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..Lucy Records (forename Ar-Ch)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
Arthur O.Lucyabout 1885USA  1955 Irene MillsFrederick Lucy & Alma Harriman
Arthur RussellLucyPrivate     Nancy Mildred SpenceGeorge Russell Lucy & Winnifred Clara Hatch
Augustus HenryLucy1878Kingsland, Middlesex (Hackney)1910EdmontonUNKNOWN .George Thomas Lucy & Elizabeth Mary Sheppard
BarbaraLucyabout 1523Clifford, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN Richard TraceyThomas Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Empson
BartholmewLucy1872   UNKNOWN Elizabeth Feury 
BartholomewLucy1872Chicago, Illinois, USA  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Mary Sheahan
BartholomewLucy1838Deptford, Kent  UNKNOWN Mary 
BeatriceLucy1892Burton, Essex (possibly Beckton, near East Ham?)  UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Mary
Beatrice A. L.Lucy1879St. Johns, Worcester  UNKNOWN  Thomas C. Lucy & Sarah A.
BenLucyabout 1900USA ?  UNKNOWN  Timothy or John Lucy
BenjaminLucy6 February 1785Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Jonathan Lucy & Sarah Preece
BenjaminLucy7 December 1810 15 July 1833Ledbury, HerefordshireUNKNOWN Ann BrookWilliam Lucy & Milborough
BenjaminLucy29 March 1724Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Elizabeth
BenjaminLucy27 July 1735Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth Pytt
BenjaminLucy1843Manchester  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Ann
BenjaminLucyabout 1734   UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy
BenjaminLucyabout 1825USA  UNKNOWN  Joshua Lucy Captain & Ann Hunnicutt
BenjaminLucyabout 1699New Hampshire, America  1761 Mary SavageThomas Lucy & Mary Brookings
BerkeleyLucy1662   19 November 1759  Kingsmill Lucy & Theophilia
BernardLucyPrivate      Denis Francis Lucy & Dorothy Mary McGarry
Bernard John ThomasLucyPrivate     Margaret Young ReidCyril Lucy & Millecent Tookey
BerthaLucy1867Canterbury, Kent  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Fanny
Bertram E.Lucy1872Worcester  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Penelope J.
BerylLucyPrivate      Richard Wentworth Lucy & Grace Evelyn Willmott
Bessie JaneLucy1862Launceston, Cornwall  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Ann
BethireLucyabout 1882   UNKNOWN  James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
Betina JoanLucyPrivate     Petar Alexsandar ZivkovichWilliam Charles Lucy & Heather Joan Williams
BettyLucyabout 1750 15 March 1774St. Mary's, Hanley Castle, WorcestershireUNKNOWN .Charles Lucy & Mary Pritchard
Billy DonLucyPrivate      William Dow Lucy & Clara Murphy
Blanche Susan M.Lucy1874St. George Hanover Square, London, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Edmund Berkley Lucy & Laura Margaret Mulgrave Standish
Bobby JoeLucyPrivate      Lester Byron Lucy & Inez Ashmore
Brian DavidLucyPrivate      James Edward Lucy & Zella Marie Froehlich
Brian LeonardLucyPrivate     Daphne Elizabeth OakleyLeonard Arthur Wentworth Lucy & Sarah Sinclair Gordon
Brian RobertLucyPrivate      Lincoln Garfield Lucy
Brian ThomasLucyabout 1906New Zealand  UNKNOWN  Thomas Martyn Lucy & Charlotte Emmerson
BridgetLucy1655   UNKNOWN Viscount MolineuxRobert Lucy & Margaret Spencer
BridgetLucy1599 1660 UNKNOWN Bryan Broughton Sir.Thomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
BridgetLucy1819Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Darby Lucy & Abigail Cronin
BridgetLucy7 June 1864Scoruagh, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Michael Lucy & Margaret McCarthy
BridgetLucyPrivate     Thomas DuffyRichard Lucy & Mary Catherine Ryan
BridgetLucyabout 1587   UNKNOWN Richard KnightleyThomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
BrockLucyPrivate      Warren William Lucy & Kandi
BurwellLucyBET. 1700 - 1710USA  UNKNOWN   
Cad J.LucyNovember 1882Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Jones Cadwallader Lucy & Hugenia G. Weir
CadwalderLucyabout 1765USA  UNKNOWN   
Calvin TomkinsLucyabout 1850USA  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy
CarolLucyPrivate     LocascioMale Lucy
Carol AnnLucyPrivate     Alphonso LocascioWilliam Patrick Lucy & Marguerite Rose Trudell
CarolineLucy1828St. Asaph, Flintshire2 September 1857 5 March 1864 Charles Pawlett Lane Major GeneralGeorge Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
CarolineLucyabout 1825USA  UNKNOWN  Joshua Lucy Captain & Ann Hunnicutt
CarolineLucy14 September 1834Hoo, Kent  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah Wakeling
CarolineLucy1853East Ham, Essex31 October 1871Stepney1908East Ham, EssexJesse John BallWilliam Lucy & Mary Phely or Feely
CarysLucyPrivate     CalvertReginald Thomas Knights Lucy
