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..Lucy Records (forename Wi-Z)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
WilliamLucy1798Whitkirk, Connisborough, Yorkshire31 May 1829Ackworth12 November 1843Hulme, ManchesterSarah BookerJohn Lucy & Elizabeth
WilliamLucy19 February 1834Badsworth, Yorkshire  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Sarah Booker
WilliamLucy1864Gorton, Lancashire  1864Gorton, Lancashire George Lucy & Mary Morris
WilliamLucy1881Norfolk  UNKNOWN  Charles Lucy & Alice
WilliamLucyabout 1565Essex ?  UNKNOWN   
WilliamLucy1587Toppesfield, Essexabout 1638Strambourne, Essex1641Stambourne, EssexRoseWilliam Lucy
WilliamLucyabout 1560Essex ?  UNKNOWN   
WilliamLucyabout 1625   UNKNOWN   
WilliamLucyabout 1775East Ham, Essex1800East Ham, Essex1842East Ham, EssexMartha SmithRichard Lucy & Sarah Bridgman
WilliamLucyabout 1820   UNKNOWN Elizabeth 
WilliamLucyabout 1840 5 March 1863Holy Trinity, ClaphamUNKNOWN Alice Jennings 
WilliamLucy7 July 1821Bermondsey  UNKNOWN  Thomas Lucy & Mary
WilliamLucy1851NY, USA  1936 Mary Ward 
WilliamLucy11 December 1845Ontario (?), Canada14 January 1869 20 February 1926 Mary Elizabeth HolmesWilliam Lucy & Elizabeth Strong
WilliamLucyabout 1810   about 1860 Elizabeth Strong 
WilliamLucyabout 1855   UNKNOWN Eliza 
WilliamLucyabout 1775 13 August 1799Calne, WiltshireUNKNOWN Mary Wootten 
WilliamLucyBET. 1850 - 1870Galena, Illinois, USA  UNKNOWN  Timothy Lucy & Catherine
WilliamLucyabout 1815Fermanagh, Ireland  UNKNOWN   
WilliamLucy1806East Ham, Essex6 September 1840Stepney1876East Ham, EssexSusannah MeagerWilliam Lucy & Martha Smith
WilliamLucy1806Warwickshire (probably Edgbaston)  UNKNOWN Mary 
WilliamLucy1840Warwickshire  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Mary
WilliamLucy1870Ledbury, Herefordshire  UNKNOWN  Samuel Lucy & Eliza
WilliamLucy1816Malta  after 1871 Mary 
WilliamLucyabout 1885 1913PeterboroughUNKNOWN Gertrude E. Elliott 
WilliamLucyabout 1890 1913MaryleboneUNKNOWN Beatrice E. V. Keen 
WilliamLucyPrivate      Harry Carl Lucy
William Alfred L.Lucy1875Kensington, London, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  George H. Lucy & Catherine A.
William C.Lucy1866Bow, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Mary Jones
William CastleLucyabout 1808Westminster  14 March 18613 Park Place, St.Giles, OxfordCatherine Martha 
William CharlesLucy20 May 1822Stratford upon Avon  11 May 1898Gloucester  
William CharlesLucy9 March 1947Australia  about 1985 Leonie McgrahRichard ? Lucy & Ada ?
