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..Lucy Records (forename He-Ja)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
Henry J.Lucyabout 1890 1913HolbornUNKNOWN Rosie M. Green 
Henry RussellLucyPrivate     Joyce Beda JohnsonWilliam John Lucy & Grace May Constable
Henry SpencerLucy28 November 1830Compton Verney, Warwick5 July 1865 6 November 1890 Christina Cameron CampbellGeorge Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
Henry ThomasLucyPrivate      Thomas William Lucy
Henry WilliamLucyMarch 1843Crosby, Lancashire, UK29 October 1873Liverpool20 February 1924Whitethorn, near Hythe, Kent, UKEmily Anne WhiteRobert Lucy & Margaret Ellen Kemp
HerbertLucy16 January 1910117 Benjamin Road, Wrexham, Denbighs  UNKNOWN  Frederick John Lucy & Kate
Herbert AlmericLucy1834   1838en route to Italy George Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
Herbert AugustusLucy1850St. Pancras  UNKNOWN   
Herbert LeslieLucy18 July 1910 26 December 1937St Margarets Church, Barking, Essex5 January 1978Upney Hospital, Barking, EssexDoris Mary HerbertAlbert James Lucy & Minnie Luxford
Herbert P.Lucy1846Wood Green, N. Middlesex (London)  UNKNOWN Margaret JaneRobert Lucy & Margaret Ellen Kemp
Herbert WilliamLucy1874Plumstead, Kent  UNKNOWN  Bartholomew Lucy & Mary
HesterLucy6 March 1825Hoo, Kent  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah Wakeling
HildaLucyabout 1906   UNKNOWN  Albert Lucy
HughLucy1829Wollaston, Northampton  UNKNOWN Prudence 
HughLucy1872Wollaston, Northampton  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Prudence
HughLucyabout 1650Wollaston, Northamptonshire  3 May 1719Wollaston, NorthamptonshireHester 
HughLucy7 FEB 1728/29Wollaston, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN ElizabethJohn Lucy & Anne Chaloner
HughLucy11 June 1817Cow Lane, Rotherhithe  UNKNOWN  Thomas E. Lucy & Sarah Ann
HughLucyabout 1755Essex ?  UNKNOWN Elizabeth 
HughLucyabout 1882   UNKNOWN  James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
HughLucy19 August 1886Wellingborough, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN   
HughLucy1826Irelandabout 1862 after 1871 Catherine 
HughLucy1868Plymouth, Devon  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Catherine
IanLucyPrivate      Peter Anthony Lucy
Ida M.Lucy1870Kingsclear, York, New Brunswick, Canada  UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucy & Elizabeth
IngridLucyPrivate      Michael Firth Lucy & Violet Linda Little
IsabellaLucy1853Liverpool, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  Layton Lucy & Elizabeth
IsabelleLucy1852White County, Indiana, USAabout 1872White County, Indiana, USAafter 1913 AllenWebb J. Lucy & Sarah Wiley
IshamLucy1722Prince George, City, Virginia  UNKNOWN  Samuel Lucy
IshamLucy1752Brunswick City, Virginia  UNKNOWN  Isham Lucy
IshamLucy1770Brunswich Co. VA, USA  UNKNOWN Elizabeth Johnson 
Ivy FrancisLucy24 July 1906Cockspur Street, Liverpool  UNKNOWN SwainJohn Lucy & Annie Dickinson
JackLucyPrivate      Richard Wentworth Lucy & Grace Evelyn Willmott
Jack Ivor BernardLucy18 September 1921   26 October 1990ManchesterConstance May FountainCharles Frederick Lucy & Ellen Matilda Wilke
Jackson A.Lucyabout 1830Ohio, USA  UNKNOWN  George W. Lucy & Margaret McGavran
JamesLucy1724Ballymodan, Co. Cork, Ireland  1782Co. Cork Denis Lucy & .
JamesLucy1744Inniskean  1797Killgebnett, Ballyvourney Parish, Co. Cork James Lucy
JamesLucy1799Fuhries Townland, Ballyvourney Parish, Co. Cork, Ireland1818 UNKNOWN Ellen SullivanJohn Lucy & Ellen Lynch
JamesLucyPrivate      Keith Lincoln Lucy
JamesLucy1841Plymouth, Devon, UK  UNKNOWN Charlotte 
JamesLucyabout 1820   UNKNOWN   
JamesLucy1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Ann
JamesLucy1878East Indies  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Mary
JamesLucy1847Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN Sarah A. 
