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..Lucy Records (forename El-Ge)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
ElvinLucy1908Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
EmilyLucy1826 21 October 1847 15 June 1892 Thomas Lloyd FitzhughGeorge Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
EmilyLucy1851East Ham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Rebecca
EmilyLucy1867Bromley, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & .
EmilyLucy4 April 18635 Green Street, Kennington, Surrey1892WandsworthUNKNOWN .Thomas Lucy & Eunice Brumhead
EmilyLucy1884Limehouse, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Harriet
Emily ElizabethLucy1830Innisville, Ontario, Canada1860 UNKNOWN James Booth 
Emily EllenLucy27 November 1844Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester  UNKNOWN  William Francis Lucy & Ellen White
Emily J.Lucy1874Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Sarah F. or Victoria King
EmmaLucy29 May 1836Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Ann James
EmmaLucy1877Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William Henry Lucy & Eliza Howard
EmmaLucy1877Walsall, Stafford  UNKNOWN  Felix Lucy & Jane
EmmaLucy1874Longton, Stafford  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Maria Booth
EmmaLucy1879Cretingham, Suffolk  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Caroline
EmmaLucy1879Middlesborough  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Mary
EmmaLucy1831Marlborough  1904  William Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
EnochLucy1863Longton, Stafford  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Maria Booth
Eric DickinsonLucy1902Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
Eric KarlLucyPrivate      James Edward Lucy & Reita Juan Davis
Ernest PercyLucy23 January 1906Christchurch, Hampshire  UNKNOWN   
EsmondeLucyPrivate     Irene KellyStanley Lucy & Rose Timms-Walker
EstherLucy29 March 1738Wollaston, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Anne Chaloner
EstherLucy1891Warrington1914WarringtonUNKNOWN John E. Smith 
Ethel DoreenLucy23 December 1922USA  22 June 1978  George Webster Lucy & Flora Isabell Ball
Ethel S.Lucy1880Peterborough  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah A.
Etta ElizabethLucy15 January 1877   1957  William Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Holmes
Eudora MagnoliaLucy13 April 1865Cass Co. IN. USA4 February 1886Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, USA12 March 1944N. of Hominy, Osage, OK, USACharles W. BoltWebb J. Lucy & Sarah Wiley
Eunice FrancesLucy10 November 185710 Chapter Street, WestminsterDecember 1878St. George, Hanover SquareUNKNOWN Charles RichardsonThomas Lucy & Eunice Brumhead
ExperienceLucy7 FEB 1672/73Edgartown ? (New England)  9 JAN 1746/47 Elizabeth ManterHenry Lucy
EyvonneLucyPrivate     KeithRichard ? Lucy & Ada ?
EzekielLucy1854White County, Indiana, USA  UNKNOWN  Webb J. Lucy & Sarah Wiley
FannyLucy1871Liverpool, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Elizabeth
Faye LucilleLucyJune 1921Russellville, Arkansas, USA  after February 2000 Horace Clay Dacus Jr.Samuel Benjamin Lucy & Mary Ellen Knox
FelixLucy1849Whampton, Stafford  UNKNOWN Jane 
FemaleLucyabout 1802   UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Isabelle McGraw
FemaleLucyabout 1806   UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Isabelle McGraw
FemaleLucyabout 1808   UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Isabelle McGraw
FemaleLucyabout 1635   UNKNOWN HarleyWilliam Lucy Rev. & Martha Angell
FemaleLucy17 May 1935   2002Sydney, Australia Leslie Walter Francis Lucy
FemaleLucybefore 1373   UNKNOWN John ConstantineReynold Lucy Sir. & Margaret Mowbray
Ferdinand P.Lucyabout 1800USA  UNKNOWN  Hartwell Lucy & Martha Evans
Finbar AnthonyLucy14 April 1926Cork, Ireland  before 2003 Marjorie EasterUNKNOWN
Finbar ThomasLucyPrivate      Finbar Anthony Lucy & Marjorie Easter
Flora Rosina OliveLucy1898Newport, Isle of Wight  UNKNOWN  John Henry Reed Lucy & Elizabeth Hannam
FlorenceLucy16 March 1886Chicago, Illinois, USA  March 1976Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA William Patrick Lucy & Margaret Judge
FlorenceLucyabout 1660   UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Elizabeth
FlorenceLucy1871Canterbury, Kent  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Fanny
FlorenceLucy1886Helhampton, Norfolk  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucy & Hannah
FlorenceLucy1883Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Eliza
FlorenceLucy1884   UNKNOWN  William Henry Lucy & Eliza Howard
Florence EvangelineLucy1849St. Pancras  UNKNOWN   
Florence LouisaLucy1876Deptford, Kent  UNKNOWN  Bartholomew Lucy & Mary
Florence M.Lucyabout 1885NY, USA  UNKNOWN WellensteinCharles Lucy & Eliza Rice
FlorraLucy1879Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Joseph C. Lucy & Arabella Weir Rainer
FrancesLucyPrivate      Michael Francis Lucy & Mary Eileen Adcock
FrancesLucyabout 1870   UNKNOWN  Charles Edward Lucy & Flora Theodora Mary Gilliam
FrancesLucyabout 1660   UNKNOWN  Kingsmill Lucy
FrancesLucy1692Sible Hedingham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Frances
FrancesLucy1716   UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Hannah
Frances LouisaLucy17 January 1840Upton on Severn (Hanley Castle?)  UNKNOWN  William Francis Lucy & Ellen White
FrancisLucy1600 9 December 1630St. Edmunds, Lombard Street1686buried: Hammersmith Church, West LondonElizabeth MolesworthThomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
FrancisLucyabout 1649Jamestown, Virginia, New Englandabout 1670Surrey County, Virginia, New England1676Surrey County, Virginia, New England Samuel Lucy
FrancisLucyabout 1800Brooke Co., W. VA. USA (?)12 April 1825Columbiana County, OhioUNKNOWN Martha FigleyEdward Lucy & Isabelle McGraw
FrancisLucy31 August 1733Ledbury, Herefordshire4 July 1754Ledbury, HerefordshireUNKNOWN Elizabeth SummersWilliam Lucy & Elizabeth M.
