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..Lucy Records (forename Jo-Le)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
JohnLucy3 June 1744New England, America  1805  Alexander Lucy Capt. & Hannah Sherburne
JohnLucy15 June 1784New England, America  18 February 1861 Polly RandallJohn Lucy
JohnLucy Lackaneen, Clondrohid, Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Mary Riordan 
JohnLucy1831Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN CharlotteMary Ann
JohnLucy1790Brixton, Isle of Wight  after 1861 Sarah 
JohnLucy1796   1866Chelsea  
JohnLucyPrivate      Charles Frederick Gordan Lucy & Helen Margaret Dorothy Cann
John AlbertLucy1863Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Sarah F. or Victoria King
John AlfredLucy1815NC, USA  UNKNOWN Mary Luttrell Mead 
John AlfredLucy1858Knox County, Tn, USA1885USAUNKNOWN LeeAnn PottsJohn Alfred Lucy & Mary Luttrell Mead
John BromleyLucyPrivate      William Patrick Lucy & Marguerite Rose Trudell
John Charles HampdenLucy11 October 1879   1930Hampton Bishop, HerefordFrances Rose SeyesCharles John Hampden Lucy & Annie Susan
John DavidLucy8 August 1868Rosemont, Minn. USA  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucy & Julia Casey
John DouglasLucy1918Guildford, England  1997  Arthur Bertram Lucy & Phyllis Petrie
John FrederickLucy16 October 1880 14 December 1910 20 February 1912 Florence GwynneWilliam Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Holmes
John G.Lucy1879St. Georges, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  James Ford Lucy & Louisa
John G.Lucy15 October 1911Chicago, IL, USA  24 February 1988Chicago, IL, USAHelen SmithBartholmew Lucy & Elizabeth Feury
John GeorgeLucy1792   June 1873Wandsworth  
John GeraldLucyPrivate      Gerald Lucy & Robina Lochlin
John HammondLucy1734 1788 12 January 1823 Maria LaneJohn Hammond Rev. & Sarah Morley
John Henry ReedLucy1866Bristol, England  UNKNOWN Elizabeth HannamCharles Edward Lucy & Flora Theodora Mary Gilliam
John J.Lucy1894   UNKNOWN  Dennis Lucy & Margaret
John J.Lucyabout 1885 1913West DerbyUNKNOWN Jessie P. Brazier 
John JamesLucy1887Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
John JohnLucy1829County Cork, Ireland  8 February 1881Stoke Damerel, DevonCatherine 
John Kehena NewlandLucyPrivate      Charles Edmund Hampden Lucy
John M.Lucy1823OH, USA  9 January 1844buried: Davis Cemetery, White County, Indiana, USA Edward Lucy & Christiana Rolley
John N.Lucy1872Kingsclear, York, New Brunswick, Canada  UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucy & Elizabeth
John R.LucyPrivate     Marilyn BacilekJohn G. Lucy & Helen Smith
John StuartLucyabout 1908New Zealand  UNKNOWN  Thomas Martyn Lucy & Charlotte Emmerson
John W.Lucyabout 1890 1915IslingtonUNKNOWN Helen Payne 
John WilliamLucyabout 1890   UNKNOWN Annie Florence Knights 
JonathanLucy11 August 1731Ledbury, Herefordshire24 September 1770Ledbury, HerefordshireUNKNOWN Sarah PreeceCharles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings
JonathanLucy15 October 1699Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN TheodosiaWilliam Lucy & Elizabeth M.
