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A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals for which a family tree is at present not available

Published by Norman Lucey

© Copyright 1999-2005, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



forenamesecond namesurnamebirth datebirth locationmarr. datemarriage locationdeath datedeath locationspouse forenamespouse surnamefather forenamemother forenamemother surname
JESSIEELIZALUCY  1880 Stockport       
JHN LUCEY1828Cork Ballyvourney RC      JhnEllenMurphy
JHN. LUCY1824Cork Ballyvourney RC      ConMarySullivan
JHN. LUCY1848Cork Ballyvourney RC      JhnJulianSullivan
JIM LUCY1820Cork Inchigeelagh RC      DanielEllenSullivan
JNO.QUENTINLUCEY1825Tyrone, Donoghmore      JosephJaneLucie
JOAN LUCY1901Wolverhamton         
JOANE LUCYE1552St Lawrence Jewry      Evan- 
JOANNA LUCEY  1848Newport M.       
JOANNA LUCEY    1855Chepstow     
JOANNA LUCEY    1862Portsea     
JOANNA LUCEY1848Cork Dromtarriff RC      CorneliusEllenRiordan
JOANNA LUCEY1854Chepstow  1854Chepstow     
JOANNA LUCY1886 Bristol         
JOHANA LUCEY    1871St. Olave     
JOHANNA LUCY  1858Stepney       
JOHANNA LUCY  1887 Lambeth       
JOHANNA LUCY  1913 Bristol    O'Grady   
JOHANNA LUCEY    1851Marylebone     
JOHANNA LUCY1848Kensington         
JOHANNA LUCY1861Greenwich         
JOHANNA LUCY1880 Bristol         
JOHANNAH LUCY  1865Strand       
JOHN LEWCY  1589Clerkenwell St James  AwdreyBedford   
JOHN LUCEY  1636Westminster St M  JoyceBlake   
JOHN LEWCY  1660St Giles Cripplegate  AnnCrawley   
JOHN LUCY  1816Macroom Kilnamartery  MaryLehane   
JOHN LUCY  1826Macroom Kilnamartery  NorryLyhane   
JOHN LUCEY  1838Bermondsey       
JOHN LUCY  1839Kerry with Noh & Kil  JulianneBuckley   
JOHN LUCY  1848 Monmouth       
JOHN LUCY  1851 Chelsea       
JOHN LUCY  1854 Tewkesbury       
JOHN LUCEY  1855Bermondsey       
JOHN LUCEY  1856Bermondsey       
JOHN LUCY  1856Greenwich       
JOHN LUCY  1856Bristol       
JOHN LUCY  1856Orsett       
JOHN LUCY  1860Dudley       
JOHN LUCY  1860Ledbury       
JOHN LUCY  1862St. George South       
JOHN LUCY  1864St. George East       
JOHN LUCY  1865Maidstone       
JOHN LUCEY  1869Barnsley       
JOHN LUCY  1872 Aston       
JOHN LUCY  1874 Chorlton       
JOHN LUCEY  1876Mile End       
JOHN LUCY  1877 Preston       
JOHN LUCY  1884 Liverpool       
JOHN LUCEY  1886Wandsworth       
JOHN LUCY  1888 Barton R.       
JOHN LUCEY  1888Brentford       
JOHN LUCEY  1896Merthyr T.       
JOHN LUCEY  1904Brentford       
JOHN LUCY  1910 W Derby       
JOHN LUCY  1910 Pontypridd       
JOHN LUCY  1911 Bristol       
JOHN LUCEY  1916Salford   Crompton   
JOHN LUCEY  1926West Derby   Wilkinson   
JOHN LUCEY    1851Huddersfield     
JOHN LUCEY    1851Bermondsey     
JOHN LUCEY    1855St. Pancras     
JOHN LUCEY    1861Spalding     
JOHN LUCEY    1862Huddersfield     
JOHN LUCY    1864      
JOHN LUCEY    1866Dartford     
JOHN LUCEY    1868Bristol     
JOHN LUCEY Mayne Co. Tipperay  1915WW I (Army) L/Cpl  M  
JOHN LUCEY St. Finbarrs Cork   WW I     
JOHN LUCYE1549St Lawrence Jewry      Lucye- 
JOHN LUCEY1610St Nicholas Acons      John- 
JOHN LUCEY1664St Giles Cripplegate      ThomasMary 
JOHN LUCIE1669Stepney St Dunstan      WilliamMary 
JOHN LUCEY1670Clerkenwell St James      JohnSusanna 
JOHN LUSEE1677St Bride Fleet St      Beames- 
JOHN LUCEY1735St Peter Cornhill      JohnElizabeth 
JOHN LUCEY1787Bermondsey St Olave      JohnElizabeth 
JOHN LUCY1790   1874Stratford     
JOHN LUCY1800   1872Swansea     
JOHN LUZEY1803Stepney St Dunstan      SamuelJudith 
JOHN LUCEY1806Macroom Kilnamartery      DenisEllenMcCarthy
JOHN LUCY1806Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnJuliaKeliher
JOHN LUCY1807   1871Chelsea     
JOHN LUCY1812Macroom Kilnamartery      JohnMaryDelany
JOHN LUCEY1812Southwark St Geo      CharlesElizabeth 
JOHN LUCEY1816Cork, Cashelisky Cork, Cashelisky  JuliaNeilEdmondMargaretDuggan
JOHN LUCEY1817Bermondsey St Mary      ThomasSarah 
JOHN LUCY1821Cork Inchigeelagh RC      CreedonAbbeyLucy
JOHN LUCEY1822St Marylebone St M      JamesElizabeth 
JOHN LUCY1823   1872Bristol     
JOHN LUCY1824Cork Ballyvourney RC      TimMaryDineen
JOHN LUCY1824Cork Iveleary      CorneliusMargaretCreedon
JOHN LUCY1824Cork Ballyvourney RC      Danl.JoanDonoghue
JOHN LUCY1826   1873Pontypridd     
JOHN LUCEY1826Cork Ballyvourney RC      DerbyAbbyLucey
JOHN LUCY1828Cork Iveleary      JerhMaryBarry


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