William ChettleLucy1851   19 March 1892Station House, LewishamAlice Mary 
William CliffordLucyPrivate     Winona Dawn ParkWilliam John Lucy & Grace May Constable
William DowLucy13 January 1841Lancaster City, South Carolina, USA30 November 1868Union County, North Carolina, USA17 September 1930Berryville Memorial Cemetery, Carroll County, Arkansas, USAHannah Cornelia MooreSamuel Isham Lucy & Jane Massey
William DowLucyMarch 1905   April 1984 Clara MurphySamuel Benjamin Lucy & Mary Ellen Knox
William EmmersonLucy1904New Zealand  UNKNOWN  Thomas Martyn Lucy & Charlotte Emmerson
William FrancisLucy31 May 1810Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester17 August 1837Tewkesbury, Gloucestershireafter 1871 Ellen WhiteFrancis William Lucy & Esther
William FulkeLucy10 September 1824   1 July 1848Charlecote (died of jaundice) George Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
William G.Lucy1870Hounslow  UNKNOWN  William Lucy & Elizabeth
William H.LucyPrivate       
William HardyLucyabout 1870USA  UNKNOWN Moria Ida 
William HenryLucy28 April 1844Barking, Essexabout 1867 after 1901 Eliza HowardWilliam Henry Lucy & Mary Ann Drane
William HenryLucy11 May 1817Barking, Essex1840Barking, EssexUNKNOWN Mary Ann DraneWilliam John Lucy & Elizabeth Gregory
William HenryLucy4 March 1873Woodburn (near Kingston), Pittsburg, Ontario, Canada5 June 1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada4 October 1946 Fanny RussellWilliam Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Holmes
William Henry R.Lucy1889Worcester1915UptonUNKNOWN Beard 
William Henry WalterLucy14 November 187950 South Island Place, Kennington, Lambeth, Surrey  UNKNOWN  Frederick William Corbett Lucy & Olivia Jane Cruickshank
William J.Lucyabout 1890 1914St. OlaveUNKNOWN Harriet Marks 
William JamesLucyPrivate      Lincoln Garfield Lucy
William JohnLucy5 January 1777East Ham22 October 1798East HamUNKNOWN Elizabeth GregoryRichard Lucy & Sarah Bridgman
William JohnLucy27 March 1803Barking, Essexabout 1830 UNKNOWN MaryWilliam John Lucy & Elizabeth Gregory
William JohnLucy5 February 1911Canada  21 March 2000Manitoba, CanadaGrace May ConstableWilliam Henry Lucy & Fanny Russell
William L.Lucyabout 1900Virginia, USA  UNKNOWN Murial 
William PatrickLucy1 July 1863Deptford, England.1883Chicago, Illinois, USA21 October 1949Chicago, Illinois, USAMargaret JudgeJohn Lucy & Mary Sheahan
William PatrickLucy6 April 1900Chicago, Illinois, USA  18 October 1991Evergreen Park, Illinois, USAMarguerite Rose TrudellWilliam Patrick Lucy & Margaret Judge
William PatrickLucyPrivate      William Trudell Lucy & Caroline Bromley
William R.Lucy22 January 1816Columbiana County, Ohio9 March 1843White County, Indiana, USA6 March 1867White County, Indiana, USAElizabeth HicksEdward Lucy & Christiana Rolley
William RobertLucy26 October 1855Moibrune or Moybrone, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland1899Banbridge House, Lenadurg, Banbridge, Co. Down, Northern Ireland4 March 1944Holywood, Down, Northern IrelandAnnie Thompson ReidAndrew (?) Lucy
William RobertLucyPrivate     HazelWilliam Emmerson Lucy
William Samuel SmithLucy29 April 1838Hoo, Kent  UNKNOWN  James Lucy & Sarah Wakeling
William T.Lucy1859Wollaston, Northampton  UNKNOWN  Hugh Lucy & Prudence
William TrudellLucyPrivate     Caroline BromleyWilliam Patrick Lucy & Marguerite Rose Trudell
William WileyLucy19 June 1842White County, Indiana, USA17 May 1869White County, Indiana, USA10 June 1917Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS, USALydia SneathenWebb J. Lucy & Sarah Wiley
William WoottonLucy18 November 1801Calne, Wiltshireabout 1821 16 November 1869Marlborough, WiltshireAnn WentworthWilliam Lucy & Mary Wootten
WillieLucyMarch 1876Mississippi, USA  UNKNOWN  Joseph C. Lucy & Arabella Weir Rainer
WinifredLucy15 January 1897East HamSeptember 1922 1980 Harold Ernest RougierWalter Francis Lucy & Edith Mary Miles
ZephaniahLucy19 FEB 1694/95New England  UNKNOWN  Experience Lucy & Elizabeth Manter


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