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..Lucey Records (forename Ja-Je)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucey surname
Family trees are available for these individuals on request

Published by Norman Lucey

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First NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceMarriage DateMarriage PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceSpouseParents
JamesLuceyabout 1865   UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Johanna Sweeney
JamesLuceyabout 1897USA  UNKNOWN Louise MorisseyJames Lucey & Anna Toohey
JamesLucey19 February 1907Cork, Ireland3 September 1935Cork, Ireland19 June 1979 Margaret F. Kelleher 
JamesLucey1822   1829  Charles Lucey & Elizabeth Catherine Bristow
JamesLuceyPrivate      Daniel Timothy Lucey & Mary Irene Finley
JamesLucey1781   UNKNOWN   
JamesLuceyPrivate      Patrick Joseph Lucey
JamesLuceyabout 1890Canturk, Co. Cork, Ireland  about 1970 Mary Anne Buckley 
JamesLuceyabout 1910USA  UNKNOWN  James F. Lucey & Eleanor
JamesLucey20 May 1911Wadebridge, Cornwall  16 May 1959 Myrtle DaleJames Lucey & Beatrice Luke
JamesLuceyabout 1885Co. Cork, IrelandBET. 1905 - 1910Wadebridge, CornwallUNKNOWN Beatrice Luke 
JamesLucey26 September 1884Dunmanway, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN   
James a.Lucey7 December 1886Worcester, MA, USA  16 September 1888Worcester, MA, USA Patrick Lucey & Joanna A. Horgan
James Albert ColinLuceyPrivate      James Lucey & Myrtle Dale
James ChristopherLuceyPrivate      James Lucey & Mary Louise Dextor
James D.Lucey1883Portsmouth, Hampshire  UNKNOWN  Male Lucey & Sarah J.
James DenisLucey7 September 1922 14 February 1947Dimock, SD15 June 1986 Mary Jannette UntereinerJames Denis Lucey , Sr & Elna Holm
James DenisLuceyabout 1895   UNKNOWN Elna Holm 
James DonaldLuceyPrivate      Donald Lucey & Mildred Cassidy
James E.Luceyafter 1903Australia  UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Mary Neagle
James EdwardLucey14 April 1879South Groveland, MA31 October 1905St.Mary's Church, Rochester, NHabout 1946Rochester, NHMary Agnes O'BrienJames Edward Lucey & Johanna T. Donahue
James EdwardLucey1 October 1846Queenstown, Irelandbefore 1868MassachusettesDecember 1934Rochester, NHMary Jane CrottyJames Lucey & Mary Welch
James F.Lucey1827Hoo, Kent  UNKNOWN . 
James F.Lucey24 April 1884U.S.A.  1934Cortland, New YorkDeliah SullivanMichael Lucey & Julia Noonan
James HenryLucey1868South Kensington, London, Middlesex, England1892Wandsworthafter 1901 Emily TuffinCornelius Lucey & Eliza Strudwick
James HumphreyLuceyPrivate     Margaret Mary DavisJames Lucey & Mary Christina Hanran
James J.Lucey1836Bromley, Middx.  UNKNOWN SarahJames Lucey & Sarah Elizabeth Jenner
James JosephLucey1914   9 June 1940HMS "Ardent", Royal Navy during WW2 Denis Lucey & Mary
James JosephLuceyPrivate      John Joseph Lucey & Annie Mary Quinlan
James MichaelLuceyPrivate     Cassandra Noel ArnettRichard Alexander Lucey & Mary Jo Lane
James PatrickLuceyPrivateCork, IrelandPrivateSingapore  Margaret NicholsJames Lucey & Margaret F. Kelleher
James PhilipLuceyPrivate      John Barry Lucey & Caroline Anne
James RobertLuceyPrivate     Linda Ellen SealJohn Russell Lucey & Constance Meta Lovgreen
James StephenLuceyPrivate      James Patrick Lucey & Margaret Nichols
James T.Lucey1858St. George in the East, Middlesex  UNKNOWN  James J. Lucey & Sarah
James WilliamLucey20 July 1938Chicago, Illinois, USA  September 1989  Cornelius Lucey & Helen Marie Goggin
JaneLuceyPrivate      Joseph Lucey & Mary Logan
JaneLuceyPrivate      Anthony George Lucey & Rosemary Wright
Jane HelenLuceyPrivate      John Russell Lucey & Constance Meta Lovgreen
Jason RussellLuceyPrivate      Alexander A. Lucey & Patricia Lucid
Jeaaha ?Luceyabout 1886Marylebone, London  UNKNOWN  William Lucey & Anne
JeanLucey1832Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Abigail Quill
JeanLuceyabout 1912   before 2003  Richard Lucey & Bridget Prendergast
Jean MaryLuceyPrivate     Paul FlayhanDonald Lucey & Josephine
JehanLucey1828Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Joan Lynch
Jennifer AnneLuceyPrivate      John Russell Lucey & Constance Meta Lovgreen
Jennifer JaneLuceyPrivate      Kerian Patrick John Lucey & Helen Warburton
JennyLuceyPrivate      Edward Lucey & Bridget Harnett
JeremiahLuceyBET. 1795 - 1801County Cork, Ireland23 April 1832St. Georges Chapel, East Stonehouse (nr. Plymouth) Devon13 April 1875East Stonehouse, Devon, UKMary Coram 
JeremiahLucey12 December 1800Carrigmond, Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland1834London, England26 October 1897De Witt, Clinton County, Iowa, USA - Buried St. Joseph's CemeteryBridget Doyle 
JeremiahLuceybefore 1804Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Mary Barry 
JeremiahLuceybefore 1821Gorthnamon, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland13 April 1834Inchigeelagh (Iveleary) Parish RC, Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Mary Swiney 
