
Ann CatherineLucey1846Bermondsey, London  about 1925Eastbourne Thomas Lucey & Honor Maria Cubitt
Ann CubittLucey1846Bermondsey, London1867Bermondsey, London1868 William LipscombeWilliam Lucey & Ann Caroline Cubitt
Ann MarieLuceyPrivate      Denis Lucey & Mary Harrington
Ann MarinaLuceyPrivate      Patrick Lucey & Peggy Wiseman
Ann MonicaLucey1912   about 1990  Francis Edward Lucey Rev. & Henrietta Bridger
AnnaLuceyBET. 1877 - 1906   BET. 1882 - 1987  Jeremiah Lucey
AnnaLuceyPrivate      William Lucey & Carmen Masson
AnnaLucey16 November 1880Lawrence, MA, USA  4 November 1886  Daniel Lucey & Abbie Danahy
AnnaLuceyabout 1892USA  UNKNOWN  James Lucey & Anna Toohey
AnnaLuceyabout 1880   UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey
AnnaLucey1859Edgewood, Iowa, USA  UNKNOWN  Michael Lucey & Joanna
AnnaLuceyPrivate     Steve KutneyTimothy Lucey & Margaret Scannell
Anna JohannaLucey1 September 1876Lawrence, MA, USA18 November 1908 27 March 1958Lawrence, MA, USAWilliam WoodJeremiah Lucey & Mary Newman
Anna M.Lucey16 April 1911Hidson Memorial Hospital, Hudson, NY, USA15 November 1942Church of the Holy Spirit, Greenbush, NY, USAUNKNOWNAlbany, NY, USACarlton Ashley WentworthCornelius Agustus Lucey & Katherine Frances Stoll
Anna M.Lucey26 August 1866Preble, New York, USA  UNKNOWN George KellyDenis Lucey & Mary Haley
Anna TeresaLucey9 July 1883Gonic, NHUNKNOWNDover, NH16 November 1972 Percy StevensJames Edward Lucey & Johanna T. Donahue
AnneLuceyPrivate      John Patrick Lucey & Martha Leask
AnneLuceyabout 1907   UNKNOWN O'LearyPatrick Lucey
AnneLucey1855Bow, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Hannah
Anne LouiseLucey1876USA  1968USA John Henry Lucey & Mary Margaret Clancy
AnnetteLuceyPrivate      John Francis Lucey & Mary
Annette MarieLuceyPrivate      James Patrick Lucey & Margaret Nichols
AnnieLucey1866Plymouth, Devon4 August 1900Wesleyan Chapel, Willoughby Road, Turnpike Lane, Hornseyabout 1938Jaywick, Near Clacton, EssexAlfred Preece PayneJames Lucey & Mary Maria Roberts
AnnieLucey1879Sheepshed, Leicestershire  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Lucy
AnnieLuceyafter 1902Australia  UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Mary Neagle
AnnieLucey8 November 1901Mallow, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Con Lucey & Bridget Donovan
AnnieLuceyPrivate      John Lucey & Kathleen Healy
Annie AgnesLuceyabout 1875Lawrence, MA, USA  16 June 1902Lawrence, MA, USA Daniel Lucey & Margaret Ryan
Annie CatherineLucey1867Henley, Oxfordshire  21 February 1916Carrisbrooke, Isle of WightHenry OwenCharles Lucey & Ann Sampson
Annie J.Lucey11 November 1840Co. Cork, Ireland  1890Buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, USAJohn J. Sullivan 
AnnoraLucey18 June 1871Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland  10 April 1966  Jeremiah Lucey & Johanna O'Brien
AnthonyLuceyPrivate      Cornelius Joseph Lucey & Maureen Hanlon
Anthony GeorgeLuceyPrivate     Catherina de JegerSidney Thomas Lucey Brigadier & Andrea Cicely Smallpiece
Anthony JamesLuceyPrivate      Cornelius John Lucey & Margaret Therese Stewart
Anthony VernonLuceyPrivate      Edward Christopher Lucey & Dorothy Rumbold
AoifeLuceyPrivate      William Lucey & Breda Twomey
ArtherLucey1880St. George in the East, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Sarah Darrington
Arthor WilliamLucey1876   UNKNOWN  Thomas Charles Lucey Capt. & Mary Rebecca Woodbury
Arthur EbenezerLucey1870Henley, Oxfordshire  UNKNOWN .Charles Lucey & Ann Sampson
AustinLuceyPrivate      John Lucey & Mary O'Keefe


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