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..Lucy Records (forename Ch-Ed)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
Charles RobinsonLucy4 December 1881Paddington, London  UNKNOWN   
Charles ThomasLucy11 March 1833Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Mary Tustin
Charles WentworthLucy31 July 1869Taunton, Somerset  UNKNOWN  Charles Wootton Lucy & Ellen Louisa Mees
Charles WoottonLucy17 May 1838Marlborough  1906AxbridgeEllen Louisa MeesWilliam Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
CharlotteLucy21 July 1799Colwall, Herefordshire30 August 1824Colwall, HerefordshireUNKNOWN John OliverWilliam Lucy & Hannah
CharlotteLucyBET. 1890 - 1895Chicago, Illinois, USA  1952Chicago, Illinois, USARobert VerityWilliam Patrick Lucy & Margaret Judge
CharlotteLucy1857Bloxhall, Suffolk  UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Maria
ChristineLucyabout 1930   1993  Richard Harold Lucy & Catherine McCarthy
ClaraLucy1850Liverpool, Lancashire  UNKNOWN WhiteRobert Lucy & Margaret Ellen Kemp
ClaraLucy1849Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William Henry Lucy & Mary Ann Drane
ClareLucyPrivate      Michael Francis Lucy & Mary Eileen Adcock
Clare MurrayLucy12 March 1932Canada  7 June 1940Elgin, Manitoba, Canada George Russell Lucy & Winnifred Clara Hatch
Clarence Edward LucyLucyPrivate      Lester Byron Lucy & Inez Ashmore
Clifford BradleyLucyPrivate     Darla EdwardsWilliam Clifford Lucy & Winona Dawn Park
ColinLucyPrivate      Reginald Thomas Knights Lucy
ConstanceLucy1596   UNKNOWN William Spencer Sir.Thomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
ConstanceLucy1629Westminster4 April 1661St. Clement Danes, WestminsterUNKNOWN Philip Meadows Sir.Francis Lucy & Elizabeth Molesworth
ConstanceLucyabout 1630   UNKNOWN John Burgoyne Sir.Richard Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Urrey
Constance AnnLucyPrivate      Edward Martin Lucy & Mary Agnes Reagan
Constance LindaLucy1867Charlecote Park, Warwick  UNKNOWN  Henry Spencer Lucy & Christina Cameron Campbell
ConstantiaLucyabout 1635 about 1665 1680 Henry HareRichard Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Cock
Cordelia CarolineLucy21 May 1835Alabama, USA11 March 1855Lauderdale County, Mississippi, USA8 July 1917Newton County, Mississippi, USAAndrew Jackson RainerUNKNOWN
Cordelia CatherineLucy1852Stoke Damerel  UNKNOWN   
CorneliusLucy1768   9 November 1844Sleaves, Macroom Parish - buried: Clonarchid CemeteryEllenJames Lucy
CorneliusLucyafter 1775   UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucy & Catherine Crowley
CorneliusLucy14 July 1835Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Creedan
CorneliusLucy23 August 1819Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Julia Lucy
CorneliusLucy1833Newport, Monmouthshire  after 1881 Maria 
CorneliusLucy1822Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Mary 
CorneliusLucy1863Little Plumstead, Norfolk  UNKNOWN Hannah 
CorneliusLucy1810Ireland  UNKNOWN Bridget 
CorneliusLucy10 October 1856Kerry, Ireland  UNKNOWN   
Cornelius CaladineLucy20 July 1877Malta  1880Malta Cornelius Lucy & Maria
CraigLucyPrivate      Gordon Lucy & Betty
CreedanLucyabout 1800   UNKNOWN Abbey Lucy 
CyrilLucyabout 1905   UNKNOWN Millecent Tookey 
DanielLucy1720Ballymodan, Co. Cork, Ireland1743Macroom, Ireland1793Macroom, Muskerry Denis Lucy & .
