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Latest April 2019 Update

An update of the record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals within the Lucey and Lucy family history database.
The information on this website is continuously increasing thanks to the contributions supplied by visitors.
Many thanks to all those individuals who have taken the time to supply information.
This page makes available the most recently obtained information for family historians.
Family trees are available for these 10,955 individuals
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de Lucy


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This family history database includes 10,955 individuals and 3,327 marriages, over 37 generations with 2,101 different surnames.

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LuceyUNKNOWNJeremiah Lucey
LuckasUNKNOWNElizabeth Sigourney
Lucretiaabout 1620about 1648UNKNOWNJohn Baker
Lucy1845Sheepshed, LeicestershireUNKNOWNJohn Lucey
LucyUNKNOWNHugh Lucy
Lucyeabout 1525Hertfordshire (probably Datchworth, possibly Tewin)UNKNOWN
Lydia1838Ramsbury, Wiltshire1879MarlboroughUNKNOWNRichard Albert Lucy
Lynchabout 1830UNKNOWNDaniel Lucey
MabelUNKNOWNReginald Sidney Payne
Mabiliaabout 1220UNKNOWNBrian de Gouvis
Mairin19162006Sean ? Luasa
ManiscalcoUNKNOWNFrances Lucey
Margaret1800about 1832after 1851William Hibling
Margaret1831Glasgow, Lanark, ScotlandUNKNOWNHenry Lucy
Margaret1862IrelandUNKNOWNDennis Lucy
MargaretMassachusetts, USAUNKNOWNCornelius Lucey
MargaretMay-13The Green Farm, Rogiet, Near Newport, MonmouthshireHarry Phillips
MargaretUNKNOWNJohn Melton
MargaretUNKNOWNJim Lucey
MargaretUNKNOWNPatrick Lucey
MargaretUNKNOWNJohn Lucy
Margaret12-Feb-95Gortmore, Co Cork, IrelandEdmund Lucey
Margaret21-Jan-88Millstreet, Co. CorkCornelius Lucey
MargaretUNKNOWNMichael Williams
MargaretUNKNOWNGeorge Birmingham
MargaretUNKNOWNPatrick Lucey
Margaretabout 1774UNKNOWNJohn Lucy
Margaret10-Apr-70Cummeenavrick, ClonkeenPatrick D. Lucey
Margaret12-May-57Derryleigh, Clondrohid, Co. CorkJohn Lucey
Margaret07-Apr-88Cahir, Ballingeary, Co. CorkRichard Lucey
Maria1838Bloxhall, SuffolkUNKNOWNGeorge Lucy
Maria1841Bridgnorth, ShropshireUNKNOWNCornelius Lucy
Maria1843Camden TownUNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
Mariaabout 1800Chichester, SussexUNKNOWNBenjamin Hind
Martha1788BET 1851 AND 1861James Forrest
Martha1795UNKNOWNJohn Lucy
Martha1839Devizes, WiltshireUNKNOWNRobert Mullings
Martha1863SussexUNKNOWNArthur Lucey
Marthaabout 1820High Wycombe, Buckinghamshireabout 1852about 1860George Lucy
MarthaUNKNOWNEdward Lucy
MarthaUNKNOWNDaniel Baker
Martha5 March 1795St. Peter, Dyrham & Hinton, GloucestershireGeorge Anstey
Mary1696Gloucestershire9 November 1742St. Mary's, Thornbury, GloucestershireEdward Baker
Mary1787Romford, EssexUNKNOWNJames Forrest
Mary1791BermondseyUNKNOWNJoshua Lucy
Mary1806WarwickshireUNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
Mary1810about 18301877William John Lucy
Mary1823Hindringham, NorfolkUNKNOWNMale Claxton
Mary1825Marham, CornwallUNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