JamesLucy1872Longton, Stafford  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Maria Booth
JamesLucy1832Monewden  UNKNOWN Caroline 
JamesLucy1868Cretingham, Suffolk  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Caroline
JamesLucy1866Lambeth, Surrey  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Eunice Brumhead
JamesLucyPrivate      William Patrick Lucy & Marguerite Rose Trudell
JamesLucy1799   UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Lydia Davis
JamesLucyabout 1675Essex ?1701Sturmer, EssexUNKNOWN Jane Peacock 
JamesLucy1643Birdbrook, Essex  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Hannah
JamesLucy1680Birdbrook, Essex  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Thomasin
JamesLucyabout 1640Essex ?  UNKNOWN Thomasin 
JamesLucy1704Birdbrook, Essex  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Jane Peacock
JamesLucy1789Ireland1822Southwarkafter 1851 Ann Jenkins 
JamesLucyabout 1740Essex ?13 June 1768St. Margarets, Barking, EssexUNKNOWN Sarah Aylett 
JamesLucy19 March 1784Barking, Essex  24 November 1784Barking, Essex Joseph Lucy & Jane Crane
JamesLucy1788East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Elizabeth
JamesLucy1818Bermondsey  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Mary
JamesLucyabout 1790   UNKNOWN Mary 
JamesLucy1829Bermondsey  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Mary
JamesLucy1784Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Jane Crane
JamesLucy1859Stepney, London  UNKNOWN Harriet 
JamesLucy1860Poplar, London  27 October 1899Poplar, LondonHannah Giles 
JamesLucy1844   UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Mary Tustin
JamesLucy26 November 1881Poplar, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Hannah Giles
JamesLucy1879Mile End, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Harriet
JamesLucy1861Stoke Damerel  UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN
JamesLucyabout 1775 23 December 1793Saint Werburgh, Hoo, KentUNKNOWN Sarah WakelingJames Lucy & Hester Higgins
JamesLucy26 July 1761All Hallows, Hoo, Kent  UNKNOWN Hester HigginsThomas Lucy & Mary
JamesLucy1865Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Charlotte
James (?)Lucyabout 1840Ireland  UNKNOWN   
James C.Lucyabout 1885 1912CambridgeUNKNOWN Florence C. E. Harris 
James CrispLucy1851Wollaston, Northamptonshire1874Hardingstone1912 Sarah 
James CrispLucy1883Wellingborough  UNKNOWN   
James DennisLucy13 July 1903San Francisco, California, USA  UNKNOWN  Dennis Jeremiah Lucy & Catherine Ellen Coakley
James EdwardLucy9 March 1934Montgomery, Alabama, USA  14 January 1999Montgomery, Alabama, USALudmilla EngelmannSamuel Hardee Lucy & Nellie Ruth Gray
James EdwardLucyPrivate     Reita Juan DavisArthur Henry Lucy & Anna Margret Franke
James FordLucy1849Monmouth  UNKNOWN Louisa 
James FrederickLucy25 March 1827Hoo, Kent  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah Wakeling
James GeorgeLucy1872Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Sarah F. or Victoria King
James RalfLucyPrivate      James Edward Lucy & Ludmilla Engelmann
James RichardLucy21 February 186655 Cardigan Street, Lambeth, Surrey1898Perth, Western Australia9 August 1927 Sarah BestThomas Lucy & Eunice Brumhead
James Samuel S.Lucy1874Hounslow  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth
James W.Lucy1862Rochester, Kent  UNKNOWN   
JaneLucy1545   UNKNOWN George VerneyWilliam Lucy Sir. & Ann Fermer
JaneLucyabout 1620   UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucy & Abigail
JaneLucy9 June 1726Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Jonathan Lucy & Theodosia
JaneLucy21 September 1790Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Ann
JaneLucy1869England  UNKNOWN  Edwin Lucy & Mary
JaneLucy1878Walsall, Stafford  UNKNOWN  Felix Lucy & Jane
JaneLucy1796East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Elizabeth
JaneLucy1851Barking, Essexabout 1870Barking, EssexUNKNOWN .William Lucy & Elizabeth
JaneLucy12 November 1808Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William John Lucy & Elizabeth Gregory
JaneLucy1840East Ham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Rebecca
JaneLucy1836Middlesex  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Sophia
JaneLucyPrivate      Wilfred Wentworth Lucy
JaneLucy1825Bermondsey  UNKNOWN  Joshua Lucy & Mary
JaneLucy1870St. Issey, Cornwall  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Meliscent Martyn


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