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..Lucy Records (forename Sa-Th)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
SarahLucy18 March 1763Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Roser
SarahLucy4 April 1767Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Martha Webb
SarahLucy26 June 1785Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Sarah
SarahLucy1846Ireland  UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN
SarahLucy1873Cretingham, Suffolk  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Caroline
SarahLucy1869Dudley, Worcestershire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Jane
SarahLucy9 MAR 1724/25Wollaston, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Anne Chaloner
SarahLucy20 April 1773Wollaston, Northamptonshire  2 October 1773Wollaston, Northamptonshire Hugh Lucy & Elizabeth
SarahLucy1806   UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Lydia Davis
SarahLucy1716Sible Hedingham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Hannah
SarahLucy1860   UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Mary Phely or Feely
SarahLucy1794East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Elizabeth
SarahLucy15 July 1770Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah Aylett
SarahLucy1841   UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Mary Tustin
SarahLucy1821Bermondsey  UNKNOWN  Joshua Lucy & Mary
SarahLucy1870Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Charlotte
Sarah A.Lucyabout 1890 1913HolbornUNKNOWN Henry C. Gibbins 
Sarah AnnLucy1867Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Sarah F. or Victoria King
Sarah AnnLucy13 August 1813Cow Lane, Rotherhithe  UNKNOWN  Thomas E. Lucy & Sarah Ann
Sarah HannahLucy1862Gorton, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Mary Morris
Sarah Louisa FrancisLucy18 February 19001 Pearl Street, St. George in the East, Londonabout 1920 UNKNOWN John Edward PluckroseHenry Lucy & Louisa Francis Julia Holland
Sarah M.Lucy1864Cotleigh, Devonshire  UNKNOWN  Eliza Lucy & Charlotte
Sarah MariaLucyNovember 1812Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William John Lucy & Elizabeth Gregory
Scott CliftonLucyPrivate     Suzanne ClaireDonald Vernon Lucy & Leah Alma Lucy
Sean PatrickLucyPrivate      John R. Lucy & Marilyn Bacilek
SelinaLucy1871Isleworth, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Mary
SelinaLucy1890Isleworth, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucy & .
SidneyLucyNovember 1900Ystradyfodwg, Rhondda, Glamorgan  UNKNOWN  Alfred Lucy & Mary Jane
SidneyLucyabout 1885 1913GreenwichUNKNOWN Mary Ryan 
Sidney Herbert ReginaldLucyabout 1865   UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Eliza Esther Jones
SimonLucyPrivate      Denis Lucy & Patricia Tracey
Simon JohnLucyPrivate      John Douglas Lucy
SpencerLucybefore 1598 1643 1649 Mary BrettThomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
SpencerLucyabout 1635   14 July 1691Oxford William Lucy Rev. & Martha Angell
SpencerLucyabout 1660   UNKNOWN  George Lucy & Elizabeth
StanleyLucy1904Liverpool19 May 1928 3 February 1972Buckley, North WalesRose Timms-WalkerJohn Lucy & Annie Dickinson
Stanley ScottLucyPrivate     Lillian Rose Handley 
Stephen JacksonLucyabout 1895Savannah, Tenn., USA  UNKNOWN   
Steven JamesLucyPrivate     Dorothy Hilda FahsJames Edward Lucy & Reita Juan Davis
Steven RonaldLucyPrivate     Marie KeeganJack Ivor Bernard Lucy & Constance May Fountain
StuartLucyPrivate     ClaireBrian Leonard Lucy & Daphne Elizabeth Oakley
SusanLucyPrivate      Michael Francis Lucy & Mary Eileen Adcock
SusanLucy1623England  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucy & Abigail
SusanLucy1836MarlboroughSeptember 1869 UNKNOWN Henry JarvisWilliam Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
SusanLucyPrivate      John Douglas Lucy
Susan A.Lucy1871Mile End Old Town  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Mary Jones
Susan MillicentLucy1880Holmer, Herefordshire, England  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Meliscent Martyn
SusannaLucy11 December 1692   UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth M.
SusannaLucyabout 1598   UNKNOWN Robert ChamberlayneThomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
SusannaLucy1790Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  Joseph Lucy & Jane Crane
SusannaLucy3 November 1821Bullinger, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN John IzardCharles Lucy & Elizabeth Griffiths
SusannahLucy15 April 1799Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William John Lucy & Elizabeth Gregory
SusannahLucy1772East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Sarah Bridgman
SuzanneLucyPrivate      Denis Lucy & Patricia Tracey
SuzzannaLucyPrivate      Richard Lucy & Grace
Sybil MaryLucy1870Charlecote Park, Warwick  26 June 1886  Henry Spencer Lucy & Christina Cameron Campbell
SydneyLucy1899Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
TheodosiaLucy27 November 1737Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth M.