Mary1828East Ham, EssexUNKNOWNMale Lucy
Mary1830Kanturk, co. Cork, Irelandafter 1901Cornelious Lucy
Mary1831Henlow, BedfordshireUNKNOWNHenry Payne
Mary1833Cork, IrelandUNKNOWNCornelius Lucy
Mary1839Tralee, Co. Kerry, IrelandUNKNOWNMale Lucy
Mary1839Winchester, HampshireUNKNOWNRobert Lucy
Mary1839Clifton, BedfordshireUNKNOWNWilliam Taylor
Mary1840Dromalonhurt, Derriana, co. Kerry, Irelandafter 1901John Lucy
Mary1843LeicesterUNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
Mary1848Reading, Berks.UNKNOWNBartholomew Lucy
Mary1851Galway, IrelandUNKNOWNJohn Lucy
Mary1853EnglandUNKNOWNEdwin Lucy
Mary186201-Feb-55Coolea, near Ballyvourney, Co. CorkJohn Lucey
Mary1866Burton, Essex (possibly Beckton, near East Ham?)UNKNOWNGeorge Lucy
Mary189605-Sep-86Grousemount, Kilgarcan, Co. CorkJeremiah Lucey
Mary190821-Oct-87Knockanure, Ballymakeera, Co. CorkPeter Lucey
Mary05-Nov-18Cashel, Co. Tipperary, IrelandClonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland09-Feb-60Martin Lucey
Maryabout 1555UNKNOWNEdward Knightley
Maryabout 1595about 1630UNKNOWNJohn Lucy
Maryabout 1645Beeston next Mileham, NorfolkUNKNOWN
Maryabout 1650UNKNOWNJohn Lucy
Maryabout 1670Beeston next Mileham, NorfolkUNKNOWNEdmund Claxton
Maryabout 1680UNKNOWNFelix Calvert
Maryabout 1765UNKNOWNHenry Adams
Maryabout 1775UNKNOWNSamuel Brooks
Maryabout 1790UNKNOWNDaniel Neeves
Maryabout 1805Norfolk, Englandbefore 1833UNKNOWNJames Lucy
Maryabout 1810UNKNOWNWilliam May
MaryUNKNOWNDenis Lucey
MaryUNKNOWNRobert Lucey
MaryUNKNOWNJames Bristow
MaryUNKNOWNCornelius Lucey
MaryUNKNOWNJames Lucy
MaryUNKNOWNThomas Lucy
MaryUNKNOWNJohn Keene
MaryUNKNOWNAaron Chevill
MaryUNKNOWNThomas Lucy
MaryUNKNOWNThomas Bruce Lucy
MaryUNKNOWNWilliam Lucie
MaryUNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
MaryUNKNOWNJohn Lucy
MaryUNKNOWNEdward Morgan
Mary08-Jan-60Derrynafinnia, Clonkeen, near Ballyvourney, Co. CorkMichael Lucey
Mary17-Jul-34Ballyvolane, Laherdane, CorkJames Lucey
MaryUNKNOWNJames Lucey
MatheaUNKNOWNMichael Lucy
Matilda1843Goldcliff, MonmouthshireUNKNOWNJames Waters
Matildaabout 1088Gorron or Le Mans, Maine, FranceUNKNOWNWilliam de Gorron
Matildaabout 1110UNKNOWNPharamus de Boulogne
MatildaUNKNOWNSidney Baker
Maudabout 1050UNKNOWNRanulph PeverelWilliam I the Conquerer King of England & Ingelrica
MayUNKNOWNRobert William Day
Maybefore 1832Mary Coram
McGregorUNKNOWNMildred E. Lucey
McSweeneyUNKNOWNPatrick Lucey
Melinda1814Rye, SussexUNKNOWNGeorge Claxton
MessierUSAUNKNOWNJulia Lucey
MilboroughUNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
Minnieabout 1880UNKNOWNWilliam George Short
MinnieUNKNOWNThomas Fleming
Minnie03-Jun-73Clohina, near Kilnamartery, co. CorkJeremiah Lucey
MoffattUNKNOWNCatherine Lucey
Molloy10 January 1793UNKNOWNHester Roberts
MoxeyUNKNOWNAlice Maud Lucy
MurialEnglandUNKNOWNWilliam L. Lucy
MuriellaBET 1077 AND 10871119Josbert de LucyCount of Sicily Roger & Eremburga de Mortain
MurphyUNKNOWNNora Driscoll
MurrayUNKNOWNMaggie Lucey
NancyUNKNOWNDoren Lucy
Naomi1848Littleportafter 1901Charles Gillet
NellieUNKNOWNJeremiah Lucey
Nicholeabout 1212about 1230UNKNOWNRobert Marmion
Ninaabout 1880UNKNOWNWalter Francis Lucey Col.
