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..Lucey Records (forename Je-Jo)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucey surname
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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
JeremiahLucey1806   25 February 1871St. Mary's Hospital Paddington (probably resident Star Street, Paddington)  
JeremiahLuceyabout 1910   UNKNOWN  Cornelius D. Lucey & Julia Healy
JeremiahLuceyabout 1863USA  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Margaret Foley
JeremiahLucey8 January 1863Kilmicrane, Banteer, Co. Cork, Ireland1894Banteer, Co. Cork, Ireland8 December 1940Gortmore, Lombardstown, Cork, IrelandHannah SheehanCornelius Lucey & Mary Cronin
JeremiahLucey14 November 1901Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA  13 February 1966New York City, New York, USAEmmaPatrick J. Lucey & Mary Lucey
JeremiahLuceyabout 1800Kilmicrane, Banteer, Co. Cork, Ireland Kilmicrane, Banteer, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWNKilmicrane, Banteer, Co. Cork, Ireland. 
JeremiahLuceyabout 1870Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN   
JeremiahLuceyabout 1897   UNKNOWN  Michael Lucey & Ellen Leahy
JeremiahLuceyabout 1800Ireland  UNKNOWN   
JeremiahLucey1861Winconsin, USA  UNKNOWN  Peter Lucey & Mary Young
JeremiahLuceyabout 1830Ireland  UNKNOWN Johanna Creedon 
JeremiahLuceyabout 1850   UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucey
JeremiahLuceyabout 1850   29 January 1910Baltimore, USAMary A. Toner 
JeremiahLucey2 May 1875   25 July 1956 Margaret Connors 
JeremiahLucey2 June 1917   23 February 1971  Jeremiah Lucey & Margaret Connors
JeremiahLuceyabout 1867Glenflesk, Co. Kerry, Ireland  UNKNOWN Hanora Murray 
JeremiahLuceyPrivate     Bridget O'SullivanJeremiah Lucey & Hanora Murray
Jeremiah F.Lucey19 May 1870Lawrence, MA, USA  11 March 1898Lawrence, MA, USA Daniel Lucey & Margaret Ryan
Jeremiah FrancisLucey27 September 1893   April 1916Killed in WW1 Canadian Army Denis Jeremiah Lucey & Anna M. Lucey
Jeremiah IgnatiusLuceyabout 1900   UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Mary Blake
Jeremiah J.Luceyabout 1920Manhattan, USA  1995USA William Lucey & Mary Ring
Jeremiah M.Lucey2 November 1961Worcester, MA, USA  3 December 1999Worcester, MA, USAMichelle DubeJeremiah Lucey & Bridget O'Sullivan
Jeremiah M.LuceyPrivate      Jeremiah M. Lucey & Michelle Dube
Jeremiah N.Lucey22 December 1847 1883 12 December 1925 Catherine McAndrewsJeremiah Lucey & Bridget Doyle
Jeremiah NewmanLucey21 October 1912Lawrence, MA, USA  13 June 1978New York City, USAAnnJeremiah Lucey & Mary Lafrance
JeromeLuceyPrivate      Cornelius Lucey & Grace Helen Larkins
JeromeLuceyPrivate      Daniel Timothy Lucey & Mary Irene Finley
JeromeLuceyPrivate     CarolJerome P. Lucey
Jerome P.LuceyPrivate      Cornelius Lucey & Mary Ann McCarthy
JerryLucey1827Ballyvourney RC., Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Joan Donoghue
JerryLuceybefore 1819Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Julia Hogan 
JerryLuceyabout 1900   UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucey
JerryLuceyPrivate      John Lucey & Margaret Kelleher
JerryLuceyBET. 1877 - 1906 Private BET. 1910 - 1985  Jeremiah Lucey
JerryLuceyBET. 1817 - 1868   BET. 1833 - 1945  John L. Lucey & Mary Hennessy
JerryLuceyabout 1830Ireland  UNKNOWN Mary Doyle 
JerryLuceyabout 1865   UNKNOWN Mae McNamaraPatrick Lucey
JerryLuceyabout 1877   UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucey & Hanora Keeffe
Jerry ReneeLuceyPrivate     John Charles HerringRaymond Alexander Lucey & Bertha Marjorie Roley
JessicaLuceyPrivate      Edward McNair Lucey & Patricia Ridyard
JimLuceyPrivate      James Lucey & Mary Keidy
JimLuceyPrivate      Patrick Lucey & Hannah Connell
JimLuceyBET. 1877 - 1906   BET. 1910 - 1985  Jeremiah Lucey
JimLuceyabout 1865   UNKNOWN MargaretJeremiah Lucey & Kate Carey
JimmyLuceyabout 1880   UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucey & Hanora Keeffe
JoanLucey1835Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Joan Lynch
JoanLuceyPrivate     Robert DonovanJames Edward Lucey & Mary Agnes O'Brien
JoanLuceyPrivate     Paddy CreedonJohn Lucey & Margaret Kelleher
JoanLuceyPrivate      James Lucey & Hannah
JoanLuceyabout 1910Gortmore, Co Cork, Ireland  1958  Jeremiah Lucey & Hannah Sheehan
Joan (Hannah)Lucey11 April 1846Kearyreehean, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN SullivanCornelius Lucey & Mary Vaughn
Joan AnnLuceyPrivate      Philip Francis Maynard Lucey & Florence Mona McNicholas
JoannaLucey1848Dromtarriff RC, Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Ellen Riordan
