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A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals for which a family tree is at present not available

Published by Norman Lucey

© Copyright 1999-2005, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



forenamesecond namesurnamebirth datebirth locationmarr. datemarriage locationdeath datedeath locationspouse forenamespouse surnamefather forenamemother forenamemother surname
RICHARD LUCEY1839   1878St. Giles     
RICHARD LUCY1862Poplar         
RICHARD LUCY1907 St. Geo. East         
RICHARDWLUCY  1911 Romford       
RICHARDWENTWORTHLUCY1883Mile End   Ilford, Essex     
RICHARDWILLIAMLUCY1893St. Giles         
ROBERT LUCIE  1641St Margaret Moses  MaryBarker   
ROBERT LUCY  1849 Droitwich       
ROBERT LUCY  1854St. Olave       
ROBERT LUCY  1860St. Olave       
ROBERT LUCY  1860Bermondsey       
ROBERT LUCEY  1861Poplar       
ROBERT LUCEY  1863St Olave Hart St  Jane Mati.Hawkins   
ROBERT LUCY  1907 Bicester       
ROBERT LUCY  1911 W. Ham       
ROBERT LUCY  1911 W. Derby       
ROBERT LUCEY    1854Whitechapel     
ROBERT LUCEY    1869St. Olave     
ROBERT LUCEY   Cork, Cashelisky  EllenMulcahy   
ROBERT LUCYE1541St Lawrence Jewry      Humphrey- 
ROBERT LUCEY1722Bermondsey St Olave      RobertMary 
ROBERT LUCY1807Great Britain   USA     
ROBERT LUCEY1828Cork, Cashelisky Cork, Cashelisky  JuliaFalveyEdmondMargaretDuggan
ROBERT LUCEY1842City of London  1878City of London     
ROBERT LUCEY1842   1878Guildford     
ROBERT LUCEY1872St. Olave         
ROBERT LUCY1874Ledbury         
ROBERT LUCY1887 Poplar         
ROBERT LUCY1892Poplar         
ROBERT LUCEY1896   1918Somme, France  RobertGrace 
ROBERTBREWSTERLUCY1824 1852Isle of Wight1871W. Bromwich     
ROBERTFAIRFAXLUCY1909 Daventry         
ROBERTGRAY (GREY)LUCEY1864City of Ldn St Olave1887Christchurch1935Sandgate, Kent  RobertJane Mati.Hawkins
ROBERTGREYLUCEY1842City of London1863St. Olave1878Guildford     
ROBERTHENRYLUCY  1878 Bethnal Green       
ROBERTHENRYLUCY1879 Mile End         
ROBERTWLUCY1866 St. Geo. East         
ROBERTWILLIAMLUCY  1885 St Geo East       
ROBERTWILLIAMLUCY1867 Chorlton         
ROBERTWILLIAMLUCY1885 St. Geo. East         
ROGER LUCY1899Wolverhampton         
ROGERMARTINLUCEY1871Henley  1916      
ROSE LUCY1890Greenwich         
ROSETTA LUCY1849Uxbridge         
ROSINAFRANCESLUCY1905St Geo East         
ROSSETTA LUCY  1887 Edmonton       
ROWLAND LUCY1871Uxbridge1898Uxbridge       
RUTH LUCEY  1733St Benet Pauls Wharf  JohnPetor   
RUTHMATILDALUCY1888 Greenwich         
SAMUEL LUCY  1844 Norwich       
SAMUEL LUCY  1858Ledbury       
SAMUEL LUCY  1887 Rotherham       
SAMUEL LUCY1808   1872Chorlton     
SAMUEL LUCEY1828Bermondsey St John      CharlesEliz.Cath. 
SAMUEL LUCEY1838Weymouth         
SAMUEL LUCEY1839Dorking         
SAMUEL LUCY1861 Ledbury         
SAMUEL LUCY1862Ledbury         
SAMUELSTEPHENLUCY1893St Geo East         
SARA LUCYE1552St Lawrence Jewry      Robert- 
SARAH LUCY  1837Worcester       
SARAH LUCY  1840Poplar       
SARAH LUCY  1848 Bermondsey       
SARAH LUCEY  1848Shoreditch       
SARAH LUCY  1851 Downham       
SARAH LUCY  1851 Westbury on S       
SARAH LUCY  1858Peterborough       
SARAH LUCY  1860Huddersfield       
SARAH LUCY  1861Huddersfield       
SARAH LUCY  1863West Derby       
SARAH LUCY  1879 N Aylesford       
SARAH LUCY  1891 Newent       
SARAH LUCY  1899 Newcastle T.       
SARAH LUCY  1901 Hendon       
SARAH LUCY  1904 Dudley       
SARAH LUCEY    1847Bermondsey     
SARAH LUCEY    1871Preston     
SARAH LUCEY1743Stepney St Mary      WilliamChristian 
SARAH LUCEY1778Bermondsey St Olave      JohnElizabeth 
SARAH LUCY1789   1872Lincoln     
SARAH LUCY1803   1873Medway     
SARAH LUCY1815   1872St. George East     
SARAH LUCY1837   1875Wellingboro'     
SARAH LUCY1841Ledbury         
SARAH LUCEY1846Huddersfield  1847Huddersfield     
SARAH LUCY1860West Ham         
SARAH LUCY1866 Ledbury         
SARAHALUCY  1913 Holborn    Gibbins   
SARAHALUCY1866 Ledbury         
SARAHADA HLUCY1887 St. Geo. East         
SARAHANNLUCY  1874 St Geo H Sq       


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