Nora09-Dec-0422-Dec-22Inchigeelagh, co. Cork, IrelandConcubar ? Luasa
Nora1956Kippaghs, near Ballyvourney, Co. CorkPatrick Lucey
NoraUNKNOWNCoomaguire, Ballyvouney, Co. Cork, IrelandMichael Lucey
Nora08-Dec-23Cahir, Ballingeary, Co. CorkDenis Lucey
O'ConnorUNKNOWNMary Lucey
O'ConnorUNKNOWNJoanna Lucey
Odoabout 10301097Robert II the Devil and the Magnificent & Herluin
O'DonovanManch, BallineenUNKNOWNJohn Lucey
O'DriscollUNKNOWNRita Lucey
OldhamRossmoreUNKNOWNKate Lucey
O'LearyUNKNOWNAnne Lucey
O'Maraabout 1860UNKNOWNMary Agnes Lucey
O'RiordanUNKNOWNJoan ? Luasa
Osburhabout 0820855Æthelwulf
PaineUNKNOWNElizabeth Sigourney
Papieabout 0880FranceUNKNOWNRolf or Rollo Duke of Normandy (Robert I)
ParryUNKNOWNMarjorie Lucy
Petronillaabout 1250UNKNOWNFulc de Lucy
PowerUNKNOWNPeter Burke Capt.
Prestinbefore 1901Elleanor Preston
PriscillaUNKNOWNDennis Lucy
RachaelUNKNOWNRobert Lucy
RayUNKNOWNMary Parthenia Lucy
Rebecca1816UNKNOWNJoseph Lucy
ReedUNKNOWNAlice Elizabeth Lucey
RegUNKNOWNEvelyn Lucey
Richardabout 1008Normandy, France1028Adela of FranceRichard II the Good Duke of Normandy & Judith of Britanny
RichardsonUNKNOWNDaniel Augustus Lucey
Rileyabout 1870UNKNOWNMary Annorah Lucey
Rita1993Ballymakeera, Co. CorkDaniel J. Lucey
Rivallonabout 1090about 1120about 1130Ralph de Gorron
Robertabout 10321095Robert II the Devil and the Magnificent & Herluin
RobertUNKNOWNMary Catherine Lucey
RobertUNKNOWNMaye Lucey
RobinsonUNKNOWNAlice Kathleen Lucy
Roger22 December 1095Sicily26 FEB 1153/54SicilyElvira of CastileCount of Sicily Roger & Adelaide del Vasto
Roiantelinaabout 1000Mayenne, FranceUNKNOWNHaimon de Mayenne
RonaldUNKNOWNJulia Lucey
Roseabout 1565UNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
Roseabout 1638Strambourne, EssexUNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
Rosettabefore 1869before 1875John Claxton Rudd
RuthUNKNOWNLewis Higgs
RyanCork, Co. Cork, IrelandUNKNOWNJack Harnett
Sadie1899EdmontonUNKNOWNWalter Henry Payne
SainsburyUNKNOWNSarah Anstey
Salome1850Shaldon, DevonUNKNOWNSamuel Cox
Saraabout 1625UNKNOWNEdward Lucy
Sarah1793Great Casterton, near Peterborough, Rutlandafter 1861
Sarah1801WarwickshireUNKNOWNCharles Lucy
Sarah1803Newchurch, Isle of wightUNKNOWNJohn Lucy
Sarah1823Penn, USAUNKNOWNAlfred Searles
Sarah1852Banbury Oxford1874HardingstoneUNKNOWNJames Crisp Lucy
Sarah1858Richmond, SurreyUNKNOWNGeorge Lucy
Sarahabout 1785UNKNOWNWilliam Cornwell
Sarahabout 1821Hookwood, Kentabout 1843about 1850George Lucy
SarahUNKNOWNJean Sigournay
SarahUNKNOWNIsaac Sigournay
SarahUNKNOWNCharles Lucy
Sarahabout 16851692Henry Hare
SarahUNKNOWNWilliam Lucy
SarahUNKNOWNJohn Wakelin
SarahUNKNOWNChristopher Hind
ScogginUNKNOWNPatty Lucy
SeamanUNKNOWNHattie Maud Lucy
ShortUNKNOWNSally Lucy
ShortUNKNOWNThomas William Short & Alice Mansfield
ShortUNKNOWNThomas William Short & Alice Mansfield
ShortUNKNOWNThomas William Short & Alice Mansfield
ShortUNKNOWNThomas William Short & Alice Mansfield
Sophia1803MiddlesexUNKNOWNJohn Lucy
Sophiaabout 1810UNKNOWN
Southerly17781851Sarah Anstey
Sprotaabout 0900UNKNOWNWilliam I Longsword

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