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..Lucy Records (forename Ge-He)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
GeorgeLucyabout 1896Gorton, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  George Herbert Lucy & Martha Jane Mort
GeorgeLucy1834Capsey Ashe, Suffolk  UNKNOWN Maria 
GeorgeLucyabout 1825USA  UNKNOWN  Joshua Lucy Captain & Ann Hunnicutt
GeorgeLucy1895NY, USA  1963 Gladys 
GeorgeLucy1880Poplar, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Hannah Giles
GeorgeLucyJanuary 1891Limehouse, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Harriet
GeorgeLucy1896Burton, Essex (possibly Beckton, near East Ham?)  UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Mary
GeorgeLucy1891St. Pancras, London  UNKNOWN  Edwin Lucy & Catherine
GeorgeLucy7 June 1829Hoo, KentFebruary 1851High Halstow, Kent6 January 1867High Halstow, KentElizabeth TopleyJames Lucy & Sarah Wakeling
GeorgeLucy1820Casterton, Rutland  UNKNOWN SusanSarah
GeorgeLucy1870Plymouth, Devon  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Catherine
George CrispLucy1870Wellingborough  UNKNOWN   
George EdgarLucy1876Dudley, Worcestershire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Jane
George EdwardLucy1879Bristol  UNKNOWN  Charles Edward Lucy & Flora Theodora Mary Gilliam
George FletcherLucy19 October 1882 14 June 1917 27 December 1952 Jennie AllenWilliam Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Holmes
George FrederickLucy1 October 1896Islington, London  UNKNOWN   
George H.Lucy1850Sewardstone, Essex  UNKNOWN Catherine A. 
George HammondLucy8 June 1789 2 December 1823St. Asaph Cathedral, Boddlewyddan, Flint, North Wales30 June 1845 Mary Elizabeth WilliamsJohn Hammond Lucy Rev. & Maria Lane
George HenryLucy1850Edmonton  UNKNOWN   
George HerbertLucy10 March 1870Gorton, Lancashire26 April 1896Parish of Bradford, ManchesterUNKNOWN Martha Jane MortGeorge Lucy & Mary Morris
George RussellLucy20 April 1902Ottawa, Canada11 November 1925 9 May 1958Manitoba, CanadaWinnifred Clara HatchWilliam Henry Lucy & Fanny Russell
George ThomasLucy1842Marylebone1878St. George, Hanover Square9 April 1908 Elizabeth Mary Sheppard 
George ThomasLucy1875Kingsland, Middlesex (Hackney)  UNKNOWN  George Thomas Lucy & Elizabeth Mary Sheppard
George W.Lucy1860Worcester  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Louisa
George W.Lucy1798Pennsylvania, USA26 February 1822Jefferson County, OhioUNKNOWN Margaret McGavran 
George WebsterLucy2 March 1877USA  3 March 1962 Flora Isabell BallFrank Lucy & Jane Lape Patton
George WilliamLucy28 December 1847Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester  UNKNOWN  William Francis Lucy & Ellen White
Georgena WinifredLucyPrivate     Glenn GriersonGeorge Russell Lucy & Winnifred Clara Hatch
Georgia OliviaLucyPrivate      Stuart Lucy & Claire
GeorigaLucyPrivate      Samuel Hardee Lucy & Nellie Ruth Gray
GeraldLucy14 June 190858 Anderson St., Richmond, Victoria, Australia  1 May 1990Reservoir, Victoria, AustraliaRobina LochlinMichael Lucy & Mary Josephine Ann Baird
GeraldineLucyPrivate      Richard Harold Lucy & Catherine McCarthy
GertrudeLucy1881Stroud Green Road, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  George Thomas Lucy & Elizabeth Mary Sheppard
GertrudeLucyabout 1885NY, USA  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Eliza Rice
Gertrude AliceLucy1866Farnham, Surrey  1906Farnham, Surrey Male Lucy & Amelia Lewis
Gertrude PenelopeLucy1874Worcester1903Plymouth, DevonUNKNOWN .Male Lucy & Penelope J.
GlennLucy1898NY, USA  1984 Cleore A. Klock 
GordonLucyPrivate      Dorothy Lucey
GordonLucyPrivate     BettyRichard ? Lucy & Ada ?
