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A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals for which a family tree is at present not available

Published by Norman Lucey

© Copyright 1999-2005, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



forenamesecond namesurnamebirth datebirth locationmarr. datemarriage locationdeath datedeath locationspouse forenamespouse surnamefather forenamemother forenamemother surname
HORACE LUCY1888Peterboro'         
HORACEWILLIAM FLUCY1884 Poplar         
HUGH LUCY  1857Wellingboro'       
HUGH LUCY  1892Wellingboro'       
HUGH LUCY    1902      
HUGH LUCY1795   1874Wellingboro'     
HUGH LUCY1866 Wellingbro'.         
HUGH LUCY1867   1871Wellingboro'     
HUGH LUCY1872Wellingbro'         
HUGH LUCY1886 Wellingbro'         
HUGHJOHNLUCY  1888Wellingboro'       
HUGHJOHN PLUCY1896Wellingboro'         
HUGLYINE LUCEY1868Merthyr T.         
HUMPHREY LUCYE  1546St Lawrence Jewry  --   
HUMPHREY LUCIE1541St Mary le Bow      Robert- 
HUMPHREY LUCYE1546St Lawrence Jewry      Evan- 
IDABLUCY1866 Worcester         
IRENEFLORENCELUCY1904St. Thomas         
ISABEL LUCY1852Liverpool         
ISABELCLARELUCY1894W Derby         
ISABELJULIALUCY  1877 Camberwell       
ISABELLAELIZABETHLUCY  1874 Wheatenhurst       
ISOBELMARIALUCY  1897 Canterbury       
IVYMARGAERITELUCY1886 Pickering         
JACK LUCY1901Pancras         
JACOB LUCEY  1733Fleet Street  ElizabethMoore   
JAMES LUCY  1768--  MaryParkens   
JAMES LUCEY  1817Bermondsey St Mary  MaryBaker   
JAMES LUCEY  1822Bermondsey St Mary  AnnJenkins   
JAMES LUCEY  1826Macroom Kilnamartery  MaryDonague   
JAMES LUCEY  1827Macroom Kilnamartery  MaryKelly   
JAMES LUCY  1834Cork Iveleary  AnneCasey   
JAMES LUCY  1839Kensington       
JAMES LUCY  1844 Strand       
JAMES LUCY  1846 Lambeth       
JAMES LUCY  1849 St Pancras       
JAMES LUCY  1849St Martin in the Fields       
JAMES LUCY  1860Huddersfield       
JAMES LUCY  1861 Camberwell       
JAMES LUCY  1861Camberwell       
JAMES LUCY  1869 Kensington       
JAMES LUCY  1871 Peterbro'       
JAMES LUCY  1873 Romford       
JAMES LUCY  1877 Mile End       
JAMES LUCY  1879 Bristol       
JAMES LUCY  1879 Kensington       
JAMES LUCEY  1879Prescot       
JAMES LUCEY  1886Sculcoates       
JAMES LUCEY  1907E. Stonehouse       
JAMES LUCEY    1855St. Olave     
JAMES LUCEY    1858Coventry     
JAMES LUCEYDELL1658St Bride Fleet St      DavidDorothy 
JAMES LUCEY1713St Giles Cripplegate      JohnMary 
JAMES LUCYE1718Bermondsey St Olave      RobertMary 
JAMES LUESY1779St Botolph BishopsG      WilliamAnn 
JAMES LUCY1800   1872Downham     
JAMES LUCEY1810Co. Cork  1852Co. CorkMaryWelch   
JAMES LUCEY1810Ireland         
JAMES LUCEY1812St Marylebone S Mary      JamesCatharine 
JAMES LUCEY1818Cork, Cashelisky Cork, Cashelisky  JuliaHallahanEdmondMargaretDuggan
JAMES LUCY1819Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryRiordon
JAMES LUCEY1820Cork Inchigeelagh RC      Jerh.MaryLucy
JAMES LUCY1820Cork Iveleary      Jerh.MaryBarry
JAMES LUCY1820St Mary Somerset      ThomasSarah 
JAMES LUCEY1822Bermondsey St John      CharlesEliz.Cath. 
JAMES LUCY1823Macroom Kilnamartery      Michl.Margt.Leary
JAMES LUCY1823St Marylebone St M      WilliamSarah 
JAMES LUCY1823Bermondsey St John      JamesMary 
JAMES LUOCY1829Kerry Glen Flesk RC#      DanielCath.Duggan
JAMES LUCEY1836Stoke Damerel1864Stoke Damerel1906PoplarMaryRobertsJeremiahMaryCoram
JAMES LUCY1838Huddersfield         
JAMES LUCY1844Ledbury         
JAMES LUCEY1847Ledbury         
JAMES LUCEY1851St. Pancras  1852St. Pancras     
JAMES LUCY1852Hunslet         
JAMES LUCY1852Marylebone         
JAMES LUCY1859Liverpool         
JAMES LUCY1861Lambeth         
JAMES LUCY1861Stoke Damerel         
JAMES LUCY1862St Geo East         
JAMES LUCY1862Stepney Workhouse      -CatherineLucy
JAMES LUCY1867 Huddersfield         
JAMES LUCY1870W Derby         
JAMES LUCY1871Stoke on Trent         
JAMES LUCY1882 Poplar         
JAMES LUCY1883St Olave         
JAMES LUCY1884 Barton R.         
JAMES LUCY1894Fulham         
JAMES LUCEY1896Manchester         
JAMES LUCEY1897Liverpool         
JAMES LUCY1898Stoke T         
JAMES LUCY1899Liverpool         
JAMES LUCY1900Poplar         
JAMES LUCY1903Warrington         
JAMES LUCEY1908 Greenwich         


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