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..Lucy Records (forename Pe-Sa)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
PeterLucy1872Salford  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucey & .
PeterLucyPrivate      Cyril Lucy & Millecent Tookey
Peter AnthonyLucyPrivateIsle of Wight     Male Lucy
PhilipLucyabout 1882   UNKNOWN  James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
Phillip AnthonyLucyPrivateUSA     Fred Herrell Lucy & Frances Lorain Abrams
PhyllisLucyabout 1907   UNKNOWN  Albert Lucy
PollyLucyabout 1750USA  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Rachael
QueenieLucy24 April 1918   19 February 2002 J.G.L. Robillard 
RalphLucy1888NY, USA  1975 Lena Mae White 
RaymondLucyabout 1930   about 1940  Cyril Lucy & Millecent Tookey
Raymond FrederickLucyPrivate      Frederick Jerome Lucy & May Noakes
Raymond JohnLucyPrivate     Sheila SarsonJack Ivor Bernard Lucy & Constance May Fountain
ReginaldLucyabout 1882   UNKNOWN  James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
Reginald AymerLucy1836Warwickshire  11 February 1855  George Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
Reginald H.Lucy1863Worcester  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Penelope J.
Reginald S.Lucy10 May 1880London  UNKNOWN  Edmund Berkley Lucy & Laura Margaret Mulgrave Standish
Reginald Thomas KnightsLucy24 March 1923Tipton, Dudley. Staffordshire  28 May 1989Cardiff John William Lucy & Annie Florence Knights
ReynoldLucybefore 1360 1 July 1369Chapel at Bretby Castle, Derbyshire9 November 1437 Margaret MowbrayGeoffrey de Lucy & Margery
RhodaLucy1868Luppitt, Devonshire  UNKNOWN  Eliza Lucy & Charlotte
RichardLucy1600   1677 Elizabeth UrreyThomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
RichardLucy1592 after 1616 6 April 1667 Elizabeth CockThomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
RichardLucyabout 1635   UNKNOWN  William Lucy Rev. & Martha Angell
RichardLucy1849Devonport  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Hannah
RichardLucyabout 1536   UNKNOWN  William Lucy Sir. & Ann Fermer
RichardLucy11 September 1742Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings
RichardLucy3 June 1770Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Martha Webb
RichardLucy25 July 1774Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Martha Webb
RichardLucyPrivate      Knox Lucy & Leona Peterson
RichardLucy1880Mears Ashby, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN  James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
RichardLucyPrivate     Mary Catherine RyanRichard Harold Lucy & Catherine McCarthy
RichardLucy1791Nettlebed  after 1881 Mary A. 
RichardLucyabout 1690Braintree, Essex1718EssexUNKNOWN Sarah Stacie 
RichardLucy1720Essex  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Sarah Stacie
RichardLucyabout 1825USA  UNKNOWN  Joshua Lucy Captain & Ann Hunnicutt
RichardLucyabout 1760Essex ?  UNKNOWN Elizabeth 
RichardLucySeptember 1748Toppesfield, North Essex14 December 1770East HamUNKNOWN Sarah BridgmanJoseph Lucy & Susannah Balls
RichardLucy1802East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Elizabeth
RichardLucyPrivate     GraceRichard ? Lucy & Ada ?
RichardLucy1840Launceston, Cornwall  UNKNOWN Ann 
Richard ?LucyPrivate     Ada ? 
