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..Lucy Records (forename Th-Wi)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
ThomasLucyabout 1730possibly Hoo, Kent  UNKNOWN Mary 
ThomasLucyApril 1878Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Joseph C. Lucy & Arabella Weir Rainer
ThomasLucy1806Outside Warwickshire  UNKNOWN Eliza 
ThomasLucy1866Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Samuel Lucy & Eliza
ThomasLucyabout 1890 1914West DerbyUNKNOWN Gertrude Hughes 
Thomas AlfredLucy1873Battersea  UNKNOWN  James Ford Lucy & Louisa
Thomas BruceLucyabout 1815USA - (probably Lauderdale County, Mississippi)  UNKNOWN Mary 
Thomas C.Lucy1857Droitwich, Worcestershire  UNKNOWN Sarah A. 
Thomas E.Lucyabout 1790   UNKNOWN Sarah Ann 
Thomas EdwardLucy1842Worcester, Worcestershire  1905 Hannah 
Thomas FrancisLucy7 June 1844Norton Hall, Worcestershire, England24 April 1872Ashland, New York29 October 1906207 Dearborn Street, 18th Ward, New York, USAJosephine SearlesHenry Lucy & Sarah Hook
Thomas H.Lucy1860City of London, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Thomas W. Lucy & Emily
Thomas Henry CharlesLucy29 September 1868   UNKNOWN   
Thomas J.Lucy1861Dudley, Worcestershire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Jane
Thomas MartynLucy1872Egloshayle, Cornwall New Zealandabout 1950New ZealandCharlotte EmmersonWilliam Lucy & Meliscent Martyn
Thomas W.Lucy1863Liverpool, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  Henry C. Lucy & .
Thomas W.Lucy1839Blackfriars, Surrey  UNKNOWN Emily 
Thomas WilliamLucy24 July 1883   UNKNOWN  Thomas Henry Charles Lucy
Thomas WilliamLucy5 August 1895New Cross, London  UNKNOWN   
ThomasinLucy23 September 1726Wollaston, Northamptonshire  15 September 1751Wollaston, Northamptonshire John Lucy & Anne Chaloner
Thurstan HazellLucy1866Farnham, Surrey  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Amelia Lewis
TimothyLucy1765   1836Nohoval - buried: Nohoval Cemetery, Nohovaldaly Parish, Co. Cork Daniel Lucy
TimothyLucyabout 1770   UNKNOWN  James Lucy
TimothyLucyabout 1819Co. Cork, Ireland1841Co. Cork, IrelandMay 1884Lenox, New York, USAJulia BurkeLucy
TimothyLucy16 November 1547Charlecote, Warwickshire1 September 1583Chigwell, Essex21 January 1616Bitterley, ShropshireSusanna FanshaweWilliam Lucy Sir. & Ann Fermer
TimothyLucy1842Co. Cork, Ireland  1926buried: Caselton, North Dakota, USAJulia CaseyUNKNOWN
TimothyLucyabout 1822Ireland  after 1870USACatherine 
Timothy JosephLucyabout 1877Malta  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucy & Maria
Timothy or JohnLucyabout 1870   UNKNOWN   
VaLindaLucyPrivate      Michael Firth Lucy & Violet Linda Little
Velma MaeLucyPrivate     James Kelvin SandersWilliam John Lucy & Grace May Constable
Vera MaryLucyJanuary 1903   May 1997 Lee HarvillSamuel Benjamin Lucy & Mary Ellen Knox
Verna HelenLucyJanuary 1903   November 1997 Sandy SanduskySamuel Benjamin Lucy & Mary Ellen Knox
Victor HerrellLucyPrivateUSA     Fred Herrell Lucy & Frances Lorain Abrams
Victoria ElizabethLucyPrivateAlabama, USA    Charles Lynn WilsonFred Herrell Lucy & Frances Lorain Abrams
ViolaLucyJuly 1887Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Joseph C. Lucy & Arabella Weir Rainer
VivienneLucyPrivateStockport    FollowsAlfred Lucy & Florence Millit
WalterLucybefore 1373 before May 1385 4 October 1444"Lesnes" Abbey, KentEleanor ArcedekneReynold Lucy Sir. & Margaret Mowbray
WalterLucy1875Mears Ashby, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN  James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
WalterLucy1881Walsall, Stafford  UNKNOWN  Felix Lucy & Jane
WalterLucyJanuary 1880Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Jones Cadwallader Lucy & Hugenia G. Weir
Walter CharlesLucy1875Deptford, Kent  UNKNOWN  Bartholomew Lucy & Mary
Walter CharlesLucy9 October 1897Deptford, Kent  UNKNOWN   
Walter FrancisLucy1855Kensington1876St. SaviourUNKNOWN . 
