Canterbury Cathedral cloister bosses linked with the de Lucy family


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..Canterbury Cathedral cloister bosses linked with de Lucy


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.The cloister bosses at Canterbury Cathedral

The vault of the Great Cloister at Canterbury Cathedral forms a roll of arms
designed during the reign of King Henry IV, in the form of decorated roof
bosses in Caen and Reigate stone.

The cloisters were reconstructed at the end of the medieval period by
Master Mason Stephen Lote for Archbishop Thomas Arundel between
1391-1411. It is assumed that the individuals, families, principalities and
religious foundations represented funded the cloister reconstruction.

Experts believe that some of the shields have been lost, while others do not
have the correct original colours.

The cloister apparently originally contained 856 heraldic escutcheons,
badges and devices; 576 of which are unique.

Shown below are the six roof bosses at Canterbury linked to the de Lucy family:-

.de Lucy cloister bosses at Canterbury Cathedral - set 1
Bosses representing Lesnes Abbey (top left - founded by Richard de Lucy),
de Lucy of Charlecote, Warwickshire (bottom left) and
de Lucy of Tollard, Wiltshire (right).

.de Lucy cloister bosses at Canterbury Cathedral - set 2
Bosses representing Percy quartered with de Lucy (left), a second boss for
Lesnes Abbey (top right) and de Lucy of Newington, Kent,
possibly Amaury or Thomas de Lucy (bottom right).

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These images were photographed at Canterbury in August 2018.


Published by Norman Lucey

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