ThomasLucy1488 16 September 1510Towchester, Northampstonshire3 September 1525buried: Grey Friars Church, Christ Church, Smithfield, LondonElizabeth EmpsonEdmund Lucy Sir. & .
ThomasLucy24 April 1532Charlecote, Warwickshire1548 7 July 1600buried: 7 August 1600 in Charlecote Church, WarwickshireJoyce ActonWilliam Lucy Sir. & Ann Fermer
ThomasLucy1551   1605Charlecote, WarwickshireDorothy ArnoldThomas Lucy Sir. & Joyce Acton
ThomasLucyabout 1575   about 1575  Thomas Lucy Sir. & Dorothy Arnold
ThomasLucy1585   8 December 1640 Alice SpencerThomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
ThomasLucyabout 1630 before 1671 1684died suddenly of smallpoxCatherine WheatleyRichard Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Urrey
ThomasLucyabout 1700   1744Charlecote Fulke Lucy & Elizabeth Mason
ThomasLucy1612Oxfordshire, England  UNKNOWN  William Lucy
ThomasLucyabout 1680   about 1750buried: Clogher, Ireland Anthony Lucy
ThomasLucy1716Ballymodan, Co. Cork, Ireland  29 August 1764on the Mall, Cork CityJohannaDenis Lucy & .
ThomasLucyabout 1512   UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Empson
ThomasLucy1624   1684 Katherine WheatleyThomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
ThomasLucy26 September 1779Eastnor, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Nancy Clinton
ThomasLucy26 April 1668St. Dunstan, Stepney, London  UNKNOWN  Alexander Lucy & Barbarie
ThomasLucyabout 1700   UNKNOWN Elizabeth 
ThomasLucy24 May 1799Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Ann
ThomasLucy22 July 1889Chicago, Illinois, USA  May 1973Hometown, Illinois, USAMargaret EdgarWilliam Patrick Lucy & Margaret Judge
ThomasLucy1818East Ham, Essex  after 1881 .William Lucy & Martha Smith
ThomasLucy1852Woolwich, Kent  UNKNOWN Eliza 
ThomasLucy1880Deptford, Kent  UNKNOWN  Bartholomew Lucy & Mary
ThomasLucy1859Wollaston, Northampton  UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN
ThomasLucy1842Colwall, Herefordshire1862Colwall, HerefordshireUNKNOWN Sarah F. or Victoria KingJoseph Lucy
ThomasLucy1889Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
ThomasLucy3 November 185245, Marsham Street, Westminster1886WandsworthUNKNOWN JuliaThomas Lucy & Eunice Brumhead
ThomasLucyabout 1810Ireland ? IrelandUNKNOWNUSAJoanna Murphy 
ThomasLucyPrivate      Thomas Lucy & Margaret Edgar
ThomasLucyabout 1710   1761   
ThomasLucy1804   UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Lydia Davis
ThomasLucy1712Birdbrook, Essex  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Jane Peacock
ThomasLucyabout 1695Sampford, Essex1718 UNKNOWN Elizabeth 
ThomasLucy30 August 1825Bermondsey25 October 1851St. Mary Lambeth1875Workhouse, MaryleboneEunice BrumheadThomas Lucy & Mary Sophia Paine
ThomasLucy5 April 1772Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah Aylett
ThomasLucy1789East Ham  UNKNOWN  Richard Lucy & Elizabeth
ThomasLucyBET. 1783 - 1787Co. Cork or Kerry, Ireland27 November 1814St. Olaves, Southwark8 May 1847Webb Street, Southwark, BermondseyMary Sophia Paine 
ThomasLucyabout 1800   UNKNOWN Mary 
ThomasLucy1785Chigwell, essex  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Elizabeth
ThomasLucyabout 1650 1698 1698Portsmouth, New Hampshire, AmericaMary Brookings 
ThomasLucy1826Ledbury  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucy & Mary Tustin
ThomasLucyabout 1883Poplar, London  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Hannah Giles
ThomasLucyabout 1875   UNKNOWN Julia 
ThomasLucy18918 Sudlow Road, Wandsworth  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Julia
ThomasLucy1799Ireland  UNKNOWNCanadaHellan 


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