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A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals for which a family tree is at present not available

Published by Norman Lucey

© Copyright 1999-2005, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



forenamesecond namesurnamebirth datebirth locationmarr. datemarriage locationdeath datedeath locationspouse forenamespouse surnamefather forenamemother forenamemother surname
CYRILCHARLESLUCY1902St. Thomas         
DAN LUCY  1837Cork Dromtarriff RC  JuliaLucy   
DAN LUCY1828Cork Iveleary      DenisMaryDineen
DAN LUCEY1841Cork Dromtarriff RC      Jer.JoannaMurphy
DANIEL LUCEY  1820Cork Inchigeelagh RC  MargaretLeary   
DANIEL LUCEY  1831Cork Inchigeelagh RC  MargaretConnell   
DANIEL LUCY  1838Bermondsey       
DANIEL LUCY  1838Cork Dromtarriff RC  MargaretLeary   
DANIEL LUCEY  1845Swansea       
DANIEL LUCEY  1846Pontypool       
DANIEL LUCEY  1847St. Giles       
DANIEL LUCEY  1857Henley       
DANIEL LUCEY  1862Brentford       
DANIEL LUCEY  1864Bristol       
DANIEL LUCY  1868 Kensington       
DANIEL LUCY  1878 Brentford       
DANIEL LUCY  1882 St. Olave       
DANIEL LUCEY  1905Southampton       
DANIEL LUCEY  1924Northwich   McCarthy   
DANIEL LUCEY    1916WW I Sto 1st     
DANIEL LUCY1809Macroom Kilnamartery      DenisEllenCarthy
DANIEL LUCY1809Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryDelany
DANIEL LUCY1814Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryDelaney
DANIEL LUCY1816Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryDonovan
DANIEL LUCY1817Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryDonovan
DANIEL LUCY1820Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnCateGroomy
DANIEL LUCEY1823Cork Inchigeelagh RC      JohnAbbeySwiney
DANIEL LOUCY1825Kerry Glen Flesk RC#      MichaelElizHorgen
DANIEL LUCEY1828Cork Inchigeelagh RC      DenisMaryDineen
DANIEL LUOCY1830Kerry Glen Flesk RC#      Corn.MarySheahan
DANIEL LUCEY1832Kerry Glen Flesk RC#      CornMgt.Luocy
DANIEL LUCY1834Cork Iveleary      PatrickHonoraCoghlan
DANIEL LUCY1835Cork Iveleary      Jerh.MarySwiney
DANIEL LUCY1837St. Olave         
DANIEL LUOCY1840Kerry Glen Flesk RC      DanielEliz.Lynch
DANIEL LUCY1843Bermondsey         
DANIEL LUCEY1846   1874Kensington     
DANIEL LUCY1850St. Saviour         
DANIEL LUCY1862   1873Stoke Damerel     
DANIEL LUCY1862Greenwich         
DANIEL LUCY1862Greenwich         
DANIEL LUCEY1866Stepney Workhouse       AnnLucey
DANIEL LUCY1866 St. Geo. East         
DANIEL LUCY1867 Swansea         
DANIEL LUCEY1908 Bethnal G.         
DANIELBERNARDLUCEY1896Cardiff  1896Cardiff     
DANIELJ.LUCEY  1920Pontypridd   Thomas   
DANIELJ.LUCEY  1923Wandsworth   Cox   
DANL. LUCY  1820Cork Iveleary  MaryLeary   
DANL. LUCY  1831Cork Iveleary  MargaretConnell   
DANL. LUCY  1838Cork Iveleary  EllenSupple   
DANL. LUCY1824Cork Ballyvourney RC      DanielNorryMurry
DANL. LUCY1829Cork Ballyvourney RC      Michl.PegLynch
DANL. LUCY1833Macroom Kilnamartery      Jer. LynchMargt.Connel
DANL. LUCY1833Cork Iveleary      CorneliusMaryCrowley
DANL. LUCY1836Cork Iveleary      DenisCathBrien
DANL. LUCEY1845Cork Ballyvourney RC      Michl.NorryConner
DARBY LUCY  1811Macroom Kilnamartery  MaryMurphy   
DARBY LUCY1816Macroom Kilnamartery      MichaelJoan 
DARBY LUCY1830Cork Ballyvourney RC      Jas.EllenSullivan
DARBY LUCEY1834Cork Ballyvourney RC      Cors.GobinetQuill
DARBY LUCEY1834Cork Ballyvourney RC      Cors.JudeLyhane
DAVID LUCY  1865Huddersfield       
DAVID LUCY1863Woolwich Kent      JohnCatharine 
DAVID LUCY1880Pontypridd         
DAVIDPETRIELUCY1883West Ham         
DENIS LUCY  1823Cork Iveleary  MargaretMahony   
DENIS LUCEY  1830Macroom Kilnamartery  ElizabethSerivin   
DENIS LUCY  1835Cork Dromtarriff RC  EllenMurphy   
DENIS LUCY  1835Cork Iveleary  CathBrien   
DENIS LUCY  1839Cork Dromtarriff RC  JoannaCoahley   
DENIS LUCEY  1851Swansea       
DENIS LUCEY  1867West Ham       
DENIS LUCEY  1883Dover       
DENIS LUCEY    1854Bermondsey     
DENIS LUCEY    1856Weymouth     
DENIS LUCEY Cork  1914WW I (Army) L/Cpl     
DENIS LUCEY           
DENIS LUCY1806Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryDelany
DENIS LUCY1808Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryDelany
DENIS LUCY1808Macroom Kilnamartery      MatthiasHonoraCarthy
DENIS LUCY1811Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryDonohue
DENIS LUCY1813Macroom Kilnamartery      DenisEllenConner
DENIS LUCY1814Macroom Kilnamartery      DenisMaryDonovan
DENIS LUCY1818Cork Inchigeelagh RC      Corn.Mgt.Creedon
DENIS LUCY1818Cork Iveleary      Corn.MaryCreedon
DENIS LUCY1818Cork Inchigeelagh RC      JohnAbbeySwiney
DENIS LOUCY1823Kerry Glen Flesk RC#      Corn.MaryShea
DENIS LUCEY1825Cork Ballyvourney RC      Con.AbbeyQuill
DENIS LUCEY1826Cork Ballyvourney RC      Jhn.MaryLucey
DENIS LUCEY1827Cork Ballyvourney RC      Michl.Mgt.Lynch
DENIS LUCEY1827Cork Ballyvourney RC      Michl.Mgt.Connell
DENIS LUCY1828Cork Iveleary      CorneliusMaryConnell
DENIS LUCEY1834Stoke Damerel  1873E. Stonehouse  JeremiahMaryCoram
DENIS LUCY1834Macroom Kilnamartery      JamesCateRussel


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