JeremiahLucey1 June 1834Iveleary, Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Connell
JeremiahLucey1830Cashelisky, Clonakilty, Cork Ireland  20 May 1889Clonakilty, Ireland Edmond Lucey & Margaret Duggan
JeremiahLucey1857Cashelisky, Cork Ireland  after 1903AustraliaMary NeagleJohn Lucey & Julia Neil
JeremiahLucey1860Cashelisky, Cork Ireland  UNKNOWN  James Lucey & Julia Hallahan
JeremiahLucey1868Cashelisky, Cork Ireland  UNKNOWN  Robert Lucey & Julia Falvey
JeremiahLucey1810Kilnamartery, Co. Cork, Ireland12 February 1835Dromtarriff R.C. Church, Co. Cork, Ireland11 April 1890Lawrence, MA, (near Boston) USAJoanna Murphy 
JeremiahLucey4 July 1838Dromtarriffe R.C., Co. Cork, Ireland21 January 1867 7 October 1903Lawrence, MA, (near Boston) USAMary NewmanJeremiah Lucey & Joanna Murphy
JeremiahLucey1826Cork, Macroom Kilnmartery  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Catherine Duggan
JeremiahLucey1835Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.  UNKNOWN  Michael Lucey & Margaret Lynch
JeremiahLucey16 May 1836Cork, Iveleary  UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucey & Honora Coghlan
JeremiahLucey12 August 1879U.S.A.  28 August 1966U.S.A.Ellen MulkeenMichael Lucey & Julia Noonan
JeremiahLucey6 September 1888Bawnatanaknock, Macroom, Cork, Ireland28 April 1934Chicago, Illinois, USA7 February 1954Chicago, Illinois, USAMary O'BrienCornelius Lucey & Julia Kelleher
JeremiahLucey1855Ireland  UNKNOWN Mary BlakeJames Lucey & Mary Murphy
JeremiahLucey28 February 1863Cahirnacahy, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Denis Lucey & Mary Sullivan
JeremiahLuceyabout 1820   UNKNOWN Julia Murphy 
JeremiahLuceyabout 1822   UNKNOWN Catherine Conner 
JeremiahLucey23 March 1845Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Catherine Conner
JeremiahLucey16 March 1862Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucey & Mary Walsh
JeremiahLucey7 July 1882Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  John Lucey & Mary Kelleher
JeremiahLucey2 February 1875Kilmore, Ballingeary, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  1 May 1965Buried St.Gobnaits cemetery, BallyvourneySarah McCarthyJohn Lucey & Julia Lynch
JeremiahLucey8 March 1863Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Daniel Lucey & Anne Riordan
JeremiahLucey1 December 1884Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Cornelius Lucey & Margaret Connor
JeremiahLuceyabout 1820Gorteenflu, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland20 February 1844Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Catherine Collins 
JeremiahLuceyabout 1835Cahirnacah, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland8 March 1859Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Catherine Hyde 
JeremiahLuceyabout 1860Keararihee, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland22 April 1882Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Ellen Lucey 
JeremiahLucey1887Near Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN Ellen CaseyDenis Lucey
JeremiahLucey1818Co. Cork, Ireland  1866buried in old St.John's cemetery in Troy, New York, USA  
JeremiahLucey23 June 1867Slievereagh, Co. Cork, Ireland1908Victoria, Australia24 March 1947Wychyproof, Victoria, AustraliaAnnie Maud KellyDenis Lucey & Margaret Lucy
JeremiahLuceyabout 1900   before 1999 .Michael Lucey & Hannah
JeremiahLuceyabout 1925   1 July 1945WW2 on active duty  
JeremiahLuceyafter 1906   UNKNOWN  Patrick Lucey & Hannah Connell
JeremiahLuceybefore 1855Keararihee, Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland3 March 1878Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWN Abigail (Abbey) Lucey 
JeremiahLuceyabout 1879   UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey & Abigail (Abbey) Lucey
JeremiahLuceyabout 1900   UNKNOWN  Jeremiah Lucey
JeremiahLucey11 February 1856County Cork, IrelandBET. 1887 - 1918 3 February 1929McMinnville, Oregon  
JeremiahLucey1854Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN
JeremiahLucey2 August 1809Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland1859 7 January 1911Homer, NY USAJohanna O'BrienCornelius Lucey & Mary Kinney
JeremiahLucey1909Co. Limerick, Ireland  BET. 1970 - 1979 MaryCornelius Lucey
JeremiahLuceyPrivate     Jennifer MaryJeremiah Lucey & Mary
JeremiahLuceyabout 1903Ballyvournay, Co. Cork, Ireland  UNKNOWN  Male Lucey
JeremiahLucey18 November 1871Lawrence, MA, USA  2 December 1927 Mary LafranceJeremiah Lucey & Mary Newman
JeremiahLucey13 December 1872Lawrence, MA, USA  21 July 1873Lawrence, MA, USA Dennis Lucey & Mary Mcauliff
JeremiahLucey6 February 1926Banteer, Co. Cork, Ireland  18 October 1993 Mary GrehemMichael Lucey & Nora Walch
JeremiahLuceyabout 1842   UNKNOWN Kate CareyJerry Lucey & Mary Doyle
JeremiahLuceyabout 1870   UNKNOWN NellieJeremiah Lucey & Kate Carey
JeremiahLuceyabout 1845Ireland4 February 1864 UNKNOWN Honora BuckleyJohn Lucey
JeremiahLuceyabout 1870Ireland  UNKNOWN Julia DineenDaniel Lucey
JeremiahLuceyabout 1860Ireland  UNKNOWN Julia Creedon 


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