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A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals for which a family tree is at present not available

Published by Norman Lucey

© Copyright 1999-2005, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



forenamesecond namesurnamebirth datebirth locationmarr. datemarriage locationdeath datedeath locationspouse forenamespouse surnamefather forenamemother forenamemother surname
CHARLOTTE LUCY1894Liverpool         
CHARLOTTE LUCY1900Holborn         
CHARLOTTEEVERARDLUCY  1854 Chipping Sodbury       
CHARLOTTEJANELUCY  1896 Farnham       
CHARLOTTEUZZELLERLUCY  1861Marylebone       
CHARLY LUCEY1871Huddersfield         
CHRISTOPHER LUCEY1746Stepney St Mary      WilliamChristian 
CLARAJANELUCEY  1906Bromsgrove       
CLARLOTTE LUCEY  1867Henley       
CLIFFORDHLUCY1911 Edmonton         Ratcliffe
COLLETT LUCY  1875 Witney       
CON LUCEY  1828Cork Iveleary  MargaretConnell   
CON LUCEY Cork, Schull         
CON LUCEY1829Cork Ballyvourney RC      DanielJaneLynch
CON LUCEY1835Cork Ballyvourney RC      Cornl.AbigailQuill
CON LUCEY1837Cork Ballyvourney RC      MichaelPegConnell
CON LUCEY1839Cork Ballyvourney RC      JohnJudeDineen
CON LUCEY1839Cork Ballyvourney RC      DanielNorryLucey
CON LUCEY1841Cork Ballyvourney RC      DanielMaryKelly
CON LUCEY1844Cork Ballyvourney RC      DarbyJuliaCoughlan
CON LUCEY1845Cork Ballyvourney RC      ConNorryKelleher
CON LUCEY1865Cork Ballyvourney RC      JerryEllenLucey
CONSTANCE LUCEY  1661   PhilipMeadows   
CONSTANCEAUGUSTALUCY1884 Alverstoke         
CONSTANCELINDALUCY1867 Stratford1902St. Geo. H. Sq.       
CONSTANCERUBY LLUCY1885 Lambeth         
CONSTANCERUBY PLUCY  1909 St.Geo.H.Sq.       
CORDELIACATHERINELUCY1852Stoke Damerel         
CORN LUCEY  1828Cork Inchigeelagh RC  MargaretConnel   
CORN LUCEY  1864Cork Inchigeelagh RC  HannahConel   
CORN LUCEY  1866Kerry Glen Flesk RC#  CathLynch   
CORN LUCEY  1873Kerry Glen Flesk RC#  MaryKelly   
CORN LUCY1821Cork Inchigeelagh RC      JohnAbbeySwiney
CORN LUCEY1844Cork Inchigeelagh RC      TimothyHannahLeary
CORN LUCEY1845Cork Inchigeelagh RC      CornMaryUanghan
CORN LUCEY1845Cork Inchigeelagh RC      JohnMaryHawkes
CORN LUCEY1849Kerry Glen Flesk RC      CornMarySheahan
CORN LUCEY1852Kerry Glen Flesk RC      PatrickMaryWalsh
CORN LUCEY1853Kerry Glen Flesk RC      RichardMargaretBuckley
CORN LUCY1855Kerry Glen Flesk RC      DenisAbina 
CORN LUCEY1857Cork Inchigeelagh RC      JohnNorryKeleher
CORN LUCEY1858Kerry Glen Flesk RC      MichaelMary 
CORN LUCEY1863Kerry Glen Flesk RC      Dl.DeboraHealy
CORN LUCEY1864Cork Inchigeelagh RC      Corn.HannahConel
CORN LUCEY1865Cork Inchigeelagh RC      Jn.JuliaLynch
CORN LUCEY1866Kerry Glen Flesk RC#      JohnCathMcCarthy
CORN LUCEY1866Cork Inchigeelagh RC      Corn.MaryCronin
CORNEL'S LUCEY  1856St. George East       
CORNELIOUS LUCEY1840Stoke Damerel1868Paddington  Eliza JeremiahMaryCoram
CORNELIOUS LUCEY1851Kensington         
CORNELIOUS LUCEY1876West Derby         
CORNELIUS LUCY  1822Macroom Kilnamartery  MargaretLyhane   
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1837Bermondsey St Mary  CatherineBrusnin   
CORNELIUS LUCY  1849 Bermondsey       
CORNELIUS LUCY  1851 Stepney       
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1862Liverpool       
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1863Greenwich       
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1865Charlton       
CORNELIUS LUCY  1867 Clifton       
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1867Newbury       
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1868St. George East       
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1876Kerry Glen Flesk RC#  Magt.Lucey   
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1877Kerry, Nohaval & Kil  MargaretLucey   
CORNELIUS LUCY  1879 Marylebone       
CORNELIUS LUCEY  1903Islington       
CORNELIUS LUCEY    1848Marylebone     
CORNELIUS LUCEY    1851Marylebone     
CORNELIUS LUCEY   Cork Dromtarriff RC  EllenRiordan   
CORNELIUS LUCY1804   1875Wandsworth     
CORNELIUS LUCY1810   1871Lambeth     
CORNELIUS LUCY1816Macroom Kilnamartery      Danl.CatherineDuggan
CORNELIUS LUCY1816Macroom Kilnamartery      DanlCatherineDuggan
CORNELIUS LUCY1819Cork Iveleary      JahJulianneLucy
CORNELIUS LUCY1819Cork Iveleary      JohnJulianne 
CORNELIUS LUCY1821Cork Iveleary      JohnAbbeySwiney
CORNELIUS LUCEY1826   1883West Derby     
CORNELIUS LUCY1827   1873Manchester     
CORNELIUS LUCY1835Cork Iveleary      CorneliusMaryCreeden
CORNELIUS LOUSEY1836Cork Boherbue RC      JohnMaryLousey
CORNELIUS LUCEY1836Cork Dromtarriff RC      CorneliusEllenRiordan
CORNELIUS LUCEY1842Kerry, Ardfert RC      Ml.JuliaLeary
CORNELIUS LUCY1844Newington         
CORNELIUS LUCEY1859Ireland   USA     
CORNELIUS LUCY1870 Bedwelty         
CORNELIUS LUCY1877Woolwich         
CORNELIUSJOHNLUCY  1908 Blything       
CORNELIUSRICHARD MAYNARDLUCEY1916Liverpool1939Childwall, Lancashire1991      
CORNS LUCEY1813Macroom Kilnamartery      MathiasHonorCallaghan
CORS LUCY1827Macroom Kilnamartery      JamesMaryDonoghue
CORS LUCEY1828Macroom Kilnamartery      Michl.Margt.Hallisy
CORS LUOSY1834Cork Dromtarriff RC      Jer.JuliaHogan
CORS LUCY1836Cork Dromtarriff RC      Cors.EllenRiordan
CORS LUCEY1853Cork Dromtarriff RC      JohnJuliaHennessy
CORS LUCY1858Cork Dromtarriff RC      DenisMgt.Keefe


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