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..Lucey Records (forename Jo-Ju)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucey surname
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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
JohnLucey1812Linthwaite, Yorkshire  UNKNOWN Betty 
John A.Luceyabout 1878Lawrence, MA, USA  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Margaret Ryan
John AnthonyLuceyPrivate     Patricia Margaret ProctorHerbert Cubitt Lucey Dr. & Gladys Mary Walters
John BarryLuceyPrivate     Caroline Anne 
John C.Lucey29 September 1905Brockton, Plymouth, MA, USA  UNKNOWN  Patrick Cornelius Lucey & Mary Buckley
John ColemanLuceyabout 1870   UNKNOWNUSAJohanna BrantJeremiah Lucey
John D.Lucey12 August 1873Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Augusta V. KingMichael Lucey & Ellen Leahy
John DavidLuceyPrivate      David Scott Lucey & Suzanne Clinton Berube
John DavidLuceyPrivate      John Lucey
John DesmondLuceyPrivate     Kathleen WrigglesworthJohn Lucey & Mary O'Keefe
John EdwardLuceyabout 1910   UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Ellen Mulkeen
John EdwardLucey23 June 1898   21 October 1969 Mary HaliskyDenis Jeremiah Lucey & Anna M. Lucey
John FinbarrLuceyPrivate      James Lucey & Margaret F. Kelleher
John FrancisLucey5 April 1876South Groveland, MA27 November 1912Somersworth, NHUNKNOWN Ethel BrownJames Edward Lucey & Johanna T. Donahue
John FrancisLuceyPrivate     Beatrice TurcotteJohn Francis Lucey & Ethel Brown
John FrancisLuceyPrivate     MaryFrancis Edward Lucey Rev. & Winifred Mary Henrietta Saxby
John FrederickLucey12 May 1907Everett, MA, USA9 June 1934Malden MA, USA10 November 1967Bronxville, New YorkMargaret Anastasia DoyleAlexander Ambrose Lucey & Mary Louise Walters
John H.Lucey1873USA  1959USA John Henry Lucey & Mary Margaret Clancy
John H.Lucey1872Sheepshed, Leicestershire  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Lucy
John HenryLucey1845Dromtarriff RC, Cork, Ireland1867Natick, Mass, USAUNKNOWN Mary Margaret ClancyCornelius Lucey & Ellen Riordan
John J.LuceyMarch 1839 20 May 1868 23 June 1913 Ellen CainJeremiah Lucey & Bridget Doyle
John J.Lucey29 October 1875Lawrence, MA, USA  4 June 1877Lawrence, MA, USA Dennis Lucey & Mary Mcauliff
John J.Lucey1868Clayton Co. Iowa, USA  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Bridget Curtis
John J.Luceyabout 1890 1913West DerbyUNKNOWN Jessie P. Brazier 
John JamesLucey1863Kenton, Devonshire  UNKNOWN  Ellen
John JeremiahLuceyPrivate      John Joseph Lucey & Annie Mary Quinlan
John JosephLucey17 March 1874Ballyvourney, Co. Cork, Ireland1 August 1905Delaware, USA8 September 1935Brooklyn, New York, USAMargaret HorganJohn Lucey & Mary Finnegan
John JosephLuceyPrivate     Annie Mary Quinlan 
John L.LuceyBET. 1789 - 1829 BET. 1814 - 1864 BET. 1831 - 1909 Mary Hennessy 
John MaynardLuceyPrivate     June Ann HarrisWilfred Maynard Lucey & Emma Wells
John MichaelLuceyPrivate      John William Lucey & Nancy Therese Brozovich
John P.Lucey11 February 1912   31 December 1995Seneca Falls, NY, USAMarie A.Timothy Lucey & Catherine McCormick
John P.Lucey14 March 1875Worcester, MA, USA  31 January 1877Malden MA, USA Patrick Lucey & Joanna A. Horgan
John P.LuceyPrivate      Jeremiah M. Lucey & Michelle Dube
John PatrickLucey13 May 1915Footscray, Victoria, Australia1937Mildura, Victoria, Australia20 February 1964Mildura, Victoria, AustraliaMartha LeaskJohn Lucey & Christina Anne Dunn
John PaulLuceyPrivate      Alexander A. Lucey & Patricia Lucid
John PhillipLuceyPrivate      John Patrick Lucey & Martha Leask
John RussellLuceyPrivate      John Russell Lucey & Constance Meta Lovgreen
John RussellLucey15 December 1910Southampton, England28 October 1939Lymington, Hampshire, england18 April 1985Winchester, EnglandConstance Meta LovgreenRichard Lucey & Evelyn Minnie Russell
John T.Luceyafter 1899Australia  UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Mary Neagle
John ThomasLuceyabout 1870Ireland  UNKNOWN   
John ThomasLuceyabout 1900New York City, USA  UNKNOWN Jeanie MuirJohn Thomas Lucey
John V.Lucey11 March 1867Scott, NY, USA  28 November 1927Binghamton, NY, USAJulia HefferonMichael Lucey & Julia Noonan
John WilliamLuceyPrivate     Nancy Therese BrozovichJohn Frederick Lucey & Margaret Anastasia Doyle
John WilliamLucey1858Chelsea1879Clifton, Barton Regis, GloucestershireUNKNOWN Elizabeth Ann HillJohn Lucey & Emily
John WingLucey1783   UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Elizabeth
Jonathan GerardLucey10 March 1981Brisbane, Australia  10 March 1981Brisbane, Australia James Humphrey Lucey & Margaret Mary Davis
JosephLuceyPrivate     Mary LoganCornelius Agustus Lucey & Katherine Frances Stoll