JonathanLucy16 April 1725Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Jonathan Lucy & Theodosia
JonathanLucy1 JAN 1739/40Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth Pytt
JonathanLucy25 July 1802Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Hannah
Jones C.Lucyabout 1845USA  about 1908  UNKNOWN
Jones CadwalladerLucyNovember 1843Lauderdale County, Mississippi, USA1 February 1873Newton County, Mississippi, USA1943Newton County, Mississippi, USAHugenia G. Weir 
JosephLucy1852Devonport  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Hannah
JosephLucy3 April 1789Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Jonathan Lucy & Sarah Preece
JosephLucy2 FEB 1718/19Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Elizabeth
JosephLucy4 May 1789Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Ann
JosephLucy18 December 1808Colwall, Herefordshire2 February 1830Colwall, HerefordshireUNKNOWN Ann JamesWilliam Lucy & Hannah
JosephLucy1809East Ham, Essex  after 1881 RebeccaWilliam Lucy & Martha Smith
JosephLucy1881Preston, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Margaret Jane
JosephLucyabout 1815   UNKNOWN   
JosephLucy1800   UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Lydia Davis
JosephLucy1746Toppesfield, North Essex10 October 1770East HamUNKNOWN Jane CraneJoseph Lucy & Susannah Balls
JosephLucyabout 1713Essex ?1738Steeple Bumpsted, EssexUNKNOWN Susannah Balls 
JosephLucy1775East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Sarah Bridgman
JosephLucy1836East Ham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Rebecca
JosephLucyabout 1840   UNKNOWN Sarah Ann White 
Joseph C.Lucy1845Lauderdale County, Mississippi, USA16 June 1873Newton County, Mississippi, USAafter 1896 Arabella Weir RainerThomas Bruce Lucy & Mary
JoshuaLucyabout 1750USA18 September 1787 1826 Elizabeth KellyRobert Lucy & Rachael
JoshuaLucy1786Bermondsey  after 1841 Mary 
JoshuaLucy31 July 1831Bermondsey  UNKNOWN  Joshua Lucy & Mary
Joshua James DouglasLucyPrivate      Scott Clifton Lucy & Suzanne Claire
JoyceLucyabout 1575   UNKNOWN William Cook Sir.Thomas Lucy Sir. & Dorothy Arnold
Joyce AlianoreLucy1871Charlecote Park, Warwick  UNKNOWN  Henry Spencer Lucy & Christina Cameron Campbell
Joyce Eliza (or Ellen) HazellLucy1861Farnham, Surrey  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Amelia Lewis
JudeLucy11 July 1837Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Creedan
Judith AnneLucyPrivate      Denis Francis Lucy & Dorothy Mary McGarry
JuliaLucyabout 1795   UNKNOWN John Lucy 
JuliaLucy1860Ashill Parish, BallyMcelligott, Co. Kerry, Ireland28 July 1881Temuka, South Canterbury, New Zealand1930 Cornelius HanifinPatrick Lucy & Catherine Farrell
JuliaLucy1804Ireland  UNKNOWN   
JuliaLucy1890Wandsworth  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Julia
JuliaLucy1828SouthwarkMarch 1849 UNKNOWN Edward GalaranJames Lucy & Ann Jenkins
JuliaLucy13 January 1870Lackaneen, Clondrohid, Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN James MoranJohn Lucy & Mary Riordan
Julia A.Lucyabout 1795USA  UNKNOWN Robert WilliamsRobert Lucy & Catherine Abernathy
Julia ElizabethLucy21 December 1816America Street, Southwark  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Mary Sophia Paine
JulieLucyPrivate      Brian Leonard Lucy & Daphne Elizabeth Oakley
JuliusLucyAugust 1896Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Joseph C. Lucy & Arabella Weir Rainer
KarenLucyPrivate      Bernard John Thomas Lucy & Margaret Young Reid
Karen LeeLucyPrivate      James Edward Lucy & Reita Juan Davis
Karin LynnLucyPrivate      Steven James Lucy & Dorothy Hilda Fahs
Karl MathewLucyPrivate      Steven James Lucy & Dorothy Hilda Fahs
KatherineLucyPrivate      David Nicholas Lucy
KatherineLucy1869Battersea  UNKNOWN  Denis John Lucy & Margaret Mary McMahon
Katherine CeciliaLucyBET. 1870 - 1871Brentford, Middlesex24 December 1892 11 August 1952Goodwood, Adelaide, South AustraliaJohn RyanDaniel Lucy & Ellen or Honora Mahoney
Katherine MargaretLucyPrivate      Edward Martin Lucy & Mary Agnes Reagan
KathleenLucy1849Egbaston, warwickshire  UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN
KeithLucyPrivate      Bernard John Thomas Lucy & Margaret Young Reid
KeithLucyPrivate      Denis Lucy & Patricia Tracey
Keith LincolnLucyPrivate      Lincoln Garfield Lucy
Kellie M.Lucyabout 1890 1913ShoreditchUNKNOWN Albert E. Poplar 
Kelvin BrianLucyPrivate      Henry Thomas Lucy
Kemberly LeahLucyPrivateMontgomery, Alabama, USA    RodenFred Herrell Lucy & Frances Lorain Abrams
KerryLucyPrivate      Michael Francis Lucy & Mary Eileen Adcock
KerryLucyPrivate      Raymond Frederick Lucy
KieronLucyabout 1934   1992 Gill AppletonStanley Lucy & Rose Timms-Walker
KingsmillLucyafter 1616   1678 TheophiliaRichard Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Cock
KingsmillLucyabout 1635   June 1673buried at Ely William Lucy Rev. & Martha Angell
KingsmillLucyabout 1666   30 July 1680  Kingsmill Lucy
KirstieLucyPrivate      Esmonde Lucy & Irene Kelly
KnoxLucyMay 1916   February 1997 Leona PetersonSamuel Benjamin Lucy & Mary Ellen Knox
Kurt VohnLucyPrivate      James Edward Lucy & Reita Juan Davis
LauraLucyPrivate     Franklin SheetsWilliam H. Lucy
LaytonLucy28 March 1819Upper Bullingham, Hereford, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN ElizabethCharles Lucy & Elizabeth Griffiths
Leah AlmaLucy25 May 1916Harringay, London    Donald Vernon Lucy 


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