DanielLucy1750   1802Nohoval - buried: Nohoval Cemetery, Nohovaldaly Parish, Co. Cork Daniel Lucy
DanielLucy1750Clonarchid Parish, Muskerry, Co. Cork  10 October 1820Buried: Clonarchid Cemetery R.C., Muskerry West, Co. Cork, IrelandCatherine CrowleyJames Lucy
DanielLucy28 March 1822Fuhries Townland, Ballyvourney Parish, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Julia Ann Sullivan
DanielLucyBET. 1783 - 1836   UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucy
DanielLucyabout 1800   UNKNOWN Ellen Sullivan 
DanielLucyabout 1800 14 April 1820Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Margaret Leary 
DanielLucyabout 1818Co. Cork, IrelandBET. 1840 - 1841 May 1884Vernon, New York, USA.Lucy
DanielLucy1594Warwickshire, England or Dagenham, Essexafter 1610 1627Jamestown, Virginia, New EnglandJoan BurghillTimothy Lucy & Susanna Fanshawe
DanielLucyabout 1850   UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucy & Nora Driscoll
DanielLucy1862   19 December 1873Morice Town, Devonport, Devon, UK John John Lucy & Catherine
DanielLucy1858Tralee, Co. Kerry, Irelandabout 1888 UNKNOWN .Male Lucy & Mary
DanielLucyJuly 1843Dromtarriff, Co. Cork, Ireland15 February 1862St.John's Chapel, Brentford Essex although separate record of marriage of 4 Feb 1866 in Lawrence MA, near Boston, USAUNKNOWN Ellen or Honora MahoneyDenis Lucy & Joanna Coakley
DanielLucy1873Brentford, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucy & Ellen or Honora Mahoney
DanielLucyabout 1840Ireland  UNKNOWNburied: Bowbells, North Dakota, USA UNKNOWN
DanielLucy1838Southwark  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucy & Bridget
DanielLucy1827Macroom ?, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN   
DanielLucyabout 1825Ireland  UNKNOWN Mary Noonan 
DanielLucyBET. 1850 - 1870Galena, Illinois, USA  UNKNOWN LizzieTimothy Lucy & Catherine
DanielLucy2 July 1828Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Mary Dineen
DanielLucy5 March 1928ND, USA  29 October 1990  Ben Lucy
DanielLucy1797Ireland  1856Lambeth  
Daniel HenryLucyabout 1895St. Paul, Minn. or Galena, Illinois, USA  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucy & Lizzie
DarbyLucy1819Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Ellen Sullivan
DarbyLucybefore 1806   UNKNOWN Abigail Cronin 
DarrinLucyPrivate      Michael Christian Lucy & Barbara Stalnaker
DavenportLucyabout 1650   1690Killed at the Siege of Limerick Fulke Lucy Sir. & Isabella Davenport
DavidLucy1863Woolwich, Kent  UNKNOWN  John John Lucy & Catherine
DavidLucyPrivate      Gerald Lucy & Robina Lochlin
DavidLucy1645Birdbrook, Essex  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Hannah
DavidLucyabout 1600   1635Ridgewell, Essex  
David NicholasLucyabout 1945   1999  Dennis Geoffrey Lucy
DebbieLucyPrivate     KeithGordon Lucy & Betty
DenisLucy1682 1712near Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland1730 .Anthony Lucy
DenisLucy1824Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Darby Lucy & Abigail Cronin
DenisLucy12 August 1818Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Creedan
DenisLucy4 January 1875Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Mary Corkery
DenisLucyabout 1820Co. Cork, Ireland7 February 1839Dromtarriffe, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Joanna Coakley 
DenisLucyFebruary 1846Dromtarriffe, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucy & Joanna Coakley
DenisLucyNovember 1852Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucy & Joanna Coakley
DenisLucy22 June 1930   19 July 1990Caernarvon, North WalesPatricia TraceyStanley Lucy & Rose Timms-Walker
Denis FrancisLucy13 May 1904Anderson St., Richmond, Victoria, Australia15 August 1932 11 July 1956Heidelberg, Victoria, AustraliaDorothy Mary McGarryMichael Lucy & Mary Josephine Ann Baird
Denis JohnLucy1834Bow, Middlesex or Bermondsey  1918HampsteadMargaret Mary McMahonDaniel Lucy
DennisLucy1862Ireland  UNKNOWN Margaret 
DennisLucy1863Brentford, Middlesex8 April 1890Lawrence, MA, USA2 July 1892Lawrence, MA, USAMaggie KavanaughDaniel Lucy & Ellen or Honora Mahoney
Dennis FrancisLucyPrivate      Denis Francis Lucy & Dorothy Mary McGarry
Dennis GeoffreyLucy4 February 1914   August 2003Berkshire, England Lionel Herbert Lucy
Dennis JeremiahLucy30 April 1859Ballyvourney, Co. Cork, Ireland3 June 1890San Francisco, California, USA19 November 1951San Francisco, California, USACatherine Ellen CoakleyJeremiah Lucey & Johanna Creedon
DonaldLucyPrivate      John Henry Reed Lucy & Elizabeth Hannam
Donald VernonLucy1911Isle of Wight  1983Isle of WightLeah Alma LucyCharles Lucy
DorenLucy1787   about 1830Chesterfield City, South Carolina, USANancyIsham Lucy
DorisLucyabout 1905   UNKNOWN  Albert Lucy
DorothyLucyPrivate     John SossThomas Lucy & Margaret Edgar
Dorothy A. F.Lucy1897East Ham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Walter Francis Lucy & Edith Mary Miles
EdithLucy1871Canterbury, Kent  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Fanny
EdithLucy1870Buckerell, Devonshire  UNKNOWN  Eliza Lucy & Charlotte
Edith AugustaLucy15 February 1874 1909 1964 John A. MacfarlaneWilliam Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Holmes
Edith F. R.Lucy1880Lambeth, Surrey  UNKNOWN  Alfred R. Lucy & Isabella
Edith FrancesLucy1880Bristol  UNKNOWN  Charles Edward Lucy & Flora Theodora Mary Gilliam
EdmundLucy1464   April 1495Thelesford.William Lucy Sir. & Margaret Brecknock
Edmund BerkleyLucy1843Nancy, (British Subject, ) France1869St. George Hanover Square, London11 June 1909Torquay, DevonLaura Margaret Mulgrave StandishGeorge Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
Edmund DavenportLucy1839   1840  George Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
Edmund StandishLucy15 August 1881Wellesbourne, Warwickshire  UNKNOWN  Edmund Berkley Lucy & Laura Margaret Mulgrave Standish
EdwardLucyabout 1513   UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Empson


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