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..........Lucy Records (Forename A-B)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals
on request


Published by Norman Lucey
© Copyright 1999-2002, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



de Lucy


Forename Surname Birth Date Birth location Marr. date Marr. location Death date Death location Spouse Parents
Abbey Lucy 25 May 1827 Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN     Cornelius Lucy & Margaret Creedan
Abbey Lucy         UNKNOWN   Creedan Lucy  
Abby Lucy 20 Jul 1884 Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN     John Lucy & Mary Corkery
Ada Lucy 1879 Gorton     UNKNOWN     George Lucy & Mary Morris
Ada Lucy 1878 Highgate, Middlesex     UNKNOWN     John Lucy & Sue
Ada Lucy May 1902 Buxton, Derbyshire abt 1926 Frimley Green, Surrey 25 Jun 1996 Bromsgrove, Worcester Edward Moth  
Ada Christina Lucy 23 Apr 1866 Charlecote Park, Warwick 26 Jul 1892   1944   Henry William Ramsay-Fairfax Sir. Henry Spencer Lucy & Christina Cameron Campbell
Agnes Lucy 1878 Mears Ashby, Northamptonshire     UNKNOWN     James Crisp Lucy & Sarah
Agnes Lucy 1889 Helhampton, Norfolk     UNKNOWN     Cornelius Lucy & Hannah
Agustus Lucy 1878 Kingsland, Middlesex     UNKNOWN     George Lucy & Elizabeth
Albert Lucy 1878 Mile End     UNKNOWN     William Lucy & Mary
Albert Lucy 1890 Helhampton, Norfolk     UNKNOWN     Cornelius Lucy & Hannah
Albert Edward Lucy 1874 Doncaster     UNKNOWN   Lily Minnie  
Albert Ernest Lucy 1871 Deptford, Kent     UNKNOWN     Bartholomew Lucy & Mary
Albert James Lucy 1920       28 Mar 1942 WW2   Albert Edward Lucy & Lily Minnie
Albert James Lucy 26 Mar 1879 Barking, Essex 1905 Barking, Essex 2 Mar 1968 St.Georges Hospital, Hornchurch Minnie Luxford William Robert Lucy & Eliza Howard
Alberta May Lucy 1881 Marlborough, Wiltshire     UNKNOWN     Richard Albert Lucy & Lydia
Alexander Lucy abt 1635       UNKNOWN   Barbarie  
Alexander Lucy 1869 England     UNKNOWN     Henry Lucy & Margaret
Alexander Lucy 1738       UNKNOWN   Eunice Dame Thomas Lucy
Alexis Lucy abt 1870 France     UNKNOWN   Marie Madeleine Marcelle Valentine Bourdet  
Alfred Lucy 1874 Westminster     UNKNOWN     Thomas Lucy & Eunice Brumhead
Alfred Lucy 14 Dec 1906 Gorton 2 Sep 1933 Christchurch, Mosside 21 Mar 1963 Stockport Florence Millit George Herbert Lucy & Martha Jane Mort
Alfred Joseph Lucy 7 Jun 1872 20 Weston Street, Clerkenwell, London     UNKNOWN     Joseph Lucy & Sarah Ann White
Alfred R. Lucy 1850 Camberwell, Surrey     UNKNOWN   Isabella  
Alice Lucy abt 1650       bef 1786   John Hammond Rev. Fulke Lucy Sir. & Isabella Davenport
Alice Lucy 1871 Ipswich, Suffolk     UNKNOWN     William Robert Lucy & Eliza Howard
Alice Lucy abt 1630       UNKNOWN   William Underhill Sir. Thomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
Alice Lucy 1589 Toppesfield, Essex     UNKNOWN     William Lucy
Alice Lucy abt 1600       1637 Stanbourne    
Alice Kathleen Lucy 14 May 1849 Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester     UNKNOWN     William Francis Lucy & Helen White
Alice Maud Lucy 1877 Bristol     UNKNOWN   Moxey Charles Edward Lucy & Flora Theodora Mary Gilliam
Alice Victoria Lucy 1878 Colwall, Herefordshire 27 Jun 1898 Whittington, Worcester UNKNOWN   Frederick William Moore Thomas Lucy & Sarah F. King
Amanda Ella Lucy Jun 1855 White County, Indiana, USA 1878 Pottawomie Co. KS. USA aft 1910   Isaac Newton Twyford Webb J. Lucy & Sarah Wiley
Amelia Lucy 1887 Helhampton, Norfolk     UNKNOWN     Cornelius Lucy & Hannah
Angell Lucy     14 Dec 1693 Dewsland Hundred, Pembroke, Wales UNKNOWN   Mary Lucy George Lucy & Elizabeth
Angell Lucy         UNKNOWN     William Lucy Rev. & Martha Angell
Ann Lucy 1550       UNKNOWN   Edward Aston Sir. Thomas Lucy Sir. & Joyce Acton
Ann Lucy 1861 Stratford, Essex     UNKNOWN     Thomas Lucy & .
Ann Lucy 5 Jul 1767 Wollaston, Northamptonshire     UNKNOWN     Hugh Lucy & Elizabeth
Ann Elizabeth Lucy 29 Aug 1841 Barking, Essex     UNKNOWN     William Henry Lucy & Mary Ann Drane