FrancisLucy1872England  UNKNOWN  Edwin Lucy & Mary
FrancisLucyabout 1630Essex ?  UNKNOWN   
Francis WilliamLucy11 October 1781Eastnor, Herefordshire  1864buried: Hanley Castle, WorcestershireEstherCharles Lucy & Nancy Clinton
Francis WilliamLucy17 May 1863Castle Street, St.Andrew, Hertford  28 May 1940Langley Lodge, Sutton Valence, Kent.William Lucy & Eliza Esther Jones
FrankLucyabout 1850USA  UNKNOWN Jane Lape Patton 
Fred HerrellLucy12 June 1924Blytheville, Arkansas, USA Montgomery, Alabama, USA18 February 1985Montgomery, Alabama, USAFrances Lorain AbramsSamuel Hardee Lucy & Nellie Ruth Gray
FrederickLucy1881Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William Henry Lucy & Eliza Howard
FrederickLucy1835Marlborough, Wiltshire23 January 1868IslingtonMarch 1895Newton AbbottEllen NyeWilliam Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
FrederickLucy1856USA  1912 Alma HarrimanNathaniel T. Lucy
Frederick C.Lucy1872Launceston, Cornwall  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Ann
Frederick JeromeLucy1898Campbelltown, Australia  UNKNOWN Elizabeth BarlowJeremiah Lucey & Mary Neagle
Frederick JohnLucy1878Deptford, Kent  UNKNOWN KateBartholomew Lucy & Mary
Frederick LionelLucy1873Bristol  UNKNOWN  Charles Edward Lucy & Flora Theodora Mary Gilliam
Frederick MiltonLucy1 July 1899Baltimore, Maryland, USA  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Isabell Synthes
Frederick PhelpsLucy29 November 1818Hanley Castle, Worcestershire  after 1881 Elizabeth E. 
Frederick W.Lucy1881St. Georges, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  James Ford Lucy & Louisa
Frederick WilliamLucy24 May 1827St. Nicholas, Hereford  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Griffiths
Frederick William CorbettLucy21 July 1845Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester14 February 1871St. Peter's MiddlesexUNKNOWNTanzania, AfricaOlivia Jane CruickshankWilliam Francis Lucy & Ellen White
FulkeLucyafter 1626 1656Henbury, Cheshire1677 Isabella DavenportThomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
FulkeLucyabout 1650   before 1744 Elizabeth MasonFulke Lucy Sir. & Isabella Davenport
Gene Daniel LeoLucyabout 1870USA  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucy & Julia Casey
Geoffrey SeymourLucy1880Stroud1913West AshfordUNKNOWN Beatrice M. B. Curties 
GeorgeLucyabout 1650 1697 1721 Mary BohunFulke Lucy Sir. & Isabella Davenport
GeorgeLucy29 JAN 1714/15Skipworth, Yorkshire  1 December 1736  Fulke Lucy & Elizabeth Mason
GeorgeLucy1593   UNKNOWNSlain in France Thomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
GeorgeLucyabout 1635   28 JAN 1691/92Henllan, PembrokeshireElizabethWilliam Lucy Rev. & Martha Angell
GeorgeLucyabout 1660   UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Elizabeth
GeorgeLucy1865East Ham, Essex  UNKNOWN MaryMale Lucy & Mary
GeorgeLucy1813East Ham, Essex  after 1881 ElizaWilliam Lucy & Martha Smith
GeorgeLucy1875Romford, Essex  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Eliza
GeorgeLucy1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Ann
GeorgeLucy17 December 1837Warrington, Lancastershire4 September 1859St. Johns, Manchesterafter 1881 Mary MorrisWilliam Lucy & Sarah Booker
GeorgeLucy1849Liverpool, Lancashire  UNKNOWN   
GeorgeLucy1870Wollaston, Northampton  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Prudence
GeorgeLucy1847London, Middlesex  UNKNOWN Sarah 
GeorgeLucy1872St. Pancras  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Maria


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