JosephLucey1854Bermondsey, London  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucey & Elizabeth Catherine
JosephLuceyPrivate      Joseph Lucey & Mary Logan
JosephLucey1853London, Middlesex  after 1908  Joseph Lucey & Sarah Jane Smith
JosephLucey1869St. George in the East, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Sarah Darrington
JosephLuceyabout 1905Kilkee, Co. Clare, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Martin Lucey & Delia
JosephLucey1826Bermondsey, London  29 January 1909Wembley, MiddlesexSarah Jane SmithCharles Lucey & Elizabeth Catherine Bristow
JosephLucey11 July 1878Everton, Liverpool  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Bridget Maria Price
JosephLuceyPrivate      Jerome P. Lucey
JosephLucey1853London  UNKNOWNEastbourneEllen Hicks 
JosephLuceyabout 1840Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Mary Keller 
JosephLuceyPrivate      John Lucey & Kathleen Healy
JosephLuceyabout 1890 1915HullUNKNOWN Ellen Creighton 
Joseph AchesonLucey16 May 1870Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Ireland  1953British Columbia, Canada John Lucey & Margaret Tracey
Joseph AlexanderLuceyPrivate      Alexander A. Lucey & Patricia Lucid
Joseph BenjaminLuceyPrivate      Thomas Andrew Lucey & Merril Rogers
Joseph CharlesLuceyPrivate      Jonathan Lucey
Joseph HeironLucey1854St. James, Bermondsey, London  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucey & Honor Maria Cubitt
Joseph JeromeLucey1 March 1895New Paltz, New York, USA1918New York1977New York, USAMeta GroveMichael Lucey & Ellen Leahy
Joseph PatrickLucey3 March 1921Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA  29 January 1986Merrimac, Massachusetts, USADoris Ada McKenziePatrick Joseph Lucey & Mildred Currier
Joseph T.Luceyabout 1910   UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Ellen Mulkeen
JosephineLucey1 September 1903Brockton, Plymouth, MA, USA  August 1989 Alphonse SamsonPatrick Cornelius Lucey & Mary Buckley
JosephineLuceyPrivate     DriscollPatrick Lucey & Jane O'Sullivan
JosephineLuceyabout 1862Edgewood, Iowa, USA  UNKNOWN  Michael Lucey & Joanna
JosephineLucey1902Gortmore, Co Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Hannah Sheehan
Josephine AnnLuceyPrivate     David PuziolJohn William Lucey & Nancy Therese Brozovich
Joshua PhilipLuceyPrivate      David Scott Lucey & Suzanne Clinton Berube
JudeLucey1835Ballyvourney RC., Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Michael Lucey & Margaret Connell
JudeLucey16 February 1845Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucey & Catherine McCarthy
JudeLucey29 November 1842Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucey & Mary Denahy
JulettLuceyabout 1900   UNKNOWN  John Lucey & O'Donovan
JuliaLucey15 December 1836 11 February 1857 31 May 1910 Patrick ShannonJeremiah Lucey & Bridget Doyle
JuliaLucey1845Cork, Dromtarriff R.C.  UNKNOWN  Jerry Lucey & Julia Hogan
JuliaLuceyabout 1830Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Kate Connell
JuliaLucey17 February 1891Bawnatanaknock, Macroom, Cork, Ireland1927Chlondrohid, Cork, Ireland8 May 1982Liscarrigane, Ballymakeera, IrelandMichael DesmondCornelius Lucey & Julia Kelleher
JuliaLucey23 June 1861Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Norry Leary
JuliaLucey24 August 1898Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Catherine Kelleher
JuliaLuceyabout 1883   UNKNOWN Michael WoodsMale Lucey
JuliaLuceyabout 1885   UNKNOWN RonaldDennis Lucey & Mary Ann
JuliaLuceyPrivate      Robert Lucey & Margaret Korp
JuliaLucey10 January 1925Banteer, Co. Cork, Ireland  21 July 1998Swindon, Wiltshire, EnglandMichael SargentMichael Lucey & Nora Walch
JuliaLucey19 March 1871Kilmicrane, Banteer, Co. Cork, Ireland  10 October 1954Kilmicrane, Banteer, Co. Cork, IrelandMike O'ConnorCornelius Lucey & Mary Cronin
JuliaLucey1903Gortmore, Co Cork, Ireland USABET. 1970 - 1979New York, USAMessierJeremiah Lucey & Hannah Sheehan
JuliaLuceyabout 1898   UNKNOWN  Michael Lucey & Ellen Leahy
JuliaLuceyPrivate      James Lucey & Mary Anne Buckley
JuliaLucey8 August 1884Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Mary Finnegan
JuliaLuceyPrivate      John Joseph Lucey & Margaret Horgan
JuliaLuceyPrivate      Denis Lucey & Catherine Buckley
JuliaLuceyPrivate      Jeremiah Lucey & Margaret Connors
JuliaLuceyPrivate      Jeremiah Lucey & Hanora Murray
Julia C.Lucey2 April 1881Scott, NY, USA  November 1963Buried Calvary Cemetery, Herkimer, NY, USACourtney A. LewisMichael Lucey & Julia Noonan
Julia EllenLuceyabout 1835Co. Cork, Irelandabout 1855Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Irelandafter 1911Cork City, IrelandAndrew Keegan 


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