Anna Lucy abt 1515       aft 1525     Thomas Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Empson
Anna Maria Lucy 13 Jun 1792 Colwall, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN     Charles Lucy & Ann
Anne Lucy         UNKNOWN     Thomas Lucy & Johanna
Anne Lucy 15 Oct 1758 Ledbury, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN     Charles Lucy & Elizabeth
Anne Lucy 1868 Barking, Essex     UNKNOWN     William Robert Lucy & Eliza Howard
Anne Lucy 1873 Battersea     UNKNOWN     John Lucy & Margaret
Anne Lucy abt 1593       UNKNOWN   Robert Whitney Sir. Thomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
Anne Lucy 27 JAN 1731/32 Wollaston, Northamptonshire     21 Mar 1760 Wollaston, Northamptonshire   John Lucy & Anne Chaloner
Anne Lucy 1853 Southwark     UNKNOWN     Cornelius Lucy & Bridget
Annie E. Lucy 1877 Peterborough     UNKNOWN     James Lucy & Sarah A.
Annie Laura Lucy 1893 Liverpool     UNKNOWN     John Lucy & Annie Dickinson
Annie Maria Lucy 1866 Longton, Stafford     UNKNOWN     William Lucy & Maria
Anntoinette Nelson Lucy Private             James Edward Lucy & Zella Marie Froehlich
Anthony Lucy 1646 Oxfordshire, England     abt 1701 possibly Cork City - buried: Clogher, Ireland   Thomas Lucy
Arabella Lucy         UNKNOWN     Kingsmill Lucy
Arthur Lucy 1873 Islington, Middlesex     UNKNOWN     Thomas Lucy & .
Arthur Lucy 1861 Banbury ((Hon)), Oxford     UNKNOWN     Male Lucy & Fanny
Arthur Lucy 1872 Cretingham, Suffolk     UNKNOWN     James Lucy & Caroline
Arthur Lucy 1870 London, Middlesex     UNKNOWN     George Lucy & Sarah
Arthur Lucy 1876 Highgate, Middlesex     UNKNOWN     John Lucy & Sue
Arthur Lucy 1888 Caister, Norfolk     UNKNOWN     Charles Lucy & Alice
Arthur George Lucy 1872 Deptford, Kent     UNKNOWN     Bartholomew Lucy & Mary
Barbara Lucy abt 1523 Clifford, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN   Richard Tracey Thomas Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Empson
Bartholomew Lucy 1872 Chicago, Illinois, USA     UNKNOWN     John Lucy & Mary Sheahan
Bartholomew Lucy 1838 Deptford, Kent     UNKNOWN   Mary  
Beatrice A. L. Lucy 1879 St. Johns, Worcester     UNKNOWN     Thomas C. Lucy & Sarah A.
Benjamin Lucy 6 Feb 1785 Colwall, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN     Jonathan Lucy & Sarah Preece
Benjamin Lucy 7 Dec 1810   15 Jul 1833 Ledbury, Herefordshire UNKNOWN   Ann Brook William Lucy & Milborough
Benjamin Lucy 29 Mar 1724 Colwall, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN     Thomas Lucy & Elizabeth
Benjamin Lucy 27 Jul 1735 Colwall, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN     William Lucy & Elizabeth Pytt
Benjamin Lucy 1843 Manchester     UNKNOWN     Male Lucy & Ann
Benjamin Lucy abt 1734       UNKNOWN     Thomas Lucy
Benjamin Lucy abt 1825 USA     UNKNOWN     Joshua Lucy Captain & Ann Hunnicutt
Berkeley Lucy 1662       19 Nov 1759     Kingsmill Lucy & Theophilia
Bertha Lucy 1867 Canterbury, Kent     UNKNOWN     Male Lucy & Fanny
Bertram E. Lucy 1872 Worcester     UNKNOWN     Male Lucy & Penelope J.
Betty Lucy abt 1750   15 Mar 1774 St. Mary's, Hanley Castle, Worcestershire UNKNOWN   . UNKNOWN
Blanche S. M. Lucy 1875 London, Middlesex     UNKNOWN     Edmund Berkley Lucy & M. Laura
Blanche Susan Lucy abt 1882       UNKNOWN     Edmund Berkley Lucy & Laura Margaret Mulgrave Standish
Bridget Lucy 1655       UNKNOWN   Viscount Molineux Robert Lucy & Margaret Spencer
Bridget Lucy 1599   1660   UNKNOWN   Bryan Broughton Sir. Thomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
Bridget Lucy 1819 Cork, Ballyvourney, R.C.     UNKNOWN     Darby Lucy & Abigail Cronin
Bridget Lucy 7 Jun 1864 Scoruagh, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN     Michael Lucy & Margaret McCarthy
Bridget Lucy abt 1587       UNKNOWN   Richard Knightley Thomas Lucy Sir. & Constance Kingsmill
Burwell Lucy BET. 1700 - 1710 USA     UNKNOWN      


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