CatherineLucyabout 1650   UNKNOWN  Fulke Lucy Sir. & Isabella Davenport
CatherineLucyabout 1740   1771Cork City Thomas Lucy & Johanna
CatherineLucy13 February 1836Fuhries Townland, Ballyvourney Parish, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWNKnocknagree, Co. Cork Michael Lucy & Margaret Wiseman
CatherineLucy7 July 1833Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Creedan
CatherineLucyabout 1825Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Lucy
CatherineLucy1842Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucy & Julia Burke
CatherineLucy12 May 1857St. Finbarr, Dunbar Street, Cork, Irelandabout 1890 about 1935 John HennessyDaniel Lucy & Mary Noonan
CatherineLucy10 December 1822Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Mary Dineen
CatherineLucy1864Whitehaven, Cumberland  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Catherine
Cecil William R.Lucy1875Camberwell, Surrey1915Camberwell, SurreyUNKNOWN BusbyAlfred R. Lucy & Isabella
CedricLucyPrivate      Stanley Lucy & Rose Timms-Walker
CharlesLucyJuly 1813Norton Canon, Hereford10 June 1843St.Nicholas Church, Hereford19 May 187313 Ladbroke Crescent, Notting Hill, LondonAnne BishopCharles Lucy & Elizabeth Griffiths
CharlesLucyabout 1885   UNKNOWN   
CharlesLucy23 September 1796Philadelphia, PA, USA14 September 1820Lisbon, Columbiana Co. OH. USA18 January 1860St. Jacob, Madison County, IL, USAMary McGavranEdward Lucy & Isabelle McGraw
CharlesLucy23 July 1749Ledbury, Herefordshire16 December 1775Eastnor, HerefordshireUNKNOWN Nancy ClintonCharles Lucy & Mary Pritchard
CharlesLucy8 July 1780Eastnor, Herefordshire11 September 1812Clifford, Herefordshire1871 Elizabeth GriffithsCharles Lucy & Nancy Clinton
CharlesLucyabout 1700 26 June 1723Ledbury, HerefordshireUNKNOWN Elizabeth Hankings 
CharlesLucy20 October 1726Ledbury, Herefordshire  26 January 1786Ledbury, Herefordshire Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings
CharlesLucy19 MAR 1734/35Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth M.
CharlesLucyabout 1726   UNKNOWN Elizabeth Roser 
CharlesLucy20 March 1766Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Martha Webb
CharlesLucyabout 1760   UNKNOWN Sarah 
CharlesLucyabout 1760   UNKNOWN Ann 
CharlesLucy1865Canterbury, Kent  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Fanny
CharlesLucy1834Ledbury  UNKNOWN Jane 
CharlesLucy1851Gimingham, Norfolk  UNKNOWN AliceCharles Lucy
CharlesLucyabout 1830probably Norfolk  UNKNOWN   
CharlesLucy1877Holsey, Norfolk  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Alice
CharlesLucy1853USA  1934Herkimer Co. New York, USAEliza Rice 
CharlesLucyabout 1720 20 May 1746Preston, GloucestershireUNKNOWN Mary Pritchard 
CharlesLucy1801Warwickshire (probably Stratford)  UNKNOWN Sarah 
CharlesLucy1864Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Samuel Lucy & Eliza
CharlesLucy1865Feniton, Devonshire  UNKNOWN  Eliza Lucy & Charlotte
Charles A.Lucy1863Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Jane
Charles ArthurLucyPrivate     Bridget NetzelArthur Russell Lucy & Nancy Mildred Spence
Charles CecilLucy1884Chelsea1913St. George Hanover SquareUNKNOWN Mary L. Stewart 
Charles E.LucyBET. 1849 - 1850White County, Indiana, USA  UNKNOWN  Webb J. Lucy & Sarah Wiley
Charles Edmund HampdenLucyPrivateCheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom     Charles John Hampden Lucy & Barbara Ellen Hickling
Charles EdwardLucy2 February 1842Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester18 September 1864St. Augustine's, Bristol, England1908 Flora Theodora Mary GilliamWilliam Francis Lucy & Ellen White
Charles FrederickLucy8 January 1881Mile End Old Town2 September 1906Stepney Temple, Stepney27 April 1961252 Thorrold Road, Ilford, EssexEllen Matilda WilkeWilliam Lucy & Mary Jones
Charles Frederick GordanLucy20 March 1900Yarborough Arms, Whitwell, (Isle of Wight?)21 September 1929 UNKNOWN Helen Margaret Dorothy CannJohn Henry Reed Lucy & Elizabeth Hannam
Charles HampdenLucyabout 1875   1907  Charles John Hampden Lucy & Annie Susan
Charles Henry R.Lucy1877St. Clemonts, Worcester  UNKNOWN  Thomas C. Lucy & Sarah A.
Charles J.Lucy1856Liverpool, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  Layton Lucy & Elizabeth
Charles John HampdenLucy1849London, Middlesexbefore 1881 UNKNOWN Annie SusanCharles Lucy & Anne Bishop
Charles John HampdenLucy2 May 1908   31 December 1965 Barbara Ellen HicklingJohn Charles Hampden Lucy & Frances Rose Seyes
Charles LionelLucy23 October 1816Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester25 September 1849Tewkesbury, GloucestershireUNKNOWN Elizabeth Ann BrydgesFrancis William Lucy & Esther


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