Richard AlbertLucy1841Marlborough, Wiltshire1879Marlborough1902Marlborough, WiltshireLydiaWilliam Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
Richard C. W.Lucy28 May 1907Forest Gate  8 August 2000Haywards Heath, SussexIvy AllenCharles Frederick Lucy & Ellen Matilda Wilke
Richard CharlesLucyPrivate      Finbar Anthony Lucy & Marjorie Easter
Richard HaroldLucy3 March 1907Chicago, Illinois, USAabout 1930 October 1978Paols Heights, IL, USACatherine McCarthyWilliam Patrick Lucy & Margaret Judge
Richard JohnLucyPrivate      Leonard Arthur Wentworth Lucy & Sarah Sinclair Gordon
Richard John HampdenLucyPrivateCheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom     Charles John Hampden Lucy & Barbara Ellen Hickling
Richard WentworthLucy20 September 188240 Dempsey Street, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex  after 1967Ilford, EssexGrace Evelyn WillmottWilliam Lucy & Mary Jones
Rita AnnLucyPrivate      James Edward Lucy & Reita Juan Davis
RobertLucybefore 1599 1654 1658 Margaret SpencerThomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
RobertLucyabout 1595   1615France Thomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
RobertLucyabout 1635   UNKNOWN  William Lucy Rev. & Martha Angell
RobertLucy1641Charles City, Virginia, New Englandabout 1670Fleur Dieu Hundred, Charles City County, Virginia11 September 1692Fleur Dieu Hundred, Charles City County, Virginia, New EnglandSarah BarkerSamuel Lucy
RobertLucy2 May 1828Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Mary Tustin
RobertLucyabout 1820   UNKNOWN Margaret Ellen Kemp 
RobertLucy1829Ledbury  UNKNOWN Louisa 
RobertLucy1839Cowley, Middlesex  UNKNOWN MaryWilliam Lucy & Ann
RobertLucy1879Mile End  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Maria
RobertLucyPrivate      William Patrick Lucy & Marguerite Rose Trudell
RobertLucyabout 1725USA  1792 RachaelBurwell Lucy
RobertLucy1867   1869Gorton George Lucy & Mary Morris
RobertLucy1798East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Elizabeth
RobertLucy10 February 1827Bermondsey1854St. Olaves, SouthwarkUNKNOWN Catherine BarkerThomas Lucy & Mary Sophia Paine
RobertLucy1832St. Olaves, Southwark  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Ann Jenkins
RobertLucy1797Eastnor1824EastnorUNKNOWNLedburyMary Tustin 
RobertLucyabout 1770USA  UNKNOWN Catherine Abernathy 
RobertLucy1882Poplar, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Hannah Giles
RobertLucyabout 1882   UNKNOWN  James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
Robert (?)Lucyabout 1765   UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth
RodneyLucy1929   about 2003 ConnieStanley Lucy & Rose Timms-Walker
RogerLucyPrivate      John Douglas Lucy
RogerLucyabout 1931   1988 Amy KellyStanley Lucy & Rose Timms-Walker
RonaldLucyPrivate      Stanley Scott Lucy & Lillian Rose Handley
Ronald Alfred AlbertLucy22 May 1918   30 September 1943Bone War Cemetery, Annaba, Algeria, AfricaPhillis Evelyn AlfordCharles Frederick Lucy & Ellen Matilda Wilke
Ronald GeorgeLucyPrivate     Maria CupitaArthur Russell Lucy & Nancy Mildred Spence
Ronald KarlLucyPrivate      James Edward Lucy & Ludmilla Engelmann
RosaLucyJanuary 1884Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Jones Cadwallader Lucy & Hugenia G. Weir
RosamondLucy1878E. Molesey, Surrey  UNKNOWN  Frederick William Corbett Lucy & Olivia Jane Cruickshank
RowlandLucy1872Hayes, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Mary
RubyLucyPrivate      Samuel Hardee Lucy & Nellie Ruth Gray
RuthLucyPrivate     BurnellLester Byron Lucy & Inez Ashmore
SallyLucyabout 1750USA  UNKNOWN ShortRobert Lucy & Rachael
SamLucyOctober 1890Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Jones Cadwallader Lucy & Hugenia G. Weir
Samantha DanielleLucyPrivate      Steven James Lucy & Dorothy Hilda Fahs
SamuelLucy1618Warwickshire, Englandabout 1638Charles City County, Virginia, New England1662Charles City County, Virginia, New England Daniel Lucy & Abigail
SamuelLucy5 October 1835Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN ElizaRobert Lucy & Mary Tustin
SamuelLucy1680Charles City, Virginia, New England  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy Captain & Sarah Barker
SamuelLucy1862Ledbury  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Jane
SamuelLucy26 December 1734Wollaston, Northamptonshire  22 MAR 1734/35Wollaston, Northamptonshire John Lucy & Anne Chaloner
SamuelLucy1863Ruxham, Norfolk  UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Maria
SamuelLucy20 November 1868Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland  UNKNOWN   
Samuel BenjaminLucy11 April 1873Lincoln City, South Carolina, USA  1969Russellville, Arkansas, USAMary Ellen KnoxWilliam Dow Lucy & Hannah Cornelia Moore
Samuel HardeeLucy25 December 1889Blytheville, Arkansas, USA  about 1958Montgomery, Alabama, USANellie Ruth GrayWilliam Hardy Lucy & Moria Ida
Samuel IshamLucy1820Chesterfield City, South Carolina, USA  1859TexasJane MasseyDoren Lucy & Nancy
Samuel KellyLucy1801Brunswick County, VA, USA  1876 Martha HardawayJoshua Lucy Captain & Elizabeth Kelly
Samuel P.Lucyabout 1843Ohio, USA  UNKNOWN  George W. Lucy & Margaret McGavran
SandraLucyPrivate      Roger Lucy & Amy Kelly
SaraLucy1627   UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Sara
SarahLucy1846Devonport  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Hannah
SarahLucy4 MAR 1737/38Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings
SarahLucy7 December 1770Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Francis Lucy & Elizabeth Summers


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