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..........Lucy Records (Forename C)


A record of births, marriages and deaths for individuals with the Lucy surname
Family trees are available for these individuals
on request


Published by Norman Lucey
© Copyright 1999-2002, Norman Lucey. All rights reserved.



de Lucy


Forename Surname Birth Date Birth location Marr. date Marr. location Death date Death location Spouse Parents
Cadwalder Lucy abt 1865 USA     UNKNOWN      
Calvin Tomkins Lucy abt 1850 USA     UNKNOWN     Male Lucy
Caroline Lucy 1828 St. Asaph, Flintshire 2 Sep 1857   5 Mar 1864   Charles Pawlett Lane Major General George Hammond Lucy & Mary Elizabeth Williams
Caroline Lucy abt 1825 USA     UNKNOWN     Joshua Lucy Captain & Ann Hunnicutt
Catherine Lucy abt 1650       UNKNOWN     Fulke Lucy Sir. & Isabella Davenport
Catherine Lucy         1771 Cork City   Thomas Lucy & Johanna
Catherine Lucy 13 Feb 1836 Fuhries Townland, Ballyvourney Parish, Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN Knocknagree, Co. Cork   Michael Lucy & Margaret Wiseman
Catherine Lucy 7 Jul 1833 Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN     Cornelius Lucy & Margaret Creedan
Catherine Lucy abt 1825 Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN     Lucy
Catherine Lucy 1842 Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN     Timothy Lucy & Julia Burke
Cecil W. R. Lucy 1876 Camberwell, Surrey     UNKNOWN     Alfred R. Lucy & Isabella
Charles Lucy Jul 1813 Norton Canon, Hereford 10 Jun 1843 St.Nicholas Church, Hereford 19 May 1873 13 Ladbroke Crescent, Notting Hill, London Anne Charles Lucy
Charles Lucy abt 1885       UNKNOWN      
Charles Lucy 23 Sep 1796 Philadelphia, PA, USA 14 Sep 1820 Lisbon, Columbiana Co. OH. USA 18 Jan 1860 St. Jacob, Madison County, IL, USA Mary McGavran Edward Lucy & Isabelle McGraw
Charles Lucy abt 1750   16 Dec 1775 Eastnor, Herefordshire UNKNOWN   Nancy Clinton UNKNOWN
Charles Lucy 8 Jul 1780 Eastnor, Herefordshire     1871     Charles Lucy & Nancy Clinton
Charles Lucy abt 1700   26 Jun 1723 Ledbury, Herefordshire UNKNOWN   Elizabeth Hankings  
Charles Lucy 20 Oct 1726 Ledbury, Herefordshire     26 Jan 1786 Ledbury, Herefordshire   Charles Lucy & Elizabeth Hankings
Charles Lucy 19 MAR 1734/35 Ledbury, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN     William Lucy & Elizabeth M.
Charles Lucy abt 1726       UNKNOWN   Elizabeth  
Charles Lucy 20 Mar 1766 Ledbury, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN     Edward Lucy & Martha
Charles Lucy abt 1760       UNKNOWN   Sarah  
Charles Lucy abt 1760       UNKNOWN   Ann  
Charles Lucy 1865 Canterbury, Kent     UNKNOWN     Male Lucy & Fanny
Charles Lucy 1834 Ledbury     UNKNOWN   Jane  
Charles Lucy 1851 Gimingham, Norfolk     UNKNOWN   Alice Charles Lucy
Charles Lucy abt 1830 probably Norfolk     UNKNOWN      
Charles Lucy 1877 Holsey, Norfolk     UNKNOWN     Charles Lucy & Alice
Charles Lucy 1853 USA     1934 Herkimer Co. New York, USA Eliza Rice  
Charles A. Lucy 1863 Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire     UNKNOWN     Male Lucy & Jane
Charles E. Lucy BET. 1849 - 1850 White County, Indiana, USA     UNKNOWN     Webb J. Lucy & Sarah Wiley
Charles Edmund Hampden Lucy 7 Oct 1946 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom     aft 2001     Charles John Hampden Lucy & Barbara Ellen Hickling
Charles Edward Lucy 2 Feb 1842 Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester 18 Sep 1864 Bristol, England UNKNOWN   Flora Theodora Mary Gilliam William Francis Lucy & Helen White
Charles F. Lucy 1881 Mile End     UNKNOWN     William Lucy & Mary
Charles H. R. Lucy 1878 St. Clemonts, Worcester     UNKNOWN     Thomas C. Lucy & Sarah A.
Charles Hampden Lucy abt 1875       1907     Charles John Hampden Lucy & Annie Susan
Charles John Hampden Lucy abt 1845       UNKNOWN   Annie Susan Charles Lucy & Anne
Charles John Hampden Lucy 2 May 1908       31 Dec 1965   Barbara Ellen Hickling John Charles Hampden Lucy & Frances Rose Seyes
Charles Lionel Lucy 23 Oct 1816 Hanley Castle, St. Mary, Worcester 25 Sep 1849 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire UNKNOWN   Elizabeth Ann Brydges Francis William Lucy & Esther
Charles Thomas Lucy 11 Mar 1833 Ledbury, Herefordshire     UNKNOWN     Robert Lucy & Mary
Charles Wootton Lucy 1838 Marlborough     UNKNOWN     William Wootton Lucy & Ann Wentworth
Charlotte Lucy 21 Jul 1799 Colwall, Herefordshire 30 Aug 1824 Colwall, Herefordshire UNKNOWN   John Oliver William Lucy & Hannah
Charlotte Lucy BET. 1890 - 1895 Chicago, Illinois, USA     1952 Chicago, Illinois, USA Robert Verity William Patrick Lucy & Margaret Judge
Charlotte Lucy 1857 Bloxhall, Suffolk     UNKNOWN     George Lucy & Maria
Christine Lucy         1993     Richard Harold Lucy & Catherine McCarthy
Clara Lucy 1850 Liverpool, Lancashire     UNKNOWN   White UNKNOWN
Clara Lucy 1849 Barking, Essex     UNKNOWN     William Henry Lucy & Mary Ann Drane
Constance Lucy 1596       UNKNOWN   William Spencer Sir. Thomas Lucy Sir. & Alice Spencer
Constance Lucy 1629 Westminster 4 Apr 1661 St. Clement Danes, Westminster UNKNOWN   Philip Meadows Sir. Francis Lucy & Elizabeth Molesworth
Constance Lucy         UNKNOWN   John Burgoyne Sir. Richard Lucy Sir. & Elizabeth Urrey
Constance Linda Lucy 1867 Charlecote Park, Warwick     UNKNOWN     Henry Spencer Lucy & Christina Cameron Campbell
Cornelius Lucy 1768       9 Nov 1844 Sleaves, Macroom Parish - buried: Clonarchid Cemetery Ellen James Lucy
Cornelius Lucy aft 1775       UNKNOWN     Daniel Lucy & Catherine Crowley
Cornelius Lucy bef 1805       UNKNOWN   Margaret Creedan  
Cornelius Lucy 14 Jul 1835 Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN     Cornelius Lucy & Margaret Creedan
Cornelius Lucy 23 Aug 1819 Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN     John Lucy & Julia Lucy
Cornelius Lucy 1833 Newport, Monmouthshire     UNKNOWN   Maria  
Cornelius Lucy 1822 Cork, Ireland     UNKNOWN   Mary  
Cornelius Lucy 1863 Little Plumstead, Norfolk     UNKNOWN   Hannah  
Cornelius Lucy 1810 Ireland     UNKNOWN   Bridget  
Creedan Lucy         UNKNOWN   Abbey Lucy  


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