GraceLucy1861Stratford, Warwickshire  UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN
Grace Rosina MaryLucy15 November 191358 Portland Street, Mile End2 September 1939St. Thomas's Church, Becontree29 October 1994DunstableLeonard George GingellCharles Frederick Lucy & Ellen Matilda Wilke
GrantLucyPrivate      Clifford Bradley Lucy & Darla Edwards
Gregory JamesLucyPrivate      Steven James Lucy & Dorothy Hilda Fahs
Gwendoline MaudLucy1903Isle of Wight  UNKNOWN  John Henry Reed Lucy & Elizabeth Hannam
HannahLucy22 March 1840Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Creedan
HannahLucy9 May 1880Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Mary Corkery
HannahLucy1843Devonport  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Hannah
HannahLucy11 October 1761Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Roser
HannahLucy1866Isleworth, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Mary
HannahLucy1865Co. Kerry, Ireland17 May 1886New Zealand23 January 1938Victoria, AustraliaJohn FieldingPatrick Lucy & Catherine Farrell
HannahLucy1713Sible Hedingham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Hannah
HannahLucy1669Stambourne, Essex1690Steeple Bumpsted, EssexUNKNOWN Sam MoleJohn Lucy & Mary
HannahLucy1838Ledbury  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Mary Tustin
HannahLucy24 April 1825Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Mary Dineen
HannahLucy1798East Ham, Essex  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Martha Smith
Hannah M.Lucy1844Ireland  after 1881  UNKNOWN
Hannah VictoriaLucyPrivate      Scott Clifton Lucy & Suzanne Claire
Hannah VictoriaLucyPrivate      Stuart Lucy & Claire
Hannarel JamesLucy1786Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Jane Crane
HarLucy1869Deptford, Kent  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & .
HaroldLucy1896Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
Harold ThomasLucyPrivate      Denis Francis Lucy & Dorothy Mary McGarry
HarrietLucy1822Stonehouse, Devon  UNKNOWN   
HarrietLucyabout 1885NY, USA  UNKNOWN JonesCharles Lucy & Eliza Rice
HarrietLucy1882Limehouse, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Harriet
HarrietLucy1826Warwickshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Sarah
HarrietLucyabout 1895 1914StepneyUNKNOWN Charles E. Wickens 
Harriet JaneLucy2 March 1801East Ham1820East HamUNKNOWN John ByattWilliam John Lucy & Elizabeth Gregory
HarryLucy1881Deptford, Kent  UNKNOWN  Bartholomew Lucy & Mary
HarryLucyabout 1880   UNKNOWN Cora McMullan 
Harry CarlLucy25 July 1909Pgh, PA, USA  May 1983  Harry Lucy & Cora McMullan
Harry LeeLucyPrivate      Samuel Hardee Lucy & Nellie Ruth Gray
Harry W.Lucy1847England  UNKNOWN  Henry Lucy & Sarah Hook
HartwellLucyabout 1780USA  UNKNOWN Martha Evans 
HattieLucyNovember 1886Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Jones Cadwallader Lucy & Hugenia G. Weir
Hattie MaudLucy1878New York  UNKNOWN SeamanThomas Francis Lucy Dr. & Josephine Searles
Heather RoseLucyPrivate      Charles Arthur Lucy & Bridget Netzel
HelenLucy8 July 1659St. Dunstan, Stepney, London  UNKNOWN  Alexander Lucy & Barbarie
HelenLucyPrivate      Harry Lucy & Cora McMullan
HelenaLucy1870Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Ann
Henrietta SarahLucy1878Malta  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucy & Maria
HenryLucy11 June 1816Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester8 August 1843Norton Juxta Kempsey, WorcesterUNKNOWNUSASarah HookFrancis William Lucy & Esther
HenryLucy24 September 1775Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Martha Webb
HenryLucy20 June 187640 Lower Gun Alley, St. George in the East, Middlesex21 May 1899Parish Church, St.George in the East, London18 April 1919Silvertown, West Ham, LondonLouisa Francis Julia HollandJohn Lucy & Sarah Harrington
HenryLucyabout 1901   UNKNOWN  Henry Lucy & Louisa Francis Julia Holland
HenryLucy1833Ireland  UNKNOWN Margaret 
HenryLucy1870Cretingham, Suffolk  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Caroline
HenryLucy1829Marlborough  UNKNOWN  William Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
HenryLucyabout 1796   UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Margaret
HenryLucyabout 1885NY, USA  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Eliza Rice
HenryLucy1871North Barking or Ilford, Essex  3 November 1891Barking, Essex  
HenryLucyabout 1650   UNKNOWN   
HenryLucy1668Rehoboth (New England)  UNKNOWN  Henry Lucy
HenryLucy1839Marylebone, Middlesex  after 1881 Elizabeth 
HenryLucyBET. 1850 - 1870Galena, Illinois, USA  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucy & Catherine
HenryLucy1836Warwickshire  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Mary
Henry ArthurLucy1858Grimsby, England  UNKNOWN   
Henry BeaumontLucy3 August 18682 Beaumont Square, Mile End Old Town  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Mary Jones
Henry C.Lucy1837Birmingham  UNKNOWN . 
Henry G. A.Lucy1899East Ham  UNKNOWN  Walter Francis Lucy & Edith Mary Miles


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