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..Lucy Records (forename Ed-El)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
EdwardLucyabout 1540   UNKNOWN  William Lucy Sir. & Ann Fermer
EdwardLucy1763 5 February 1788First Christ's Church, Philadelphia, PA, USA28 January 1816Columbiana County, OhioIsabelle McGrawWilliam Lucy & Elizabeth
EdwardLucy1793Philadelphia, PA, USAabout 1815Brooke Co. WV. USA (?)UNKNOWN Christiana RolleyEdward Lucy & Isabelle McGraw
EdwardLucy1827OH, USA  20 June 1855buried Davis Cem. White/Cass County, IN, USA Edward Lucy & Christiana Rolley
EdwardLucy3 May 1734Ledbury, Herefordshire25 June 1758Chipping Sodbury7 March 1812 Martha WebbCharles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings or Hankins
EdwardLucy18 October 1787Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Ann
EdwardLucy1857Bures, Essex  UNKNOWN Harriett 
EdwardLucy1853Warrington, Lancashire  UNKNOWN . 
EdwardLucy1878Warrington, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & .
EdwardLucy1891Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
EdwardLucyabout 1695Finchingfield, Essex1719Finchingfield, EssexUNKNOWN Mary Butcher 
EdwardLucy1594Stambourne, Essexabout 1625 UNKNOWN SaraWilliam Lucy
EdwardLucyabout 1665 about 1690 1700Sible Hedingham, EssexFrances 
EdwardLucy1690Sible Hedingham, Essexabout 1712 UNKNOWN HannahEdward Lucy & Frances
EdwardLucy1720   UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Hannah
EdwardLucy1879Poplar, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Hannah Giles
EdwardLucy1838Hatherleigh, Devonshire  UNKNOWN Jane 
Edward (?)Lucyabout 1675   UNKNOWN  Francis Lucy
Edward ChristopherLucyPrivate      Edward Martin Lucy & Mary Agnes Reagan
Edward MartinLucyPrivate     Mary Agnes Reagan 
Edward P.Lucy1866Woolwich, Kent  UNKNOWN  John John Lucy & Catherine
Edward Robert HampdenLucyPrivateCheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom     Charles John Hampden Lucy & Barbara Ellen Hickling
Edward ThomasLucyPrivate      Male Lucy
Edward W.Lucy1845Marlborough  UNKNOWN  William Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
Edward YeatesLucyabout 1800   22 May 1862Pomana House, Great Malvern, WorcestershireElizabeth 
EdwinLucy1852England  UNKNOWN Mary 
EdwinLucy1863Islington, London  UNKNOWN Catherine 
EdwinLucy1881St. Pancras, London  UNKNOWN  Edwin Lucy & Catherine
EleanorLucyabout 1407   about 1460 Thomas HoptonWalter Lucy & Eleanor Arcedekne
EleanorLucyabout 1443   UNKNOWN John PulteneyWilliam de Lucy & Alianore de Ruthin
Eleanor CarolineLucy10 May 1823King Street, Southwark1844NewingtonUNKNOWN Thomas CracknellThomas Lucy & Mary Sophia Paine
ElisabethLucy7 November 1724Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings
ElizaLucy1877Romford, Essex  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Eliza
ElizaLucy1857Maidenham, Buckinghamshire  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Fanny
ElizaLucy2 December 1810Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William John Lucy & Elizabeth Gregory
ElizaLucy1834Toplyme, Devonshire  UNKNOWN Charlotte 
Eliza O.Lucy1858West Derby, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  Layton Lucy & Elizabeth
ElizabethLucy1671   UNKNOWN Clement ThrockmortonThomas Lucy Capt. & Catherine Wheatley
ElizabethLucy25 May 1870"Austrian" - aboard ship enroute Liverpool to Quebec  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Mary Sheahan
ElizabethLucyabout 1542   UNKNOWN  William Lucy Sir. & Ann Fermer
ElizabethLucy7 September 1777Eastnor, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Nancy Clinton
ElizabethLucy9 December 1753Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Roser
ElizabethLucy18 March 1769Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Roser
ElizabethLucy23 November 1763Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Martha Webb
ElizabethLucyabout 1627 9 December 1656St. Martin in the Fields, WestminsterUNKNOWN Edward AtkinsFrancis Lucy & Elizabeth Molesworth
ElizabethLucy1875Gorton, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Mary Morris
ElizabethLucy1855Wollaston, Northampton  9 December 1893Wollaston, Northampton UNKNOWN
ElizabethLucy1863Isleworth, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Mary
ElizabethLucy1869Whitechapel  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Maria
ElizabethLucy1885Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
ElizabethLucyabout 1590   UNKNOWN Anthony Hungerford Sir.Thomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
