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A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals for which a family tree is at present not available

Published by Norman Lucey

© Copyright 1999-2005, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



forenamesecond namesurnamebirth datebirth locationmarr. datemarriage locationdeath datedeath locationspouse forenamespouse surnamefather forenamemother forenamemother surname
TIMOTHY LUCY1859 St Martin         
TIMOTHY LUCEY1864Bedwelty         
TIMOTHY LUCY1867 Greenwich         
TIMOTHY LUCY1871   1872Westminster     
TIMOTHYJOHNLUCEY    1870West Derby     
TOM LUCEY1832Cork Ballyvourney RC      CorsGobinetQuill
TOMHENRYLUCY  1908 Luton       
VERA LUCY1909 Peterbro'         
VERAREBECCALUCY1908 Romford         
VIOLET LUCY1901Lambeth         
VIOLET LUCY1902Liverpool         
VIOLETALICELUCY1888 Portsea         
VIOLETDORISLUCY1908 Kensington         
VIOLETHILDA ROBERTSLUCEY1904Edmonton1932Edmonton  HaroldWellsFrederickFlorenceFenwick
WALTER LUCY  1903 Hardingstone       
WALTER LUCY  1906 Pancras       
WALTER LUCY  1909 Northampton       
WALTER LUCEY    1871London C.     
WALTER LUCY1874Atcham         
WALTER LUCY1875Willingbro'         
WALTER LUCY1882 St. Geo. East         
WALTER LUCY1882 St. Geo. H. Sq.         
WALTERARTHURLUCY1851Gloster  1929      
WALTERCHARLESLUCY  1897 Greenwich       
WALTERDUDLEY FLUCY1879 Lambeth         
WALTERERNEST VLUCY1906Islington         
WALTERF.LUCEY  1923St. Martin   Butler   
WALTERFRANCISLUCY  1892West Ham       
WALTERFRANCISLUCY1855Kensington1876 St Saviour       
WALTERGLUCY1911 Edmonton         Dew
WALTERHENRYLUCY1875St Geo H. Sq.         
WILFREDMAYNARDLUCEY1904Liverpool Liverpool       
WILLIAM LUCY  1838London       
WILLIAM LUCY  1839Marylebone       
WILLIAM LUCEY  1840Bermondsey       
WILLIAM LUCY  1840Stepney       
WILLIAM LUCY  1843 Birmingham       
WILLIAM LUCY  1844 Newington       
WILLIAM LUCY  1844 Ledbury       
WILLIAM LUCY  1848 Bermondsey       
WILLIAM LUCY  1851 Worcester       
WILLIAM LUCY  1857Stoke on Trent       
WILLIAM LUCY  1859Bristol       
WILLIAM LUCY  1861St. Pancras       
WILLIAM LUCY  1862Newport P.       
WILLIAM LUCY  1863Wandsworth       
WILLIAM LUCY  1864Birmingham       
WILLIAM LUCY  1866 Bristol       
WILLIAM LUCY  1866 Mile End       
WILLIAM LUCY  1867 Bodmin       
WILLIAM LUCY  1873 Nottingham       
WILLIAM LUCY  1873 Bethnal Green       
WILLIAM LUCY  1877 Barton       
WILLIAM LUCEY  1886Liverpool       
WILLIAM LUCY  1887 W.Derby       
WILLIAM LUCEY  1892Marylebone       
WILLIAM LUCY  1913 Peterbro    Elliott   
WILLIAM LUCY  1913 Marylebone    Keen   
WILLIAM LUCEY    1838Whitechapel     
WILLIAM LUCEY    1850Huddersfield     
WILLIAM LUCEY    1858Bristol     
WILLIAM LUCEY    1861Newent     
WILLIAM LUCYE1543St Lawrence Jewry      Humphrey- 
WILLIAM LUCIE1671Stepney St Dunstan      WilliamMary 
WILLIAM LUCIE1705St Margaret Lothbury      WilliamHannah 
WILLIAM LUCEY1744Stepney St Mary      William BrChristan 
WILLIAM LUCEY1754St Botolph BishopsG      ThomasSarah 
WILLIAM LUCEY1773Hackney St John      W.W.M. 
WILLIAM LUCY1794   1872Clifton     
WILLIAM LUCY1800   1875Worcester     
WILLIAM LUCY1801   1871Marylebone     
WILLIAM LUCY1804   1871Aston     
WILLIAM LUCEY1814   1893St. Olave     
WILLIAM LUCEY1815Bermondsey St Mary      ThomasSarah 
WILLIAM LUCY1837St. Mtn in Fields         
WILLIAM LUCY1837Worcester         
WILLIAM LUCY1838   1873Headington     
WILLIAM LUCEY1840Bermondsey  1840Bermondsey     
WILLIAM LUCY1840St. Martin         
WILLIAM LUCY1843   1875Marylebone     
WILLIAM LUCY1849St. Olave         
WILLIAM LUCY1850Ledbury         
WILLIAM LUCY1852Fareham         
WILLIAM LUCY1852Droitwich         
WILLIAM LUCY1861Huddersfield         
WILLIAM LUCY1864Chorlton         
WILLIAM LUCEY1865   1887Dartford     
WILLIAM LUCY1867 Liverpool         
WILLIAM LUCY1869   1873swansea     
WILLIAM LUCY1870Ledbury         
WILLIAM LUCY1870 Taunton         


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