Walter JohnLucy187948, Stroud Green Road, Kingsland, Middlesex23 June 1910Islington1957Hornsey, North LondonAlice Mary DrewGeorge Thomas Lucy & Elizabeth Mary Sheppard
Walter M.LucyPrivate     Joyce EastmanA. Kenneth Lucy & Lucille Quint
Warren WilliamLucyPrivate     KandiHenry Russell Lucy & Joyce Beda Johnson
WayneLucyPrivate      Raymond Frederick Lucy
Wayne AaronLucyPrivate      Steven Ronald Lucy & Marie Keegan
Webb J.Lucy12 September 1817Columbiana County, Ohio7 January 1840Burnettsville, White County, Indiana, USA20 April 1886Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, USASarah WileyEdward Lucy & Christiana Rolley
Wendall RobertLucyPrivate      Henry Russell Lucy & Joyce Beda Johnson
WendyLucyPrivate      William Charles Lucy & Heather Joan Williams
Wilfred WentworthLucyPrivate      Richard Wentworth Lucy & Grace Evelyn Willmott
WilliamLucy1441   1492buried: Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Stratford upon AvonMargaret BrecknockWilliam de Lucy & Alianore de Ruthin
WilliamLucy1509 about 1528Easton Neston, near Towcester, Northamptonshire1551 Ann FermerThomas Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Empson
WilliamLucyabout 1650 1684 1723 Frances BalguyFulke Lucy Sir. & Isabella Davenport
WilliamLucy1594Hurstbourne, Hampshire12 FEB 1628/29 4 October 1677Buried: Collegiate Church, Brecon.Martha AngellThomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
WilliamLucyabout 1590   UNKNOWN   
WilliamLucybefore 1404 before 1434 10 July 1460Battle of Northampton; slain by royalists.Elizabeth PercyWalter Lucy & Eleanor Arcedekne
WilliamLucyabout 1538   UNKNOWN  William Lucy Sir. & Ann Fermer
WilliamLucyabout 1715Englandabout 1756 28 January 1816Columbiana, Ohio, USAElizabethEdward (?) Lucy
WilliamLucyabout 1790Philadelphia, PA, USA  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Isabelle McGraw
WilliamLucy25 April 1729   UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings
WilliamLucy3 June 1736Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings
WilliamLucyabout 1670 22 April 1691Ledbury, HerefordshireUNKNOWN Elizabeth Nirada 
WilliamLucy31 July 1763Bosbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Francis Lucy & Elizabeth Summers
WilliamLucy27 December 1666St. Dunstan, Stepney, London  UNKNOWN  Alexander Lucy & Barbarie
WilliamLucy11 September 1748Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Roser
WilliamLucy4 January 1769Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Martha Webb
WilliamLucy21 August 1771Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Edward Lucy & Martha Webb
WilliamLucyabout 1785   UNKNOWN Milborough 
WilliamLucyabout 1700 4 April 1727 UNKNOWN Elizabeth Pytt 
WilliamLucyabout 1775   UNKNOWN Hannah 
WilliamLucyabout 1660 9 December 1684St. Martin in the Fields, WestminsterUNKNOWN Ursulah AtkinsKingsmill Lucy
WilliamLucyabout 1875   UNKNOWN Isabell Synthes 
WilliamLucy1874Barking, Essex  UNKNOWN  William Henry Lucy & Eliza Howard
WilliamLucy1848East Ham, Essex  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Mary
WilliamLucy1859Spitalfields, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & .
WilliamLucy1879Silvertown, Essex  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Eliza
WilliamLucy1842Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Ann 
WilliamLucy1839Ireland  UNKNOWN Meliscent MartynWilliam Lucy
WilliamLucy1851Maidenhead, Buckinghamshire  UNKNOWN  Male Lucy & Fanny
WilliamLucy1867Liverpool, Lancashire  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Elizabeth
WilliamLucy1875Middlesborough  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah A.
WilliamLucy1822Wollaston, Northampton  UNKNOWN   
WilliamLucy1831Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN Maria Booth 
WilliamLucy1859Longton, Stafford  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Maria Booth
WilliamLucy1870Colwall, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Sarah F. or Victoria King
WilliamLucy1851   UNKNOWN Mary 
WilliamLucy1880Highgate, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Sue
WilliamLucy1876Brentford, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucy & Ellen or Honora Mahoney
WilliamLucy1840Hoo, Kent  UNKNOWN Elizabeth 
WilliamLucy1821Yiewsley, Middlesex  after 1881 Ann 
WilliamLucy1839Ratcliffe, Middlesex  UNKNOWN Maria 
WilliamLucy1897Liverpool  UNKNOWN  John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
WilliamLucy1822Marlborough, Wiltshire11 August 1866Mile End Old Town27 December 18986 Bromley Street, Ratcliff, Stepney, LondonMary JonesWilliam Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
WilliamLucyabout 1725   1797buried: St. Johns Parish, Bedwardine, Worcestershire  
WilliamLucy9 September 1794 10 December 1823 6 October 1872 Maria CanhamJohn Lucy & Margaret
WilliamLucy27 November 1824 July 1862Bletchley, Buckinghamshire19 May 1876 Eliza Esther JonesWilliam Lucy Rev. & Maria Canham
WilliamLucy21 July 1765Wollaston, Northamptonshire  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Elizabeth


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