ElizabethLucyabout 1655   UNKNOWN Clement ThrockmortonThomas Lucy & Katherine Wheatley
ElizabethLucyabout 1630   UNKNOWN John Walcot Sir.Thomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
ElizabethLucyabout 1750Toppesfield, North Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Susannah Balls
ElizabethLucy1723   UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Anne Chaloner
ElizabethLucy29 January 1763Wollaston, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Elizabeth
ElizabethLucy1865   1869Gorton, Lancashire George Lucy & Mary Morris
ElizabethLucy1720Ridgewell, Essex  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Mary Butcher
ElizabethLucy1721   UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Mary Butcher
ElizabethLucy1641Stambourne, Essex  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Rose
ElizabethLucy1703Birdbrook, Essex  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Jane Peacock
ElizabethLucyabout 1802   UNKNOWN Thomas OverbyJoshua Lucy Captain & Elizabeth Kelly
ElizabethLucy23 April 1769Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah Aylett
ElizabethLucy5 December 1795Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Jane Crane
ElizabethLucy1792Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Elizabeth
ElizabethLucy1786East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Sarah Bridgman
ElizabethLucy21 July 181118 Cow Lane, Rotherhithe  UNKNOWN  Thomas E. Lucy & Sarah Ann
ElizabethLucyabout 1750 1773Upminster, EssexUNKNOWN Owen Little 
ElizabethLucy1838East Ham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Rebecca
ElizabethLucyPrivate      J.G.L. Robillard & Queenie Lucy
ElizabethLucy1657Virginia, New Englandabout 1675 1685Henrico County, Virginia, New EnglandPhilip ThomasSamuel Lucy
ElizabethLucyabout 1840   BET. 1861 - 1871Buried with her mother Mary (nee McSweeney) John Lucy & Mary McSweeney
ElizabethLucy1833Warwickshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Sarah
ElizabethLucy1862Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Samuel Lucy & Eliza
ElizabethLucy1845Godshill, Isle of Wight  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy
ElizabethLucy1866Hatherleigh, Devonshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Jane
ElizabethLucy1863Curraleigh, Carriganima, Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland1884 3 April 1938Buried at St. Gobnait's Church, Ballyvourney, Co. Cork, IrelandJeremiah HealyJames Lucy
Elizabeth A.Lucy1863Ipswich, Suffolk  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth
Elizabeth A.Lucyabout 1895 1913BristolUNKNOWN Reginald Williams 
Elizabeth AnnLucy1802 1827Portsmouth/Nottingham NH. or Providence RI. USAUNKNOWN James H. DunnJohn Lucy & Lydia Davis
Elizabeth EllenLucy1877Preston, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Margaret Jane
EllenLucyJanuary 1835Fuhries Townland, Ballyvourney Parish, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN John Burke Sgt.Michael Lucy & Margaret Wiseman
EllenLucy1 March 1831Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Creedan
EllenLucy17 March 1821Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucy & Margaret Leary
EllenLucyPrivate      Knox Lucy & Leona Peterson
EllenLucy1876Mears Ashby, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN  James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
EllenLucy1859Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire  UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucy & Ellen
EllenLucy1873Stanground, Huntingdonshire  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah A.
EllenLucy1866Bristol  UNKNOWN  Charles Edward Lucy & Flora Theodora Mary Gilliam
EllenLucy1875Battersea  UNKNOWN  Denis John Lucy & Margaret Mary McMahon
EllenLucy1862Ratcliffe, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucy & Mary
EllenLucyabout 1842 1860Colwall, HerefordshireUNKNOWN John SeawardJoseph Lucy
EllenLucy1840Ireland  UNKNOWN  Julia Lucy
EllenLucyabout 1863Ireland  UNKNOWN TwohigJames (?) Lucy
Ellen E.Lucy1881Dudley, Worcestershire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Jane
Ellen LouisaLucy1875Mile End  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Mary Jones
Ellen MariaLucy1874Wollaston, Northampton  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Prudence
Ellen SarahLucy9 January 1846Notting Hill, London  UNKNOWN  Henry Lucy & Sarah Hook
Elsie AnnieLucy1888Worcester1912BirminghamUNKNOWN Richard Carr 


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