JoannaLuceyPrivate      Martin Lucey & Barbara Keye
JoannaLuceyFebruary 1863Dromtarriff, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN O'ConnorCornelius Lucey & Margaret Buckley
Joanna M.LuceyPrivate      Jeremiah Lucey & Jennifer Mary
JoanneLuceyPrivate      Cornelius Lucey & Grace Helen Larkins
JoanneLuceyPrivate      Derek Charles Lucey & June McFarlane
JoeLuceyabout 1880   UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey
JoeLuceyPrivate      Michael John Lucey & Julie Bennel
JoeLucey1845Linthwaite, Yorkshire  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Betty
JohannaLuceyabout 1803Raleigh North, Co. Cork  UNKNOWN John TwomeyJohn Lucey & Mary Riordan
JohannaLucey12 October 1868Portland, Maine, USA Maine, USA25 December 1963New York City, USAWilliam DennehyMichael Lucey & Julia Noonan
JohannaLucey1 December 1869Kells, Co. Kerry, Ireland1888Jamestown, New York, USA8 January 1938Cincinnati, Ohio, USADaniel C. GarveyJohn Lucey & Joanna Reardon
JohannaLucey13 February 1885Barnapost, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucey & Johanna Creedon
JohannaLucey1892Ireland  UNKNOWN John LuceyJeremiah Lucey & Julia Dineen
JohnLucey1832East Stonehouse, Devon, UK1859Plymouth, Devon, UKBET. 1861 - 1881 EmilyJeremiah Lucey & Mary Coram
JohnLucey8 March 1828Inchigeelagh (Iveleary) Parish RC, Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Mary Barry
JohnLuceybefore 1791   UNKNOWN Mary Delany 
JohnLucey1812Kilnamartery, Macroom, Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Mary Delany
JohnLucey1832Ballyvourney RC., Cork, Ireland  14 September 1928Lisnashearshane (Cullen Distr.) Cornelius Lucey & Abigail Quill
JohnLucey1789Co. Cork, Ireland18 May 1829Inchigeelagh (Iveleary) Parish RC, Cork, Ireland29 September 1864Kilmore, Ballyvourney , Co. Cork, IrelandAbbey SwineyJohn Lucey
JohnLuceyAugust 1835Glen Flesk RC, Kerry, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Mary Sheahan
JohnLuceybefore 1826Knocknakilla, Co.Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Norry Kelleher 
JohnLuceyabout 1832   UNKNOWN Mary Kelleher 
JohnLuceybefore 1793   UNKNOWN Mary Donoghue 
JohnLucey1824Ballyvourney RC., Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Joan Donoghue
JohnLucey1816Cashelisky, Clonakilty, Cork Irelandabout 1855Cashelisky, Cork Irelandafter 1865 Julia NeilEdmond Lucey & Margaret Duggan
JohnLucey1865Cashelisky, Cork Ireland  UNKNOWN  James Lucey & Julia Hallahan
JohnLuceybefore 1817Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Bridget Murphy 
JohnLuceyabout 1760Kilnamartyra, Co. Cork, Ireland (assumed)1780Kilnamartyra, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Mary Riordan 
JohnLucey1824Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Mary Sullivan
JohnLucey1806Cork, Macroom Kilnmartery  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Ellen McCarthy
JohnLucey1832Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Michael Lucey & Margaret Lynch
JohnLucey12 October 1835Kerry, Glen Flesk, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Lehane
JohnLucey26 April 1832Rathcool, Dromtarriff R.C., Co. Cork19 May 1866Lawrence, MA, (near Boston) USA11 May 1915Lawrence, MA, (near Boston) USACatherine CorcoranMichael Lucey & Margaret Hallasy
JohnLucey1831Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Joan Lynch
JohnLucey1839Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Joan Lynch
JohnLucey1823Kerry, Glen Flesk, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Michael Lucey & Margaret Leary
JohnLuceybefore 1815Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Kate Connell 
JohnLucey27 August 1837Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C. - Doonbeg (Boherbue)  9 November 1924Doonasloon, Dromtariffe, Co. Cork Daniel Lucey & Catherine Lyne
JohnLucey1837Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Joan Lynch
JohnLucey1830Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Joan Lynch
JohnLucey1 July 1884Bawnatanaknock, Macroom, Cork, Ireland1 June 1922London27 January 1978Dublin, IrelandElizabeth FitzgibbonCornelius Lucey & Julia Kelleher
JohnLuceyPrivate      John Lucey & Jane Twohig
JohnLucey18 May 1846Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucey & Honora Coghlan
JohnLucey22 November 1842Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucey & Catherine McCarthy
JohnLuceyabout 1820   UNKNOWN Mary Hanly 
JohnLucey24 February 1844Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Mary Sullivan
JohnLuceyabout 1820   UNKNOWN Mary Hawkes 


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