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A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals for which a family tree is at present not available

Published by Norman Lucey

© Copyright 1999-2005, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



forenamesecond namesurnamebirth datebirth locationmarr. datemarriage locationdeath datedeath locationspouse forenamespouse surnamefather forenamemother forenamemother surname
JOHN  LUCY  1901 Chapel le F       
JOHN  LUCY  1902 Warrington       
JOHN  LUCY  1908 Lanchester       
JONATHAN LUCY  1862Upton       
JONATHAN LUCY1718Ledbury, Hereford      WilliamJoan 
JOSEPH LUCY  1842Huddersfield       
JOSEPH LUCY  1851 Halifax       
JOSEPH LUCEY  1851St. Pancras       
JOSEPH LUCY  1858Poplar       
JOSEPH LUCY  1858Poplar       
JOSEPH LUCY  1879 Holborn       
JOSEPH LUCY  1886 Salford       
JOSEPH LUCY  1886 Worcester       
JOSEPH LUCEY  1887Lambeth       
JOSEPH LUCEY  1915Hull   Creighton   
JOSEPH LUCEY    1843Bermondsey     
JOSEPH LUCEY    1855Birmingham     
JOSEPH LUCEY    1867Portsea     
JOSEPH LUCEY1664St Bride Fleet St      EdwardMary 
JOSEPH LUCEY1827   1909Hendon     
JOSEPH LUCEY1838Huddersfield         
JOSEPH LUCY1851St. George East         
JOSEPH LUCEY1853City of London         
JOSEPH LUCEY1854Bermondsey St John      CharlesEliz.Cath. 
JOSEPH LUCY1867 Salford         
JOSEPH LUCY1868Ledbury         
JOSEPH LUCEY1878West Derby  1898West Derby     
JOSEPH LUCEY1878   1898Toxteth Park     
JOSEPH LUCY1880 Preston         
JOSEPH LUCY1883Pancras         
JOSEPH LUCY1884 W. Ham         
JOSEPH LUCEY1886Salford         
JOSEPH LUCEY1891Newcastle T.         
JOSEPH LUCY1891 Worcester         
JOSEPH LUCEY1909 Merthyr T         
JOSEPHACHESONLUCEY1870Tyrom Dungammon      JohnMargaretTracey
JOSEPHHEIRONLUCEY1854Bermondsey St James      ThomasHonor Mar. 
JOSEPHISAACLUCY1897St Geo East         
JOSEPHJOHNLUCY  1905 Birkenhead       
JOSEPHTHOMASLUCY1889 Worcester         
JOSEPHTHOMASLUCY1907 Poplar         
JOSEPHWLUCY1866 Clerkenwell         
JOSEPHWILLIAMLUCY  1891 Holborn       
JOSEPH  LUCY  1846 Huddersfield       
JOSEPH  LUCY  1898 Poplar       
JOSEPH  LUCY  1908 Prestwich       
JOSHUA LUCY  1883 St. Saviour       
JOSHUA LUCY1887 St. Saviour         
JOSIAH LUCY1830 1861Guildford1872Strand     
JOSIE LUCEY1906Derby         
JOYCEALIANORELUCY1871Stratford on Avon         
JOYCEKATHLEENLUCY1908 Wellingbro'         
JUDE LUCEY1835Cork Ballyvourney RC      MichlPegConnell
JUDE LUCEY1837Cork Inchigeelagh RC      CornMgt.Creedon
JUDE LUCY1837Cork Iveleary      CorneliusMargaretCreedon
JULIA LUCY  1849St George Southwark       
JULIA LUCEY  1851East London       
JULIA LUCY  1862St Geo East       
JULIA LUCY  1862St. George East       
JULIA LUCY  1864West Ham       
JULIA LUCY  1865Lambeth       
JULIA LUCY  1866St Geo East       
JULIA LUCEY    1847St. Olave     
JULIA LUCEY1814   1880St. Saviour     
JULIA LUCY1826   1874Kensington     
JULIA LUCY1845Lambeth         
JULIA LUCEY1846Weymouth         
JULIA LUCY1850Holborn         
JULIA LUCEY1885Merthyr T.1909Merthyr T.       
JULIA LUCY1889Wandsworth         
JULIA LUCY1896West Ham         
JULIAANNIELUCY1890St Geo East1911St Geo East       
JULIACATHERINELUCY1888 Barton R         
JULIAELIZABETHLUCEY  1852Newington       
JULIAELIZABETHLUCY  1893Kensington       
JULIALOUISALUCY  1876 St Saviour       
JULIA  LUCY  1893 Lambeth       
KATE LUCY  1878 Wheatenhurst       
KATE LUCY1852Gloucester         
KATE LUCY1871Woolwich         
KATEEMMALUCEY1850Bermondsey1873Richmond Surrey       
KATE  LUCY  1900 Woolwich       
KATHAREN LEWCEY1650Bermondsey St Olave      John- 
KATHERINE LUCEY  1878Merthyr T.       
KATHLEEN LUCY1902Southwark         
KATHLEENMARYLUCY1882 Upton         
KATHLEENMARYLUCY1909 Fulham         
KELLIEMLUCY  1913 Shoreditch    Poplar   
KINGSBEE LUSEY  1668Clerkenwell St James  TheophilaBarkley   
KINGSMEALE LUCIE1633St Giles Cripplegate      Fran- 
LAURAMARIALUCEY1860Lambeth  1863Lambeth     
LAURAROSALUCY1862West Ham         


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